Why Are We So Insecure About Ourselves?

Do you find yourself stuck between feelings of resistance, doubt, confusion, and at the same time self-morale? That’s your mind telling you to string your loose ends of insecurity together and to get back on the horse because life proceeds only in one point of compass, and it doesn’t stop for you. We are so frustrated with the achievement part, the productive part or even the fulfillment part of life that we’re unknowingly casting a shadow over how things really are instead of what we see people get out of them. Our brains have learned to measure and not matter in experiences that are inevitably labeled and not perceived.

What isn’t making you insecure makes you stronger. And what makes you insecure, realizing that it does, also makes you stronger. The problem with insecurity is that it’s either all or nothing at all- so the only way humans can embrace insecurities, vulnerabilities, and whatever is by looking at the gray areas that account for what you do rather than what you get out of what you’ve done.

The thing about insecurities is that they’re not, in their truly real state, coming closer to an absolute “secure” point if humans act on it. They just keeping on swelling persistently until there comes a moment that destroys everything that you love or that loves you back. Artistic realizations compel you to do more and achieve more, but when in reflection of how artistic you are- that’s where we begin to answer our most challenging questions. Questions such as:

  • Who are you when no one’s watching?
  • Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?
  • Do you think you’re enough for yourself to live with?

While these questions are better answered by experiences than by words, it is through words that we train ourselves, without any external cultivation about life that really matters. The solution to societal and media schooling of how it wants you to look like, feel like, and portray like, we don’t need to abolish the system. Instead, let’s try thinking from the beginning. Let’s start worshipping not what has been taught, but what’s out there to grasp. It’s simple to have been told by others the ways of living as much as it’s easy to listen and not act on what you are possibly going to believe in. But that doesn’t mean you can’t say no.

Robert Downey Jr. says “Listen, Smile, Agree. And then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway.”

Why Are We So Insecure About Ourselves 01

It’s not difficult to solve your problems, what’s difficult is deciding which of YOUR problems are actually YOURS. There’s beauty in solving problems while there’s absolute disgust when you don’t accept and truly understand the only thing you’re born with into this world, your mind, and your soul.

Stop looking at magazines, movies, and other sources of visual information as means to obsess over and feel insufficient about. Not everything is about you unless you’re actually there. Get over yourself, and go do something that matters genuinely instead of building up imaginary standards for yourself from robotic life, boredom, or simply of the loss of you.

If you’re feeling insecure because of rejection:

Understand that life, inevitably, leads us to either negative or positive outcomes, just like any other chain reaction. Any feedback aggravates retaliation, but the thing to remember always is that that’s not it. There is more. If there isn’t already, then make it for yourself; limitation is just a word and it’s all in your mind but if it isn’t your door, stop knocking.

If you’re feeling insecure because of what others want you to become:
Be willing to let people down because you’re no longer their idea of perfection when perfection itself is such an incomplete concept. Accept yourself, struggle to learn, fight to grow and then live to reflect positive qualities in yourself, then in those around you.

If you’re feeling insecure because YOU want everything:

Don’t let emotions, cravings, and materialistic things affect you. Everyone has dreams, everyone wants things in their lives, but that’s not something to feel bad about. It’s a choice, not a privilege. You are not any less or any more than the person sitting next to you who’s got everything you feel insecure about. Insecure people will always disapprove of what is and consistently accuse their minds by making others feel like shit. That’s aggressively self-inflictive, if you really think about it.