6 Thoughts For The Day

Every act of expression is an act worth sharing.

Rising from the ashes of courage, the mind seeks resolution. In hope, it seeks wisdom. In wisdom, it seeks patience. But what is broke is the singularity of the objective state of mind. And its many patterns and shapes. So if and when one finds conviction and embraces it. It becomes the only understanding of survival.

There’s stillness where there’s chaos. There’s noise where there’s silence. For without the duality of nature — the battle between life and death — there would be no seeking pleasure in existence. As everything would run its inevitable course. And mortality would lose all that is mortal.

We hope, as flawed human beings, to resurrect the feeling of feeling important. Or having a purpose or meaning. But what we’re unaware of is its vague yet conspicuous labyrinth. With only a thousand doors in and a solitary door out.

The mistrust of obedience doesn’t provoke me. Neither does the temptations of pleasure. It’s the way we exist in the world, depending on its unwavering expectations, that I find destructive.

People are not unkind because they’re happy. People are not happy because they are kind. Lurching within is Unforeseen Pain. Untouched yet deeply felt. This pain grows inside until its roots transform the workings of the mind. Like a tree, each movement demands to be seen and felt. And its hardy branches pierce each nerve until the leaves the grow from it are sick with thorns and stench.

You see someone getting injured. I see pain. You see someone shed a tear. I see cruel aloneness. You see someone smile. I see unshakeable strength.


Am I The Rational Creative?

Can one mistake hinder all of your creative impulse and ambition? What kind of mistake would that be? Where does the power to recuperate its backlash come from?

These are the sort of questions most creatives are compelled to answer. Whether they work in creative agencies. Or even as freelance writers or freelance illustrators. We’re so comfortable to answer questions within our framework, we lose sight of the real trouble at hand.

What I’m talking about here is the value of ideas, in general. As a content writer, I often find myself inspiring action, but to what extent, I cannot comprehend. A mistake reveals my insecurities. My flight or fight response gets activated. Should I do another or make my current fault flawless? It’s a constant maze that makes me smile, cry, scream, and wonder.

“You must not let it hinder your creative flow”, my power of creativity tells me.

I’ve predetermined my powers on the basis of the kind of knowledge I acquire by reading and lots of reading. It’s not something I’m afraid to pursue, acquiring knowledge through articles and videos I mean. Especially when social interaction is one of the most effective and productive ways to increase knowledge. My story is a bit different.

The clear perspective of my life is my inevitable approach to redefining the subject of creativity. The power that unpredictably puzzles me into the fear of never moving forward. Remaining stagnant is never a good thing. And why shouldn’t it be?

Everywhere you look, the abstraction of objects, behavior, and experiences never remain as they were when they took form. Well, it’s simple to imply that the biggest mistake occurs when you stop at either nothing or everything. That means when you don’t learn at all. What’s next?

What we don’t say to each other is the inevitable experience of trying too hard. Trying too hard to stay informed, to remain fresh with ideas, and to be unpredictable. Our behavior takes form of that functional and, sometimes, too overwhelming brain we carry around. It’s not easy. But it doesn’t feel so difficult either.

That’s to say that nothing really kills creativity apart from the fundamental hypothesis of substance abuse, idleness, and lack of information flow in our heads. If we don’t read, we listen to music, if we don’t do that, we have something that we constantly feed our brains with to remain creative. Never let that creative juice stop. It’s a firm decree.

So, am I the rational creative?

The work we do is intended to strike a response. Any handy piece of advice is considered wisdom or crap. There’s no telling of success or failure because both are building blocks. A temporary state of inspiration is often filled with new ideas and conversations, but how?

The concept of delivering more when it’s demanded is simple. But in that process, we’re losing our social production quality of life. That means, content is becoming more ambiguous and those on the other side of the screen, the ones reading that content and inspiring action like it’s a never-ending spectrum, are contradicting.

It’s bewildering who’s the creator and who’s the consumer. Are you both? Of course, you are. But when are you taking the form of one while trampling on the other?

Wicked Masks We Wear

How’s the pain?
The gain.
The vain.
Of trying,
maybe not.
Of failing,
but how?

What a wicked mask to wear.
Another right you make wrong.
You’re done
maybe then.
You’re here
sometimes then?

Thanks to you
you’ve come this far.
Struggling for breath
fighting the scars.
Don’t let them stay.
Never mistake its charm.
For it is what it is
that’s how you’ve learned to calm.

Complete The Circle

Expression I have long considered mortal and short-lived.
I have craved withdrawal from myself as much as
I have struggled to contract my wants.

Now, I demand the pictures that frame me small.
I draw from the imagination that forces me to see the truth.
Pure everything till my ends allow.

I choose to complete the circle.
Not because I’m alone, angry, or powerless.
Because the things that once existed no longer fit to make me brave.

It is the beginning of the end of my romance.
I drown with a raging desire for fantasy
with a reality that doesn’t understand my love.

A love so kind and filled with unanimity that
my identity touches a crack on a spotless land.
A stream in the middle of nowhere;
flowing in directions that have no boundaries to fill.

To animate this relationship with myself,
I must expand my horizons and look beyond finite.
Instead of standing under the glass myself to learn my intricacies,
I must fall under the millions that shine over me.

Lay under the fire, feel the burn, and become a subject of stillness
to comfort the role that society illustrates.
How many times this sentiment arises and
how many times do I blink and lose sight of it all?

This will make me strong. Make me live. Make me affect.
Yes, these emotions are brief,
but night comes and the pain makes it last forever.

Be Her Shadow

It’s not easy to raise a girl. She’s fierce. She’s perceptive. She’ll learn the ways of life by how you treat her and how you do not. So let it all go and be her shadow. That’s the only thing you can do.

. . .

Be her shadow.
Raise her mind.
You won’t know until you do
because she’s little known
to her ways of life.

Don’t mistake your anger for love
that’s not the dress up she knows.
Down the road,
she’ll say yes from your no
she’ll be from your all that you weren’t
that’s just how she grows.

Don’t give her playthings dressed up and fair
that’ll make her believe
she’s not as good as for such flair.
Encourage her a talent
whatever it may be.

Don’t tell her what isn’t hers
rather teach her to dream.

You don’t make her a believer,
you make her wise-
wise enough to say what is,
strong to not string along lies

Perhaps, she’ll never be like you
and why would she?
She’s a part of nature-
like a leaf that falls from a tree.

A Dark Alleyway

What do you see when you walk down a dark alleyway? Do you see only the wreckage or do you see the path?

. . .

A dark alleyway,
you are so fated,
but not by yourself.

Look around you,
I beg you to see,
all those chains
telling you not to and to be;
telling you to breathe,
telling you to stab,
every emotion you possess.
All the worldliness you believe.

Don’t look away now,
you know you’re dragged.
All that you felt,
has not been riddled.
You’re on display,
in that dark alleyway,
but you don’t know it yet.

For your soul is alive,
still lifeless.

You Don’t Don’t Have A Heart

You can be the most attractive person on earth and not have realized your heart.
You can be the most giving person on earth and not have realized the power of self-acceptance.
You don’t have to be wise to be humble. You don’t have to be sensible to empathize with pain, sadness, and anger.
Every quality, expression, reaction, emotion, feeling, and action is individual for its own existence. Our minds are just hardwired to relate one trait for another. Like when you’re climbing one step at a time to get to the next.
Can’t they exist on their own? Each steps for its own?

That’s how mistakes are made, aren’t they?

When you say a person doesn’t have a heart, you’re wrong. What you don’t realize is that they do, but they’ve never truly looked inside. Why?
Because they hate it. They hate or haven’t forgiven who they really are…

or their circumstance…

or their past…

or their relationships…

or anything else.

They think they are those things. That it defines them.

You’re wrong when you say people don’t have a heart because of what they do. The truth is they do have a heart, but they hate it so much, they just can’t accept it, let alone mend it for what it is.

Why To Undo A Thought From Your Life?

The most courageous people on earth are those who have realized, felt, and accepted their truth, no matter how unpredictable and exhausting. To inhabit a world filled with people, idea, dreams, and material dynamism, a single soul left in sight can still feel lonely and indifferent after exposed to the complexities of life. As a mind brimming with infinite thoughts, we’ve been handed out the power to focus on one thought, one feeling, and one emotion all in a second. The forced experiences of joy, laughter, and relief are as spiritless as negative thoughts of rejection, loneliness, and fear. And trying to weave the focused flow of parallel understanding of many, as we do, we identify something that ceases to obliterate us out our senses. It is with us at the present minute, it will be so long you inhabit it as your ordinary romance. Certainly, there’s something we can do, within each of us, to either create a third self out of exhaustion or accept the ordinary for what it is until we feel nothing. But to let that happen, out of time and space, we must understand why a thought must be destroyed, not by dismissing its existence completely or naming false its intention. Why to undo a thought must we reclaim its honesty, integrity, and hope before we get rid of it completely. Are you then lifted from sense of self-worth to a fraction of thought where nothing is more or less exact, but it’s only clear to grasp? You hope to not daydream, but you still do. You hope to not expect from expectations of yourself, but you still do. So, if you can’t change those aspects of your life to undo a thought, why must you do this? The narration of how ordinary life is, how ordinary you are, and how ordinary your thought is is what makes the world go round.

Thoughts of all kinds have set priorities between faith, uncertainty, and ambition, so for all adventure of life to come to an end, an artist must consume to know what it is all about. Questions about ‘why me?’, ‘how does it make me feel?’, ‘why now?’, ‘when will it all end?’ are all mind-boggling, but that’s what a person does to prepare to be separated from the whole of life. So, the science of thought is good to know when you are certain it won’t last forever. Otherwise, it’s a routine, then a habit, and then your destruction. Among the great mysteries, wanting to eliminate negative thinking is socialistic, but barely touched upon.

Techniques that squeeze us out from the realms of negative thoughts are entirely life-changing if you think about it. But, to start from somewhere, we always find ourselves on the edge of something completely contradictory, then unpredictable. Repetition of positivity can work, and it does unless you’re exhausted of controlling your mind. Being grateful is rewarding, like the first smell of rain, but you always, somehow, grow to the normal life agenda that human spirit copes for as long as you’re at the extreme of something. When humans confronted this idea of acceptance, fear of feeling something was on the cusp of the essence. The impression that we must feel completely only to vaporize a thought isn’t the ‘easy way out’, but again what is easy when in the absence of difficult?

As you come closer and closer to the awakening, your openhearted curiosity puzzles your state of mind. You limit yourself to music, nature, books, and mindful conversations to learn to be more careful yet composed of the dependency. You speak openly, you laugh out loud, and you believe dauntlessly, but somehow you’re becoming more and more of that thought. In the face of that situation, you can not ask yourself the ‘how’, but instead find a quiet pathway through the ‘why’ of destroying a thought from your life. That’s your rescuing you set yourself up to need. And that is what will keep us from within ourselves.

Mirror Mirror

If it’s in the mirror you’re looking at, what do you see? Do you see flames or do you see yourself as free?

. . .

Mirror mirror on the wall
like frames set up
to take the fall
for all the crimes you committed
for all those you didn’t
standing against a wall now
the edges as sharp as your commitments.

Mirror mirror on the wall
like prisoners lined up for the fall
crumpled like pages
temptations ahoy
scaled to seem perfect
but no matter what you live for
it’s always the image
the one you once used as a toy.

The Moments When You Will Find Yourself

It won’t matter if you do something admirable when you don’t do something that’s unequal to it. The problem with most of you is that you fail to think twice before finding yourself at such turns; instead, you’ll think to find yourself in something that you love doing, something that you’re passionate about, all the time. But guess what? That’s not when you find yourself…your true self anyway.

Something great happening in your life isn’t 100% positive and neither is it 100% negative. As humans susceptible to progress and flaw, we’re constantly labeling and controlling what we feel against that what we truly want to feel. We’re in a preparation of our own life’s recipe with just the right amount of talent, with a pinch of selfishness and 2 tablespoons of honesty stirred in one big pan of reality. How fortunate are you calling yourself to exist at all when you’re setting yourself up for a fate that denies imperfection and believes in the realness of faultlessness? Along the journey of understanding that perfection helps you draw a boundary between what’s the idea of perfection for you and what’s actually real comes after you’ve gone to the depths of your own mess and success.

It is in the complicated yet transparent moments of imperfection that promises a life filled with many experiences, opportunities, dreams, and awakenings. What’s the worst part of letting your soul surrender to the idea of perfection? It’s the scarcity of pages in a book that’s infinite. It’s that one page in a book that lines your life perfectly from birth to death, setting goals, listing duties and spelling out achievements like you’re meant to fulfill just that which is provided to you, and not created by you. Anything related to your life that can be simply measured is perfection. Perfection is dull and it is everywhere which is why you need to stop chasing it. Perfection doesn’t take you anywhere, in fact, it gets you material wealth and limited mental happiness that will someday fade away until you’re left breathless and numb. That’s when you’ll find yourself. Perfection looks like a door, but it’s the tiny lock that’s strangling the many doors you’re destined to walk past. Perfection is controlling bits of your life that isn’t controlling anything; instead, it’s limiting your emotions, your thoughts, dreams and your love for life. Perfection is the loss of love and appreciation.

How did I find myself? When did I stop and realize that stopping isn’t so bad after all? When did I change? How did I change? Nobody told me that I’d keep finding myself during my darkest moments, nobody told me that I’d rely not on happiness, but on fulfillment, and nobody ever told me that material wealth is going to be important, but it won’t be the only thing in my life that matters in life.

“There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

Leonard Cohen 

As an imperfect human with a mind that works in the moment of many experiences, I will tell you when you will truly find yourself if you, during those moments only, forget what you’ve been taught about life, what you’ve been told you should be feeling or doing or achieving. If you begin to find yourself by keeping certain disciplines about life in mind, you won’t find yourself completely. You have to start from scratch, start in pitch dark and work your way towards the light, heck, create that light for yourself out of thin air and vision. It’s not literal, but it’s discoverable in mind, it’s imaginable in reality and it’s achievable in dreams.

  1. You will find yourself when you’re sitting alone in a room with dim lights, dreaming about experiences that you want to happen in your life with people who you’ve met in reality or made up in mind.
  2. You will find yourself when certain things that you thought weren’t important aren’t working like they used to. We take advantage of that what we already have as mundane and unimportant and once that thing is taken away from us, we’re left completely empty and numb from inside.
  3. You will find yourself when you discover a greater force than humanity, knowledge created by the human race over years and years of experiences and study.
  4. You will find yourself when you practice the art of silence when you don’t have anything to do with your time or say anything to others. That’s when you’re truly comfortable with you who are. That’s when you will understand that silence isn’t awkward, it’s an experience.
  5. You will find yourself when you cry from inside and you think you’re pushing away the pain and the suffering, but the truth is you’re pushing yourself away from you.
  6. You will find yourself when you love deeply after a heartbreak.
  7. You will find yourself when you stop controlling your day like it’s a calendar. Not everything needs to be planned, learn to let things go, sometimes.
  8. You will find yourself when you feel the pain again and again from different experiences and from different heartbreaks.
  9. You will find yourself when you aren’t heartbroken because of love, but you’re mind-broken because of struggle.
  10. You will find yourself when you deal with difficult people around you because then you learn how not to be and how to be. That’s when you understand how others would feel if you behaved the exact same way as others do.
  11. You will find yourself when you struggle day after day to look at things differently like it’s for the first time.
  12. You will find yourself when you meet someone completely different, sit with them and talk them about life, love, happiness, family, heartbreak, and suffering.
  13. You will find yourself when you begin walking on a different route, only to realize that if that route is meant for you or not.
  14. You will find yourself when you stop chasing that what’s perfect. Instead, you look at what’s real.
  15. You will find yourself when what you’re feeling has made you blind, it has consumed your mind, soul and body inevitably, and only in jolt awakening through realization or an external force you understand that if you love yourself as hard as you had loved that person or thing, you’d never be consumed by anything but yourself again.
  16. You will find yourself when you stop assuming the worse and struggling to keep up the best. Instead, you prepare for the worse as well as the best because that takes effort too.
  17. You will find yourself when you stop deriving a feeling from external experiences and things all at once.
  18. You will find yourself when you appreciate your mind by gaining meaningful knowledge and appreciate your body by exercising regularly and eating right most times.
  19. You will find yourself when you’re alone for a long time with the company of books, music, a good movie and good food.
  20. You will find yourself when you’re going to new places, even if it’s across the street to get a new perspective on the resources available to you.
  21. You will find yourself when you stop and enjoy the journey, rather than just the destination.
  22. You will find yourself in a bad book and a good one. Same goes with any movie, song or quote.
  23. You will find yourself when you read quotes that don’t necessarily resonate with who you are and what you do every day.
  24. You will find yourself when you learn a passage that’s complicated, twisty and even unsatisfying.
  25. You will find yourself when you learn something new every day.
  26. You will find yourself when you’re away from the blanket of social conversations and friends.
  27. You will find yourself when you’re spending time with yourself over a good book or doing nothing at all during some weekends.
  28. You will find yourself when you say no when you truly want to.
  29. You will find yourself when you say yes to things that scare you or make your nervous.
  30. You will find yourself when you embark on new experiences.
  31. You will find yourself when you’re honest to people about how you feel about them.
  32. You will find yourself in the kind of thoughts you get and the things you think of when you’re naked in the shower.
  33. You will find yourself when you fail at something you love, miserably, and do it again tomorrow.
  34. You will find yourself when you break the societal rules about love, passion, work, and life in reality.
  35. You will find yourself when you close the textbook and open the mind.
  36. You will find yourself when you do something that you are capable of loving and hating in moments.
  37. You will find yourself when you fail and understand that failing at something isn’t a death sentence, but your life’s reaction to nature and reality.

Of course, these are just a few of the many more moments when you can find yourself. All moments are created, so keep creating more and keep finding yourself with no definite destination.