What I think about dried leaves.

If I were to utilize the dried and trembling leaves that fall from high trees and small plants as my paper, wouldn’t that be the best and commodious idea ever?!

That’s the most convenient thing because I live in a city that houses abandoned leaves even more than its human population! You’ll notice these leaves sprinting from one corner of the road to the other with dust and alongside roaring vehicles. Yes, the cleans ones are up for possession, while the others are either spit on or stepped on, leaving them with dirt and wet stain marks all over them; and let’s not forget the shitting birds too!

So, I got my next project in hand. I will collect, as many as I can, dried and hard leaves and write on them whatever comes in mind; and is relevant. If you have any suggestions about what I should write on the leaves then PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!

I have taken the effort and time to throw some of my photographs that I had stocked in my gallery to show you what a dried and trembling leaf looks like on the road. And they’re everywhere!

The best way to share an idea is by visualizing the whole concept of it. So, keep scrolling down and enjoy my gallery of dried leaves.

And happy hunting to me.what-i-think-of-dried-leaves-on-for-the-public-eye-street-photography-2