Everything you can imagine is real

Our reflection is an ally, it doesn’t show us what we want it to show us; it shows us what is.

The emotion that we often hide is the one thing that dominates us the most.

The safest bet that you can put on yourself is when you laugh so loud that you realize it’s absence in your life.
The biggest challenge is to dream a dream but without color. That reasons to reading a book but without vision: the meaning isn’t in the words, it’s the soul existence of that book and how it makes you feel.

We are what we see everyday, it is the vision that we form in our heads that form an opinion the day after.

Life is hard, it will get even worse, but that’s the shadow you will see everyday when you realize that this hard life is only making you stronger.

The best game you can play in reality is to stand on your own ground, and not on anyone else’s.
Not everything is made perfectly, if you look closer, you’ll see that it has millions of tiny pieces working as one.
Outside, the world may be chaos but what you feel inside is how you’ll live outside.
Death ends a life, not a relationship.
That which is against the wind, is the strongest; and that which is for the wind, is the wisest.