We Don’t Belong Anywhere. But We Are Alive

Everything that is alive is a part of nature.

There’s a purpose to your sloth. It may be lack of interest, tiredness, or a brain fog. While inactivity stems from within a person’s body and mind, we can determine if it’s good or bad for us. But what about nature’s purposes? Are we here to interpret nature’s way of thinking?

It’s only understandable to think that we are. Happiness is not enough. Love is not enough. Sadness is not enough. Even though we’re creatures of habit, the scope of what’s out there in the mountains, how trees communicate, how a female penguin competes for the males during the mating season, and the size of the universe blows our minds.

Without such discovery, self-awareness is a far more difficult pursuit than knowing we’re not the only ones that are alive on this planet.

The fact is that majority of what we do stems from the assumption that we’re a part of nature’s BIG PLAN. That we contribute to nature’s purpose and we’re a natural fact for our own existence.

But where do we find conclusive proof, that is not manifested by humankind, for the same? There is none. That’s because there is no natural fact for human existence. There is no nature’s purpose for interpreting what’s good and bad for us. But there is natural fact and there is nature’s purpose. Now whether it’s meant for the good or bad for us, to a certain degree, we can assume but never completely comprehend.

Schools of thought such as philosophy, science, or psychology enrich what it’s like to be human. It gives us the ability to transcend the physical self and experience greater intuition and oneness with nature.

And nature’s way of communicating with us is through the habits and characteristics of other breathing and non-breathing creatures. Switch to an educative channel like National Geographic or Animal Planet and you’ll learn how a shrimp defends its territory and fights an octopus. Its sheer strength and daring are traits that not engineered by humans. That creature of the sea hasn’t been told what to do or how to react. Nor is it imitating an experimenter’s patterns of behavior. Such skill is congenital. It’s extravagant. It’s a natural fact. So how are we compete with that?

Most of what we learn and act on is fabricated. Our ability to tell from right to wrong is no more accurate than taking a chance. It’s a possibility we’re gambling with. Not a fact. Our intentions, desires, and beliefs are not natural as much as they’re schooled from the time of our births. If we were to pack up all our belongings and travel halfway across the world, we remain capable to survive and live a healthy and fulfilling life. The barriers for us, in a foreign country, would be language and financial stability.

Whether we’re meant to stay in one place or not — that is not for society to decide but the individual himself/herself.

A shrimp, however, is most likely to lose its survival instinct and intestinal fortitude to threaten an octopus if it enters new territory. So nature demands singularity as much as it mocks our thirst for knowledge.

Drawing Breath

The sun does down,
the moon dips.
The clouds scatter
while the birds
chase trees to sit.

The rivers tell a tale
of how fast they run.
The roots never whine
of being under and done.
The flower blossoms,
the soil gets stronger.
The winds race
and the hills embrace.

What’s left is how
they choose to grow.
What matters is how
unready they take the fall.
Unexpectedly, there’s more to come.

So rise with gratitude
only to fall without a sigh.
So be yourself
and imitate
the nature’s way of life.

Beyond Home

To the place where one lives. To the place where one finds happiness. And to the great unknown.

This is the place that I call home far away from home, a place where I found happiness under the shimmering waterfall and at the break of day. It is a place well-clouded between a beautiful lake, a foggy envelope, and lush green landscape. It was a weekend distant from what my inspired life had left for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love my life just the way it is, but something about this one-day trip overwrought my ability to see, feel, and respond. It cultivated a desire to travel, read, and be just to connect myself with more of me and nobody else. This isn’t to be better, even though I’m constantly trying to be better than yesterday. This place made me feel in the present, in the moment, and in the minute of accepting what was around me like it would be for a very long time. It’s weird that we always yearn to catch a moment before it’s lost to us and in the act of doing that we forget to be ourselves and mean something in that moment. My entire trip there, I wasn’t chasing after that perfect moment only to lose it to memory again. Instead, I lived in the moment and inhaled the surroundings as quietly and slowly as I could before I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t going anywhere, at least until I had to leave for the city the coming afternoon.


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Beyond home 07

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Beyond home 11


There came a moment in between all that that I sat to write down a few verses. This is just one of them.

On slopes, we climb
one house to color at a time
the closer we go
the simpler it seems
fading noises
and windy breeze.

Grays touching the greens
even the water below seems mystic
it’s never the same as it was
the sounds also seem to crease.

I’m walking above my views
the lush green and deep hues
what is now
wasn’t a second ago
escapism still feels much
like the dream I had before.

This Is The Purpose Of The Moment

Can’t we just live? Is it important to disconnect ourselves from moments just because they’re over?

Much of what humans do apart from engaging in a path that gets them material sustainability is inevitably figuring out the purpose of their own existence. Why are we here? And what are we here for? Humans have almost never figured out the purpose in life when it’s much easier than one ideates. We find it an instinctual responsibility in ourselves to be better than nature because we can think, express, comprehend and put stuff into action, but the truth is that nature is everywhere and it’s hardwired in a process that gets the purpose in life even though their definition is relatively less flexible than ours. It’s frustratingly ironic that the “more” we strive to become by mocking what nature can’t do, we’re getting more and more unnatural and artless in our daily lives. There are moments when we feel depressed and moments when we feel free, untroubled and compassionate at the same time, but those moments are so easily forgotten. Why? Because humans are exceptionally smart or at least that’s what they’re meant to be. Just because we know we have 24 hours in a day to accomplish different things and be productive, we’re driving ourselves mad while finding the purpose of life of the moment. The environment we live in is transparent enough for us to possess the purpose of life. We’re so overwhelmed by our realities that we’re forgetting that in our purest sense of self, we’re a part of nature, just like those tall trees that are being cut down every day, just like those butterflies trotting from flower to flower sucking in that sully air, and just like all those small and huge pieces of nature that we have left behind. And we should derive the way nature lives as the purpose of life because the purpose of life is to just live in the moment, wherever you are.

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Just like the ocean, we have a profound connection with our roots, even though they’re sunk in complete darkness and isolation. Just like the plant that grows by oneself to become big and strong that it happens to contribute to the Earth, we have to also become and keep moving forward in life and leave behind a meaningful mark on this beautiful world. Nature has a system and that system illustrates what one needs to do to be healthy, survive and grow. The slightest bit of ungratefulness can damage us, which is why we need to let nature spread its wings over our heads and teach us a few meaningful lessons.

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5 Quotes With Beautiful Photographs On Nature, Life & Tranquility

Find 5 beautifully composed quotes (with my own photographs) about nature, destinations, life and tranquility that have been shared recently on my Instagram profile.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than she seeks. – Unknown

Chances are we’re never truly exploring things like we’re supposed to. Chances are we’re only subjecting our vision towards those elements in perspective that have some sort of connection to who we are against that what we see to transform who we are, inescapably.
The path that leads to what we see from what actually is is defined by how well we see and what. Because not everything is an experience waiting to be perceived as much as it should not be experienced at all. – Ayesha Dhurue

Darkness creeps in slowly: first you will welcome it, then you want to crawl and gnaw away from it, and finally when there’s no more light left to define darkness, you wear it like an armor. – Ayesha Dhurue


Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it. – Unknown 

Go ahead because you never know what could be on the other side. – Ayesha Dhurue

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