Better Than Normal Transformations Says Elon Musk

Revealing large-scale metamorphosis in the solar industry, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announces a new solar roof product that would last twice as long and cost less than conventional methods. Considering this as a turning point in electricity, Tesla’s solar roofs cost less to engineer and install than a traditional roof.

“Electricity is just a bonus.”
– Elon Musk

As Elon Musk challenges his audience by asking a pretty straightforward question: Wouldn’t you want a roof that looks cutting-edge, is far more durable, is relatively cheaper to own, and also generates electricity? If this innovative technology holds true, it could mean evolutionary changes in energy consumption, as it seems, circumstantial given today’s environmental conditions. Being fairly opinionated and, invitingly, confident that this sort of technology would be a breakthrough in the world, this self-sustaining technology is understandably exciting and affordable to all.

Somehow, the way the world works, spanking new technological inventions are often the brand of the rich, including VR, drones, automation, etc. So, having something as down-to-earth and humble as Tesla’s solar roofs is a big deal in saving the human race for good, this time. Becoming independent of multi-billion dollar companies, and not drilling into your hard-earned cash for extravagance, might seem convincing enough for some, this big announcement, at present, remains impressive. Given today’s existing and over-priced solar panels, replacing an entire roof with it seems unrealistic for many. This piece of technology remains more promising for the future of solar power and domesticated energy consumption, keeping in mind the combined value of electricity costs, traditional roof costs, and essentially buying larger houses.

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The Act of Beeping

Greetings to the Indian Censor Board and all those supporting the official ban of the words like vagina, boobs, fuck, shit, ass, penis, dick, sex, oral, and many more related words.
Have you guys ever been in a situation where you’re not sure about the feelings that you get in situations? If you do, then you can totally resonate with me. I feel not feel the same way.
Just a heads-up, this article is neither going to condemn the Indian Censor Board nor is it going to praise it. Consider this article as a declaration of an individual’s point of view. For those of you who are not so omniscient about what I’m writing, this is what it is. I’m writing about the conception that is proposed by our some of our people about words like vagina, boobs, fuck, shit, ass, penis, dick, sex, oral, and many more related words, are beeped in movies shown in theatres and on televisions in India. Such beeping practices are not only exercised in India but in other countries as well. But I’m an Indian, so I have the liberty and right to declare my point of view about what’s happening in India.
The beeping has been leaning on many movies since a long, long time and many of us do throw the intolerable sounds when sex or shit gets beeped in a movie. Some of us even laugh at the stupidity. Want to know what it makes me do? Scream out that particular beeped word, right at that time, a thousand times over and over; regardless of sitting in a theater or at home. My action is not an offensive reaction, but a very supportive response. While I support all those words, I do not support the beeps. Not even for a second. The beeping attitude that many families have adopted is too narrow-minded, even for a kid. In the persisting culture, many minds are still inflexible. And while it is surprising that they are, those many minds are culturally destitute of adaptability. People do not want to change.

I am not going to complain about this singular kind of breed, but I’m enunciating what is right with the openness attitude towards words such as sex or boobs or related sentences, and what is “apparently” wrong with it.
It’s a headache to explain everything when it’s crystal clear to everyone.

First of all, the human mind functions in mysterious ways and one of them is reverse psychology. The one thing that you’re suggested not to do is the only thing that you’ll desire most of. When there is a beep to sex, it’s more desirable to the human mind. And the more people have “sex”, the more it is going to be publicly “beeped”. Ironically, what the ban is set out to do, it’s impacting the exact opposite of it. It’s antithetical.

Second of all, it’s literally offensive when people with boobs and penises, having sex and shitting are banning words that are too characteristic to even care about. What I mean by that is nobody pays heed to beep words like eyes, mouth, toes, eating, playing….etc. so why bother with words that are more personal? Is it because it’s personal? I don’t think so. This is the extent to where our country travels in terms of reciting and then not accepting.

Would it make a difference if words weren’t beeped? Yes, in so many ways. In terms of educating, being more compassionate and omniscient about the world in which we’re shitting in with boobs and men with dicks, in terms of adjusting to different conditions and situations, and finally, not letting somebody else interfere in whomever’s way of thinking.
If not through movies, let’s support words that are otherwise beeped in movies. Human characteristics like boobs, a dick, a penis, ass, butt, cleavage…etc. should be considered characteristic only. There is a fine line and we ought to be more harmonized by it. And other words that are beeped like sex, fuck, shit…etc. are what we should be used to subscribing ourselves to.

Justness or Absurdity?

A police officer showed no more interest when a train passenger complained about being spit on by a man while she was travelling in the train. The complaint was put forth to catch the accused while he was stationed on the railway platform, with the help of CCTV cameras, to identify the indicted male. Would it really change anything if the police would have caught the accused? What else could have the police done other than charging a heavy fine for spitting on running local trains and the passengers on it? The stain remains on both the question and the answer. Why?

Because India has had a reputation of not changing gears in mentality when pressed by the police.

This incident doesn’t change anything, other than a modification for a safe, and clean train travel: wear raincoats that cover your entire body; even your face. Regardless of health advisory posters pasted on railway platforms and near ticket counters, both men and women are going to chew pan masala, and/or tobacco, to spit on the walls; leaving disgusting red stains as a mark of human existence. It’s the way spitters leave a mark to autograph their dirty habit, like a dog pees on a car tyre to leave a mark for fellow folks. It’s still a stain when it’s on a wall and it’s still a stain when it’s on humans.
Can one spitters punishment change other spitters habits 03

The question: Can one spitter’s punishment change other spitters’ habits?

The matter is not about the police refusing to comply with the complaint. It is that policemen are unable to change the mentality of other spitters in public because nobody scares easy, and nobody cares enough to change one dirty, disgusting habit. To put forth a complaint about such an incident isn’t justness in any common sense. It is an absurdity. Complaining about being stained by someone else’s’ filth is as ineffective as complaining about being a woman and stared at by uncouth men, while travelling by train.

It is a matter of mentality, and not behaviour that needs to be refined. Complaining is justice for an act such as this or is it absurd? Would you complain when you know that finding the accused is not likely to change anything at all?

This post was originally published on This Week Mumbai

The Time When Personal Life Became “Public Indecency”

Nobody likes intense loathing, and neither do we love to place blame on India as an abomination in terms of solitude and privacy. But lately, issues have been rambling on that are brutal and unnecessary.

We see this stuff in movies and television serials that we don’t support but for us it’s all hypothetical and we tend not to think about it much because that’s never our reality. But now it’s reality for people who are stained to suffer the blame of being an evildoer or an adulterer by those who swore to protect this country, when in truth it’s not even by their rights to place blame. It’s easier to believe that India is failing to prosper in any field when we speak of people and their lifestyles. But it’s even harder to believe or even witness otherwise. Because then, while good things are happening in this country- initiated by those same people whom we criticize on social media, we will hope for something to go wrong, as it always does.

The recent case that happened in Madh Island and Aksa region was as unmannerly as it was embarrassing, especially for those residing in the hotels where the apparent raid took place.

People (mostly couples) residing in hotels in Madh Island and Aksa region were bombarded by police officers, who came knocking on their hotel room doors for a “clean” check up to prevent indecency being spread from within closed rooms out into the atmosphere (really?). And to think that they asked for ID proofs and even physically marred some who even dared to speak in front of them, questioning their fault in spending time with their partners in a nice and not so expensive hotel room, away from the city on a weekend?

Doesn’t this sort of an arrangement sound familiar to “country care-takers” living in a metro city like Mumbai?

After the raid started, the hotel rooms were searched for everyone residing in them and this went on for more than 5 hours, during which some couple’s parents were called and fines were to be paid (how could they not ask for money?). People don’t mind flashing their ID proofs to police officers once in a while to make the police officers feel that they’re utilizing their duties correctly. But being humiliated in front of people, on a weekend, with no harm done, for something that’s one’s own business and not the government’s, is absolutely nonsensical. When did having a physical relationship with your partner become a hate crime and since when did hotels room become the target for this? So, now after all this, you’re not supposed to even reside in a hotel room with your partner at a nice place, unless you’re married.

All that happened, only because of pressing charges like prostitution were to be looked into? Is this what has happened to this country? If you officers want to swipe off prostitution in a city like Mumbai, don’t target hotels (no no), start from the roots. By executing such an offensive act of sheer stupidity, you’re forcing us into thinking that you’re incapable of handling a complicated task.

The most mind-numbing statement of the news article explained the reason of the raid as an act of someone’s private life being an act that causes indecency and adulteration in public. Why is sex such a bad thing? And even if it’s bad, according to some thick headed officials who claim they know “stuff” and are experienced, let it be bad for those committing it, don’t make it a public hate crime issue that’s deemed bad by the law. It’s healthy to let people decide what’s bad for them unless it’s hurting some other person’s property, money, physical or mental presence.

If this country needs anything to make it better, it needs a complete personality and “moral policy” check on each and every government-man working under the law. And if that’s not enough, try making issues such as sexuality and personal life and choices a school subject, supporting rights in terms of freedom. Let’s not forget that India is an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY.

This topic must have definitely taken flight before the published time of this article but there are never too many opinions to voice amongst those who are willing to listen and understand, and those are should listen to understand.

This post is originally published on This Week Mumbai