7 Signs You Should Invest In Life

Investing in your own professional career is phenomenal and so is investing in some material possession, but what are you doing today that counts as investment in your life? Is it something, but not enough?

Failing to invest in your life is by far the saddest mistake a human can ever make. You might be on the verge of some prodigious educational certification while keeping one eye on an amazing job opportunity that pays you galore. Unfortunately, along the way, something is lost because these things never truly define who you are and all it is, is a small aspect of your life in terms of what you do every day. I find it extremely turning on to own a human quality to feel emotions, comprehend other people’s emotion, although not so precisely. The ability to empathize may come as demanding to you, but that’s one human quality that lays the foundation of merely investing in life and harnessing that inner zest that all of us have. Empathizing is awakening, and it lets you imagine some result before it has even happened, it also makes you able to find general aspects of life such as success, failure, isolation, happiness, depression, and all the positive and negative pleasures a human can feel in a set of moods. Even though you’ve never felt isolated in your life that you have invested in your life as a priority can transform how you shape your life up to the moment when you don’t ever have to feel that isolation, ever. That’s empathy; being able to find yourself with a sort of human condition that you know you’re much capable of experiencing sooner or later. Investing in your life is much like the common saying that time heals many scars, if not completely erases and with time you understand many things in life about love, family, faith, purpose, and death, but those things that time can’t solve, you have to yourself. Now, the latter part of that phrase about solving a problem when time can’t is termed as investing in life when time falls short.

It all begins and ends in your mind, stuff like what you give power to and what has power over you, but below are the 7 signs that convey what time can’t solve, instead, it’s only your mind and your decision to invest in life that can solve it, to be zoetic in life, no matter what.

Consider these beginning as “You should (better yet, NEED TO!) invest in life….”

When You Can’t Let Go.

Some people get so lost because they’re so engrossed in things outside their own shells that they forget who they are and what it was like to be themselves. You will only find the ability to invest in life if you let go of certain experiences. Let go of your past because it has nothing on you anymore. Let go of those people who don’t make you think, make you feel something and with whom you can be your true self. Let go of the race you’re trying to win day after day and finally, let go of yourself and experience feelings of hope and love. When you discover one door, don’t ground yourself to it, keep searching for more because every experience is a new door to a different world. By not letting go, you’re only making yourself panic by over-thinking or obsessing over a situation that in reality isn’t as bad as it seems. Let go of those things that do not make you better each day. Hold on to those things that make you more of who you are, not any less. Don’t be convinced to hold on to a destination when you’re already so far from where you used to be. And if you can’t let go for the journey, have countless destinations to go to.

When You Expect Too Much.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to bind yourself to someone or something that has the power to destroy you, only if you allow it. Just let go. Let go of those chains holding you back. Those chains are made by you, and only you can destroy them and break free. They’re made out of expectations that you can’t control. Period. How can you control something that you can’t because that’s not the force of nature? Expecting something out of a person won’t matter to him or her as much as it would to you. You just want everyone around you to be like you are or maybe act the way one should, but life is not textbook and everyone has a different way of life. When different truths collide into each other, one of the two things may happen: one, you may create the world with innumerable opportunities and evolve as one or you destroy both worlds. When you let yourself expect too much you can’t breathe, you can’t live and finally, you can’t love anything anymore. So, don’t force yourself to create a product out of people or things that you want in your life. Appreciate things as they are and if you can’t then let them go.

 When You Consistently Make Wrong Decisions.

We give ourselves into too many decisions only to come out with just a few right ones that have made sense in our lives. But as for the wrong decisions, there’s exists meaning in only those that we’ve learned from and have never made again, but what about those circumstances when we don’t get to make the same decision twice? That’s where knowledge comes in. That’s where we have to not only know what we want to do, but also exercise it. Making wrong decisions is inevitable because you can’t be right all the time, but if you’re consistently making wrong decisions that are hurting you and those around you, that means you’re not investing in life when it’s required. We may have many intellections about how life works and failures are just a skipping-stone to something much great, which is absolutely true, but certain things in life don’t grant a second chance and those things can either make or break you. The only way to make those wrong decisions right is by broadening your mind to new experiences and knowledge. I believe that in life one experience leads to another, which is why learning something new every day has finally lead up to a moment where I’m making the right decisions that I know I don’t have a second chance at and I’m making the wrong decisions where there was nothing I could have done otherwise. Making wrong decisions in life while you’re learning might be useful to you someday, but making wrong decisions even though knowing that what’s right is not useful, it’s hurtful to you and to others around you.

 When You Concentrate On The Negatives Each Time Something Bad Happens.

If you don’t find the light in the darkness, you have to invest in it by creating it. All of life’s chaos, distress, anger, and isolation has, is and always will be in that thing that sitting snugly inside your shell: your mind. It’s rooted in us to believe, plan for and be convinced of something that just as easily can be erased as quickly as it was understood to start with. Just like there are two sides to every story, people are susceptible of listening to only one side and believing it to be their only truth or their only darkness. If you concentrate on the negatives each time something bad happens, you should invest in life immensely, otherwise, what’s the point in thinking even about the bad at all? The exhaustion of thinking deep into the negatives all the time is the same as thinking your way out of a bad situation and looking at the positive; the energy is all the same. Life is a series of thousands of moments that will be both good and bad, the answer is to notice them, and not label them. You’re no magnet. If bad things happen to you all the time, it doesn’t mean that they always will. Maybe you’re looking at it all wrong. Just maybe, if you shift your gaze from the darkness a bit, you might see something good to build from when bad things happen. That’s courage and that’s hope. Never sacrifice those for anything else!

 When You Don’t Respect Your Own Body.

Over the past few years and more, we have forgotten the true meaning of love and have instead attached it to the feeling of tenderness we have for somebody outside of us, another human being; which is merely a small measure of love. You must have read this so many times that if you don’t love yourself you are not capable of loving anybody else in the purest and most real form, ever. We think this means that one should be successful, have lots of money, lots of friends or something along those lines to be capable of love, but that’s completely untrue. As with life, we are earned to develop into those benchmarks just like loving your own body is earned, not something you are obligated to feel since birth. That’s why when love is earned and not distributed to us, we feel more passionate and frankly, the love feels more natural and desirous. This love is for your own body when you willingly choose to respect it, look after it and not rely on certain aggressive factors to give you pleasures in small doses. Living a healthy life means living a productive, fresh and thriving life and if you can’t live one completely try making small efforts every day to see the change in your yourself.

For this, you don’t have to quit food that’s labeled unhealthy drastically and forever and hit the gym to shed some pounds so that you look healthy and toned all the time! Moderation is the key, and so is simplicity. You don’t have to prove to your body that you love and respect it; all you should do is invest time and effort to balance your life in a way that it will thank you for it in the future.

 When You Fear You’re Not Good Enough.

A single moment of uselessness can mean so many things. If you feel you’re not doing enough in the day, you’re not working hard enough to make money, and you’re not good enough for somebody or something you want, you need to gain more understanding about life and how unique it is for every human being alive. It’s self-destructing to fear that you’re not good enough, turns out you won’t ever be, so does that mean you’d rather stop trying? The answer here is to truly empathize with the meaning of life which is to live through, no matter what. The answer here is to destroy your idea of perfection, goodness, and happiness and build what you got with all you got only to keep riding out the rest of your life’s journey until you eventually succumb to the inevitable, death. It is in the moments of understanding that being good at something or for something is merely a slice in your life, it doesn’t mean everything and it doesn’t even have to. Even if you’re not good at something, believe that you can become good. That’s where you build your own path to invest in life before anything else.When You Don’t Believe In The Person You Want To Become Anymore.

 When You Don’t Believe In The Person You Want To Become Anymore.

We create an ideal version of ourselves who we want to become some years down the road, and while some discard such a vision saying that it can butcher a person’s present self-making her more frustrated and dissatisfied in life, I truly place confidence in the person I want to become tomorrow. That way I create myself all over again staying who I am today. For me, direction is so much more important than speed and that is why I never stop believing in the person I want to become tomorrow. It keeps me going on different lengths, gives me the courage to take new turns and stop when I need to calm down from all the hustling. I feel that there are not one, but many facets of your own person that you can believe to become one day and as you learn more, you realize how you’ve unintentionally designed a great life for yourself. Be convinced to believe in the person you want to become because that’s why we’re living and that’s what is going to stick with you for the rest of your life. Make a promise to yourself that you will always work to be good, humble and a better reflection than tomorrow. Thank your past for all the lessons and keep faith in the future like you’re always ready for it. That’s how you invest in life.