The true meaning is lost
when there’s no peace,
yet there’s balance.

What is learned is forgotten
the voices are unheard
there is nothing,
but shadows of ash
when there’s no wild,
yet there’s balance.

Not afraid of wandering,
but of getting lost in methods
that are always the same.

The truth is that,
balance is subjective.
It is in you as it is in me, but here’s the catch:

Balance blooms equally under the scorching sun,
only to shine from the inside out under the shining star.

Balance is a coin with my faces
that is not flipped, but felt.

I beg you to stop for a moment
to feel that chill against your skin.
Let yourself be wild, let yourself be peaceful.
Awaken your senses
and be both at the same time.
Because balance is the dusty road
and not the destination.
Your balance in life means
you’re the invincible coin
which was hidden under all earth,
and now you have felt it.

Street Photograph Taken In Mumbai

Little Things

When you keep your face towards that you need to see, feel and experience; you’ll never forget those little things that once, mattered to you the most.



It’s who they are in their eyes, that counts

They were playing with heated stones right under the sun’s nose, without a hint of discomfort or irritation caused by the thwarting heat, around afternoon. There was no one around the area to discourage them from playing with each other and their elders also seemed extremely calm about it. They were silent, excited and convinced about their game and they didn’t bother anyone around as well. When I went up to them to ask their names and request pictures, it felt as if they didn’t understand me speaking to them but they loved my attention. It was comforting to witness them trying hard to pose and smile to the camera when they didn’t even know who I was and the purpose of my attention towards them, but they did what I told them to do, nevertheless.

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai featured image

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (1)

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (2)

They looked at me as though I was the one they were waiting for to click their pictures and make them laugh. I tried to request them that they keep playing their games, which was what they called ‘stick and stones’, but they didn’t understand me well and stopped playing for some picture time. I wanted some shots of them running on stones while smiling and laughing, awkwardly, around one another, enjoying some time before they were to attend to some chores as they resided in slums but I got these candid shots instead. These are the best ones as well!

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (3)

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (6)

These remind me of the way one chooses to live life: while there are problems faced due to poverty, hunger, unemployment, etc. in their homes, there is that place where you stick a smile and share a laugh around those who you feel comfortable with. Because then, you’re not only sharing your joy, you’re sharing your struggle without having to say it out loud.

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (7)

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (5)