Complete The Circle

Expression I have long considered mortal and short-lived.
I have craved withdrawal from myself as much as
I have struggled to contract my wants.

Now, I demand the pictures that frame me small.
I draw from the imagination that forces me to see the truth.
Pure everything till my ends allow.

I choose to complete the circle.
Not because I’m alone, angry, or powerless.
Because the things that once existed no longer fit to make me brave.

It is the beginning of the end of my romance.
I drown with a raging desire for fantasy
with a reality that doesn’t understand my love.

A love so kind and filled with unanimity that
my identity touches a crack on a spotless land.
A stream in the middle of nowhere;
flowing in directions that have no boundaries to fill.

To animate this relationship with myself,
I must expand my horizons and look beyond finite.
Instead of standing under the glass myself to learn my intricacies,
I must fall under the millions that shine over me.

Lay under the fire, feel the burn, and become a subject of stillness
to comfort the role that society illustrates.
How many times this sentiment arises and
how many times do I blink and lose sight of it all?

This will make me strong. Make me live. Make me affect.
Yes, these emotions are brief,
but night comes and the pain makes it last forever.

A Dark Alleyway

What do you see when you walk down a dark alleyway? Do you see only the wreckage or do you see the path?

. . .

A dark alleyway,
you are so fated,
but not by yourself.

Look around you,
I beg you to see,
all those chains
telling you not to and to be;
telling you to breathe,
telling you to stab,
every emotion you possess.
All the worldliness you believe.

Don’t look away now,
you know you’re dragged.
All that you felt,
has not been riddled.
You’re on display,
in that dark alleyway,
but you don’t know it yet.

For your soul is alive,
still lifeless.

What Does Being Alone Mean?

It means having faith in yourself. And it also means to, unerringly, resist certain natural instincts to find your miniature stone among a million others. For if in the greatest agony, being alone can mean many things: it can be a solacing embrace for some while for those a suffocating asylum. There will be many things that will take you away from you, not only to perform day after day on a stage alongside constant comrades but also to find your sense of quiet and meaning in the world where everything seems perplexed.

I find it unusually satiating that how being alone can take you away from paradise, but at the same time, create one for your own. It means that aloneness is extending equally to tap into your ‘desperate, painful’ and somehow bringing to surface the ‘real, candid’ you.  Somehow, from what I see, aloneness is not one thing, but many. It’s not an eye-opener, but merely a kindling of being loyal to you, before anything or anyone else.  What does being alone mean? It is that complicated that we don’t understand? Or is it so simple that we can’t believe in it?

Pay your respects
it is forgotten now
drowning within the shadows
my ego forces me to bow.

Starting as a substance
to consume, judge, and upset
let’s play that game
where we follow the practiced steps.

Actions and reactions
we’re stuck in the habits
of messing the lines
and of labeling our tides.

Only when we’re in deep
we look at how perfect our wounds are
to find out
we’re not the ropes
the strings
or the force
we’re just a living
and the soul in cages of our cosmetic roles.

Silly, it really is
to forget yourself
thoughts are things are mannerisms
why don’t we break the shelves?
become our only ones to
break that companion nonsense
just for a little while
become to become
a stone unmoved
but defected to inspect.

Life Is A Tale

Are you struggling to survive? Do you count your days or do you make your days count? Life isn’t an answer, but a tale with many answers for each one of us, different as night and day, but still so closely imbued on each other.

. . .

You win
you loose
you grow
you choose.

It isn’t the rules
it isn’t the conditions
it is something
it is made out of small decisions.

They say
they judge
they stare but
they don’t care as much.

Stop resisting the change
stop locking your frame
stop to start from scratch
stop to realize that life isn’t just about the fame.

Define life by living it
define courage by surviving it
define beauty by acceptance
define ambition by practice and persistence.

Life is a tale
and now you understand its chapters
turning pages finger to finger
maybe even skipping a few for answers
you’ll find passion
as you will grief
tell me what you’ve read
because the book is still void
for it is written by your forbearance.

Earn Wings

Craving for change isn’t the routine any longer. Maybe you don’t know what is, and maybe you won’t ever, but the virtue of believing that there is, won’t stop you from trying. In tribute to that which remains unknown, here is a short poem.

. . .

Earn wings
not to strike
but to shift from one to another
for life is nothing but particular.

Earn wings
to be patient
it isn’t what you’ve gone through
but what you’ve done
what you were before “it” happened
and what you are now after it’s done.

Earn wings
don’t dwell in the past
they prick
they hurt
they don’t caress
the truth is
they just blind you to think you’re not the worthiest.

Earn wings
for there will be complications
it’s life, not your world of expectations
nothing works out the way you want
so what?
stop the cringe when
you cry when you want to
anger when you have to
those are complications too
but as easy as they come
don’t succumb to those who can’t forgive.

Earn wings
your goals will never end
they come and go
the answer lies in those trying moments
when you know you need to start letting go.

Earn wings
replace the nest
to become a crest
against the immovable
the dishonest
and guess what
you know the rest.