Type no Typography

One of the ideas that I had to advertise and promote any product AND service on social media or on billboards, is to include no words at all. Let me break it down for you, say you’re selling sugar cubes and you want your target audience to come to you instead of purchasing other kinds of sugar, like an alternative, your product, sugar cubes is better, healthier and even fun. You want your customers and potential customers to purchase from you because you chose to advertise it. How can you pull this off without any words?

Product: Sugar Cubes

Objective: Attract an audience to increase revenue and social media recognition. 

This image is just for illustration purpose. Do not copy or use this for professional purposes. Thankyou Photo credit: www.wallpaperswide.com
This image is just for illustration purposes. Do not copy or use this for professional purposes.
Photo credit: www.wallpaperswide.com

Description: Now, in this illustration you won’t input any typography that explains or “sells” your product to its audience. It’s a pretty simple yet provocative creative that speaks for itself. People love sipping tea or coffee at any time of the day and what is better that giving them the simple pleasure of a product, such as sugar cube, immersing into a hot cup of tea that creates a splash of the drink all around the table. I just illustrated what the creative can look like. 

Similar to this idea, you can cook up so many product/services creatives that promote a healthy and exciting brand image to your target audience; and they also increase revenue.

If you any suggestions regarding my idea of “Type no Typography“, do comment below!