These Thoughts Can Drag You Away From Thoughts

These thoughts can drag you away from thoughts

Denying that one can acquire everything in leadership, learning, love, respect, and health is as nonsensical as believing that there is a set standard of perfection you are subjected, by yourself or those around you, to win and eventually win over someone else in the race to absolute catastrophe. Have you ever imagined your life changing to something more profound, deep and meaningful only after you’ve either forced or distracted yourself away from thoughts that are toxic and are killing your dream of becoming anything you want to become?

What’s extraordinary is that, sometimes, certain thoughts act as lies we convince ourselves to believe and move on with because it’s easier. I get this chain of understanding from Amy Winehouse, as once she said that people are stupid because it’s easier. Just like that, succumbing to a thought, a dumb and self-ruinous lie is much, much easier than believing that you can live in a world full of humans, who live, breath, laugh, cry and perceive things just like you, but the only difference is that the engines are different.

We work along with a sense of understanding, an esteem full of both panic and fearlessness, the respect in our own twisted and knotted ways; and sometimes these morals slip away from us from time to time, making us unbelievably exposed and hurtful. People who are open to believing toxic thoughts have never failed to fall flat on the face with life. They’re the ones who are always experiencing mistake after mistake, never learning from one to the next and they’re imagining their lies and their toxic thoughts come to life because they don’t possess the willingness to change. To want to experience different walks, you need to change first. It’s always about self-awareness that leads to larger experiences in life that make more sense to you than before.

It’s compulsory to quote Aldous Huxley:

“Experience is not what happens to a man, it is what a man does with what happens to him.”

You will discover 2 major thoughts/lies that I’ve had confidence in, for some time, before realizing that they’re not facts and truths of the world; they’re just words or feelings that CAN BE CHANGED as easily as they can be believed in. Remember, believing in something is important and this doesn’t do away with what many people run away from negativity. In truth, these thoughts/lies are only the ones that a human cannot thrive on, ever! They’re definitely going to destroy your determination, your motivation and suck all the life and spirit out of your dreams. These thoughts can drag you away from thoughts.



Where’s the sense in hanging onto your hat because you think you’re not structured enough to put it on? One of those times when you have your eye on one spectacular hat, but you’re waiting to shape your head to either smaller or bigger enough to fit into that hat. Sounds stupid, right? While there is some sense in defending the thought that one needs to be, to a certain extent, smart and resourceful for your passion, your dreams, your business or your career because you think you’re not knowledgeable enough, yet…. IT IS NOT THE WAY TO PROGRESS.

It’s okay to begin when you’re meek and afraid. It’s completely normal to feel less qualified than somebody else (it may be so because you are). But it’s not fine at all to let that get in the way of what you set out to achieve. If you wait until you know, you will always think that you don’t know enough. You’re capable of intelligence, of growth and commitment; we’re all capable of that trait, but only a few of us harness it in moments when it’s spiritually required. Waiting for something to strike a chord in YOUR life, for YOUR dreams and to build YOUR future is, what I call, a false profession or hypocrisy. We become successful because we work hard, apply strategies and await results, but this principle of behavior doesn’t apply to the acquisition of knowledge. Learn while you implement in any kind of field, in any subject or passion.

It’s extremely important to begin as a beginner and not wait until you’re at the highest peak of the mountain and confident enough that all your monotonous knowledge and expertise will not matter when you don’t see yourself grow from when you first began.

Scalability is inevitable and when you realize how much it can affect your life, you’ll never look back to what was simpler and easier.



There are times when I still fight with myself to defeat this thought from my day-to-day life. It’s difficult when I have more than plenty things to do in the day, mostly all touchstones set by me, and I let myself get discouraged and depressed after I’ve desperately tried to juggle all those tasks together, at the same time. Multi-tasking is not the way to go for me and I have optimistically accepted that truth. It’s better for me when I’m not delving into milestone after milestone, without taking a breather, and eagerly checking my list to get over with it quickly. This became a habit that I soon realized was boring and uncreative. Instead of feeling that stimulation and creative-edge while working, I kept stressing myself out and eventually, gave up on passions like reading books, watching meaningful and engrossing movies or listening to music!

What I didn’t realize is this: when I worked only to complete tasks, my entire day was doing the same, dull and monotonous errands that didn’t captivate or challenge me. It was like my brain was shut off, but my hands and legs continued functioning.

I get the drill: make more money, get inventive while you’re getting better and always, always be better than yesterday. But if I keep contemplating about comparisons, when will I redefine the paradigm of working from only backbreaking to both backbreaking and spine-tingling?

It’s simple: if I think I’m not doing enough in 24 hours, it means that I’m not completely satisfied with the little things I’m doing, presently. So, instead of racking more pressure to my list, I’ll work and work harder to find the edge and grip in what I always do. I’ll challenge myself to do what I do that I don’t do enough in methods that are different and more tailored to my intellect and skill.

Here, I’m naturally renewing thoughts with more positive thoughts, while still preparing for qualms like mistakes, failures, and bruises. I can say this with sheer confidence that as soon as I got rid of these 2 thoughts/lies that I once had so much confidence in, I’ve become more open, stronger and ripened to anything that falls my way.