Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business

Struggling with your marketing and brand awareness-when you don’t know about the latest marketing trend that’s shooting up sales, interaction and originality?

The best way to stay ahead of business strategies and develop new ones is by identifying fresh new marketing trends. Having perfect knowledge of even one new marketing trend will help show you opportunities to grow your business, bring about significant changes in your involvement in the industry and make it easier for you to grow with the demanding population.

With the popularity of website businesses shooting up, a strong marketing plan is essential if you want to grow progressively. We know that with the promise of an authentic and trustworthy website come many marketing channels like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and much more- but what’s the step that harnesses these marketing channels in a new, exciting and a profitable way? The answer ends with this emerging marketing trend that has the power to change your business just like 2015 to 2016; a whole new paradigm and a whole new perspective.

In a nutshell, what are marketing trends?

Marketing trends are changing shifts or mediums through with people learn or improvise to communicate better online. It either results in an increase or a decrease in product or service usage. These can mean the following:

  • Changing customer needs.
  • Changing demographics.
  • Social factors like change in social behavior in online networking.
  • Ways customers experience certain technologies online like virtual reality, etc.

In an unornamented language, marketing trends are influencing the way businesses and customers exchange information from one spectrum to another.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - iEmoji

Purpose the Use of Emojis as a New Way to Communicate

If you’re thinking of Whatsapp conversations, then let us tell you that the use of emojis has gone far beyond just Whatsapp chat conversations. People are increasingly becoming more and more confident towards using emojis online. On social media, they’re more popular than ever. According to a study by the team at WordStream, a tweet with an emoji in it has 25.4% higher engagement than the exact same tweet without an emoji.

For people to interact with each other, emojis pose as nothing but a creative opportunity to convey messages that are more understandable than other forms of communication. It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with other people on different topics. Businesses are going down the line of including the portrayal of emojis in their marketing strategies as ways to better connect with people who ultimately become their visitors, leads, promoters and customers. In fact, businesses are promoting their products and services not by themselves, but with the help of emojis to make the entire conversation seem more friendly and open.

Not convinced enough? Take a look at these Emoji Marketing Examples on Twitter that we find intriguing and inspiring for new businesses.

Basically, businesses are using emojis to win over people. And it’s working!

@starbucks made use of it in the most compelling way to let people know that they respond on social media with amazing offers just like how we share our love for their delicious food.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - @starbucks

@dominos definitely has a brilliant marketing strategy in place to use emojis in an expressive and exciting way.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - @dominoes

The popular @twitter account also has a solid tip to use emojis when words just don’t get through.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - @twitter

Don’t you think emojis are a more personal approach to communicating with new people? They just lighten the mood, instantly. If we interact with friends and family through emojis alone, why don’t you do the same with your customers?

Which Tools Should You Use to Add Emojis on Social Media?

iEmoji is a great tool to use where you can simply copy paste any emoji you like in your post update or, you can even tweet through the tool itself by linking your twitter account in a matter of seconds!

Another great tool to use is Get Emoji that you can utilize by just copy pasting the needed emoji on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. effortlessly.

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The “Influence” In Marketing

Persuading your customers to expose your brand on their social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is the most effective marketing practice for the ‘millennial’ age. This way your customers can introduce you to other rubric buyers, online primarily, much better than what you can do. A simple yet provocative Word Of Mouth by those targeted customers can drive more traffic and social engagement to your website as the ratio of online WOM (Word Of Mouth) Marketing practices are much less effective online than offline; the voice of the customer has always been the most powerful concept in building brand awareness online but targeting those who are the perfect fit for your brand is essential. Not only are you exposing your brand, but you are also driving guaranteed buyers to your website and there’s a better genuine following online and offline. You don’t need thousands of followers with the rate of interaction being zero; it will be more reputable to have a consistent fan following on any one or all social media platforms so you know where your efforts are headed.the influence in marketing-01

The cusp of gaining such an audience is crucial by aiming for MARKET INFLUENCERS; these are the ones who will initially help build your brand across multiple social media platforms and blogs through recommendations and later will emerge as the true market influencers that are befitting as per your brand’s needs and goals. Such influencers will be a unique voice for your brand as consumers/customers will trust third-party talkers more than the brand itself. The more they talk about your brand to their followers on social media, the more brand awareness and action will potentially escalate. ‘Peer recommendation’ has tipped the scale of making purchasing decisions more effectively on social media than ever before and many people get better influenced if they’re exposed to what other people (influencers) are talking about your brand, negative and positive. Such influencers ought to be well educated about what they’re buying and their level of interaction with their followers.  These two are the main indicators for choosing your market influencers and the best place to find them is on social media platforms through multiple key points.

If you’re looking for marketing influencers, you can also cook up some inexpensive contests based on your brand’s needs and start posting them on either one or all social media platforms, just to keep the ball rolling in the social media roller coaster ride. If you want to attract genuine marketing influencers such as bloggers, activists, entertainers or even classy celebrities that are qualified as both beneficial and interactive, you should keep your social media presence active and interesting.