Wicked Masks We Wear

How’s the pain?
The gain.
The vain.
Of trying,
maybe not.
Of failing,
but how?

What a wicked mask to wear.
Another right you make wrong.
You’re done
maybe then.
You’re here
sometimes then?

Thanks to you
you’ve come this far.
Struggling for breath
fighting the scars.
Don’t let them stay.
Never mistake its charm.
For it is what it is
that’s how you’ve learned to calm.

Time to Shine

If everything in your life is difficult, if the blame you take is because you thought of life to be more kind to you, then, just maybe, this is not the beginning of your struggle; it’s the start of your journey to achieve and in the end, when you do succeed, you will look at life as a test. And when you do, your vision can look past any difficulty or grief, because then you’ve truly won the test.