Why we don’t listen to the world?

Recently we’ve looked-overlooked certain misgivings that have hampered humanity with all its purpose; some of us choose to introspect on a limited number of facts, news or opinions, while most of us don’t know how to genuinely react to a situation; it’s either getting together with a crowd of bystanders, like you, or to post your much expected judgment on the internet network. It’s either the ‘to-be-popular’ hash tag (#) you use to get into the frame of other protestors or you post video/image that you create to make some remarking difference.


I, often ask myself whether we can literally connect the social media to the world to actually learn something from it completely. It’s a simple yet lingering question to ask oneself periodically. Over the past few years there has been a monumental change in technology, human perception and political affairs; I choose to not use the word advancement because I’m assuming it means a good thing, but here we see countries fighting (more like taking civilians) lives over something as feeble as power or money. Now, you would think that power and money are two dominating factors and countries can’t do without them but isn’t that just an idea that was fashioned by some lone powerlessly powerful man, in the past, with disregard for life or death to actually make up a concept of fabricating POWER AS THE TOOL FOR A DOMINATING FUTURE WHERE NO ONE ELSE CAN DEFEAT YOU! This statement is a bit bizarre, I know, but think about it; does power have to be something you need over others? Do you really need to practice power over others, just so that you feel good about yourself and neglect practicing power on yourself? I think not!

Power is something that you need to acquire to believe and motivate yourself, without hurting or affecting others; it’s not something that you should feel over others.

Coming back to my point, I feel if social media can affect our lives, make us better people then why play out the ‘bad-media-good-media’ card? There are always two sides to every creation and media too has them. The question is a bit tricky but if you try, harder, to answer it, you’ll think of a hundred answers and other questions too!
So, as my first post is coming to an end, I ask everyone, if social media has the “actual power”-the true power to change people’s lives; is perception the one to praise or social media?