Words are the best philanthropy there is

When we seek out to help people, those in need for proper education, food and money, are we doing it all? If we ask ourselves that, the answer is incomplete. We just provide material help, money or even food and clothes to those living deep in poverty but do we have sight of how they are utilizing their wealth; only sometimes.

Charity means only when we donate for a good cause but what about educating those in need on how to utilize that money. Surely, there must be existing organizations in cities that do the deed but not every citizen living here is a part of that organization. Mumbai is one of the most populous cities in the country and there are not too many people who exercise in a charitable ritual. Everywhere you go, you will see people in need of shelter, food or just money and that is what builds the ultimate framework of our country- money. Since, money is needed, surely it can too be provided to the needy but the deed doesn’t complete there. Everyone needs money but its true and when we acquire it, it is needless to say that only educated and wise men and women will know how to spend it effectively. And since the education rate isn’t prosperous, especially in poverty stricken regions, the quality of expenditure one does is simple not known and understood by those spending it.

Formal education is provided incompletely in government schools, and we all know that; sex education is not coached in India as much as it should have been; it is kept hidden and secretive to children (nowadays even adults?) because “sex” is not a good thing, apparently! No country will ever progress without proper formal and non-formal education. Almost everyone wants to help someone, and almost everyone needs help whether for material or immaterial needs. It’s good and beneficial to help people by providing non-formal education and giving it most importance in life. About formal education, it is provided is other educational institutions and if you want to help those in poverty, you can send the children to schools for a proper schooling experience because this too builds an mature framework psychologically and physically for the child in his/her life. Formal education is easily accessible as compared to non-formal education. Nowadays with the advancement on internet technology and infrastructures, children are self-learning subjects without professional help or guidance; I, myself am not pursuing my Media degree because I wish follow autodidactism which is self-education.

Those who live outside on footpaths and streets are birthing more children than which they can handle and only because of the excuse that it increases income once they are of age to work; the male family members pursue very little education and do labor work and women are forced, sometimes tortured to either get married at an early age and birth more children or they work. But what of the gap when they’re actually growing up, what values and responsibilities are they learning then? Nothing. So, when you ever think of providing material help to such people who require it, don’t just donate money; maybe you take a longer but commendable route to hand out some guidance counseling to children and adults for the things you think they should know and that even might help them in the future. This way the world may abolish poverty and also gain more wise thinkers and spark plugs.

There is nothing more quintessential to have people with a logical and humane mind all around us even with a monotonous power such as money. The only way we can try is by sharing the way we think about life and possessions with others around us; someone is not everyone will surely be heeding to you. Actions may speak louder than words but words are the existing true soul of life- in whichever language it may be.