The Best WordPress Plugin On The Block: Yoast SEO

When you’ve got too many WordPress SEO plugins to pick from, most of the times you rely on adept articles that are both most recent (maybe 1-3 months in age) and that have gained a significant amount of social share or response to prove that their credibility is for a fact. As you already know, WordPress is one of the best content management systems that outline convincing and far-reaching rankings for your blog/business/website. But when it comes to optimizing your website for SEO and higher rankings, WordPress offers this great plugin, in both free and paid versions, that will transform how you view content marketing for your website.

Yoast SEO

If you’re already an expert at SEO, Yoast SEO plugin will keep the posting process extremely simple. And if you’re still under the darkness when it comes to enhancing your to-be-published post so that it gets noticed like it should on Google and across the web, Yoast SEO plugin features easy tabs and a simple posting process to not only let you decide what kind of targeting you want for your post, but it also an in-depth analysis of your content to make it better and more SEO-perfect!

How does it work?

The Exclusive SEO Plugin On The Block Yoast SEO 1

Yoast SEO was formerly famous as WordPress SEO by Yoast and it is undeniably the most complete and convenient SEO plugin available for WordPress. Bloggers can use it for a direct On-Page SEO since they know a bit or two about the basics of SEO and how it is absolutely necessary to have good SEO for their website. With Yoast SEO, you can simply do the following things to enhance your SEO score and greater visibility:

You set down a Focus Keyword to better narrow-down the topic of your article. Setting a  Focus Keyword on is important because it lets the web, not the audience in particular, understand what your article is originally about or centered around.

The Exclusive SEO Plugin On The Block Yoast SEO 2

You’re presented with a Snippet Editor as a means to edit the post’s meta description and optimize the page title to make it more purposive and SEO friendly. Once you set your focus keyword, it will be highlighted in your meta description to give you an idea as to how well-lit and graspable the first impression of your article will look like on search engines and elsewhere on the web. You can view exactly how your content will be seen when someone searches for it in Google.

The Exclusive SEO Plugin On The Block Yoast SEO 3

Right below these two options is the post’s Content Analysis. This features a simple and quick run-through of content checks that analyze the content of your post/article. I love how visually creative it is! With three checkers or “signals”, just like a traffic signal:

  • It shows how Good (green checker or “signal”), OK (orange checker or “signal”) or Bad (red checker or “signal”) your page is content wise.
  • It also conveys ways to improve your content if the signal turns either orange or red and if you follow and tweak the changes as pronounced, you will eventually get the green signal to go!

The Exclusive SEO Plugin On The Block Yoast SEO 4

After this transparent course of action comes another setting that not many bloggers use, but it can prove a great asset for the long run and coequally, it’s a great feature! Meta Robots Configuration is whether you want to keep that particular post or page out of index or sight. With this option, you can decide for yourself what you want people to view for that page or what not to view such as no image index, no snippet preview or no archive, etc.

The Exclusive SEO Plugin On The Block Yoast SEO 5

There are many other settings in the Yoast SEO tab that’s positioned right below your text and/or visual editor. If you’ve downloaded the free version, you’re going to get surprised by the sheer volume of services that this plugin has to offer its free users, but if you’re purchasing the premium version, there are more features to utilize for your posts and pages such as URL redirects, etc.

On an ending note, Yoast SEO plugin offers more than what any blogger/business owner would have anticipated for a complete SEO-ready optimization for their website. With extremely useful services including Social functions for Facebook & Twitter that helps you originate exactly what content that you would want to share on the social platforms from title, description to image (for Facebook & Twitter only). I am sure you’d be extremely happy and satisfied with this plugin’s free features namely Content, Advanced & Social.

The Exclusive SEO Plugin On The Block Yoast SEO 6


How do you like to personalize Yoast SEO for your website or blog? Which, according to your terms, is the best feature of it? And how do you find this plugin to be different than the rest?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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A Totally Simple Perspective on Cybernated Technology


Humans have, over time, matured to monumentalize experiences, celebrations, and general episodes in life by storing data of visual evidences or what I like to call: declarations of being able to re-experience those felt emotions, feelings and reactions back in time and again. Having the capability to store such data, that one day might not even matter to you, and that when you’re uncompromising to any means of affection and sensation, you’re already in denial of everything you’ve ever accomplished which fades out of your mind and what you’ve seen, liked, commented on and shared with others cease to exist at all.

What’s the point of cybernated technology when, for your future self, it doesn’t have to be of any value to what your socially active lifestyle or hippy Instagram photos or quirky yet intelligent Facebook shares stood for?

This is a totally simple perspective on cybernated technology. This is how and when one mind meets one technology that’s so diverse, intensified and anarchic that it completely, definitely and unconsciously blows up certain pre-defined paradigms to life, knowledge and existence. This is the discovery of technology and everything humans are in soft alliance with thinking that it symbolizes something or it leaves an impression of an idea, thought, a material or even illusions. The way I see it, the bigger questions or the “controversies” are a part of the trigger of a much simpler predominating shadow that we persist over ourselves. The truth is completely overshadowed as much as it is forced in place of someone’s opinion, perspective and experience. There is a serious possibility that my truth may not be yours.

But, what’s the truth got to do with cybernated technology?

Three points how cybernated technology begins with the truth and ends with something in replacement of the truth

  1. Isn’t how we surf/scroll/obsess over the internet subjected to how/why/when we want to perceive the gathering of words on a singular topic?
  2. Where is the truth when the information/material knowledge/controversy is build by and for human mind and understanding?
  3. Is the truth well defined and away from becoming someone else’s figment of perception, convenience, comfort and/or imagination?

Clearly, defining the point is not rudimentary to making it. Again, what is my truth may not be yours. If we broaden the scalability of truth to relate to how humans understand, react, think and function on a daily basis is as obvious as saying that if you’re looking up at the night sky, you’re not going to deny that it’s after dark.

But, where’s the evidence?

Where does the evidence lie amidst many truths that are measured through likes, shares, and comments?

The definition of prolonging your cybernated-self in front of your real-life self can only be declared if all of us start imagining both of our versions positioned parallel in alternate habitations, much like how the earth is, only in one of them the scope of discoverability is more profound and extensive than the other. The truth of the future can only be set apart and negotiated in terms of difference and similarity between those two worlds. Then there will be war, there will be digitally augmented noises that will break your existing paradigm of truth; they may even break yours as quickly as they will form a new truth in place of it. If today, cybernated technology is all about the truth, it perceives truth and wants to harness it, these tiny and irrelevant pieces of evidences bundled together to form experiences and adventure will soon obliterate into darkness and the moment when one mind meets one technology will forever be destroyed and with it the meaning of perception and what sets it apart exclusively. So, instead of searching for the truth, the meaning and the purpose of cybernated technology, delve deeper into the pools of what it does for you. Lose yourself inside the vast, great depths of personality that it offers and see how many you mask. If all were masked to become one truth, you wouldn’t be thinking how it would be like to see your own cybernated-self in a world where discovery and knowledge go so close in hand that materiality feels like a drug. Humans aren’t made to live one truth, especially in the cybernated technology; they’re meant to live many, endless and unimaginably colorful truths.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business

Struggling with your marketing and brand awareness-when you don’t know about the latest marketing trend that’s shooting up sales, interaction and originality?

The best way to stay ahead of business strategies and develop new ones is by identifying fresh new marketing trends. Having perfect knowledge of even one new marketing trend will help show you opportunities to grow your business, bring about significant changes in your involvement in the industry and make it easier for you to grow with the demanding population.

With the popularity of website businesses shooting up, a strong marketing plan is essential if you want to grow progressively. We know that with the promise of an authentic and trustworthy website come many marketing channels like email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and much more- but what’s the step that harnesses these marketing channels in a new, exciting and a profitable way? The answer ends with this emerging marketing trend that has the power to change your business just like 2015 to 2016; a whole new paradigm and a whole new perspective.

In a nutshell, what are marketing trends?

Marketing trends are changing shifts or mediums through with people learn or improvise to communicate better online. It either results in an increase or a decrease in product or service usage. These can mean the following:

  • Changing customer needs.
  • Changing demographics.
  • Social factors like change in social behavior in online networking.
  • Ways customers experience certain technologies online like virtual reality, etc.

In an unornamented language, marketing trends are influencing the way businesses and customers exchange information from one spectrum to another.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - iEmoji

Purpose the Use of Emojis as a New Way to Communicate

If you’re thinking of Whatsapp conversations, then let us tell you that the use of emojis has gone far beyond just Whatsapp chat conversations. People are increasingly becoming more and more confident towards using emojis online. On social media, they’re more popular than ever. According to a study by the team at WordStream, a tweet with an emoji in it has 25.4% higher engagement than the exact same tweet without an emoji.

For people to interact with each other, emojis pose as nothing but a creative opportunity to convey messages that are more understandable than other forms of communication. It’s a great way to strike up a conversation with other people on different topics. Businesses are going down the line of including the portrayal of emojis in their marketing strategies as ways to better connect with people who ultimately become their visitors, leads, promoters and customers. In fact, businesses are promoting their products and services not by themselves, but with the help of emojis to make the entire conversation seem more friendly and open.

Not convinced enough? Take a look at these Emoji Marketing Examples on Twitter that we find intriguing and inspiring for new businesses.

Basically, businesses are using emojis to win over people. And it’s working!

@starbucks made use of it in the most compelling way to let people know that they respond on social media with amazing offers just like how we share our love for their delicious food.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - @starbucks

@dominos definitely has a brilliant marketing strategy in place to use emojis in an expressive and exciting way.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - @dominoes

The popular @twitter account also has a solid tip to use emojis when words just don’t get through.

Why This Emerging Marketing Trend Will Change Your Business - @twitter

Don’t you think emojis are a more personal approach to communicating with new people? They just lighten the mood, instantly. If we interact with friends and family through emojis alone, why don’t you do the same with your customers?

Which Tools Should You Use to Add Emojis on Social Media?

iEmoji is a great tool to use where you can simply copy paste any emoji you like in your post update or, you can even tweet through the tool itself by linking your twitter account in a matter of seconds!

Another great tool to use is Get Emoji that you can utilize by just copy pasting the needed emoji on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. effortlessly.

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A Definitive Guide to Marketing Automation

Most marketers have already heard about marketing automation and its perks to scaling up marketing strategies and tactics. Today, most companies are adopting marketing automation to enhance their marketing campaigns and to measure success and/or failure more effectively.

According to Techopedia, marketing automation is defined as:
“Marketing automation is the use of software and Web-based services to execute, manage and automate marketing tasks and processes. It replaces manual and repetitive marketing processes with purpose-built software and applications geared toward performance.”

So, is marketing automation a software that tracks every online marketing activity of companies?

Marketing automation is much more than just a software.

Marketing Automation is a process that not only graduates the system of tracking direct sales and conversions, but it makes your company’s feedback and metrics more effective for the long-run. Marketing Automation is a guide that connects several touch points throughout your campaign such as social media, content marketing and email marketing, and makes data look more friendly and useful for enhancing customer relationships for the present and the future. It can be defined as a marketing channel booster. Many companies that have adopted marketing automation have seen a shift in their metrics in terms of customer relationships, quality effectiveness, and conversions.

How does marketing automation make marketing easier?

1. While companies manually set up targets and goals for better campaign effectiveness, it can be difficult to maintain a strong communication passage between sellers and prospects. By collecting data on a prospect’s interests and goals, companies can custom-tailor messages and offers to seem more relevant and interesting.

2. Marketing automation helps content get to the right audience, at the right time with definitive data. With good-quality content published by companies, marketing automation is a software that connects-the-dots the right way in terms of distributing content and persuading potential prospects to either “like” or “share” the content or subscribe to the channel.

3. With marketing automation, companies can categorize customers based on interests, behaviors, and demographic details. Customer segmentation is well-defined in the marketing automation process.

4. Marketing automation helps companies set clear goals. By assessing the performance of a company’s current marketing strategies, it is easier to make informed decisions in terms of setting strategies and goals for future marketing campaigns.

5. Marketing automation can help companies test different marketing variables for content marketing and email marketing to see which works best.

The Only Social Media Resolution You Need In 2016

Imaginably, there are many new kinds of “internet” resolutions out there for the year 2016. While some focus on getting away from the internet, some should be to gain, within the realm of limitless possibilities, a community of influencers, learners and everyone in-between.

For businesses and individual social media accounts, 2016’s ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA RESOLUTION should be conversation with intelligence and absolute immersion. This means to involve influencers into your social marketing strategies and let your presence dominate like a study in many profound industries where different people have different things to talk about inside their own social media box of engrossment.

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The key to the many possibilities that 2016 means for social media, the ability to harness the way content and ideas are discovered, consumed and seemingly inspired millions, is enterprising. The web is getting aggressively active and crowded, still there is an inexhaustible space wide-open for business and individuals to try their hand and converse to share, inspire, motivate and invent ideas and a brand new perspective.

The only social media resolution you need in 2016 is to make better, more intelligent conversations with those around you instead of typing a piece to yourself each time you tweet or share a Facebook status.

How can you do that?  It’s simple.

  • You can ask questions, answer them or invent the kind of content that provokes others to either ask or answer.
  • You can start commenting on content after you’ve discovered, understood them and truly understood them.

We see tons of people commenting on content pieces that they have no clue of. We don’t know why they do it or what they get from it? But, what we know is that it’s not a healthy way to exist online, especially now more than before. So, if you can’t curate ideas and information by yourself (but if you can also do that, then brilliant) begin with co-creating different content by commenting on what other content is out there. Sharing even a single line of perspective or opinion is still “content”.

Let us know your Only Social Media Resolution in 2016? What do you feel businesses or individuals can do to encourage more online interaction that’s real, pure and conscious?

This post first appeared on Craze Commerce on 10-Jan-2016