The Act of Beeping

Greetings to the Indian Censor Board and all those supporting the official ban of the words like vagina, boobs, fuck, shit, ass, penis, dick, sex, oral, and many more related words.
Have you guys ever been in a situation where you’re not sure about the feelings that you get in situations? If you do, then you can totally resonate with me. I feel not feel the same way.
Just a heads-up, this article is neither going to condemn the Indian Censor Board nor is it going to praise it. Consider this article as a declaration of an individual’s point of view. For those of you who are not so omniscient about what I’m writing, this is what it is. I’m writing about the conception that is proposed by our some of our people about words like vagina, boobs, fuck, shit, ass, penis, dick, sex, oral, and many more related words, are beeped in movies shown in theatres and on televisions in India. Such beeping practices are not only exercised in India but in other countries as well. But I’m an Indian, so I have the liberty and right to declare my point of view about what’s happening in India.
The beeping has been leaning on many movies since a long, long time and many of us do throw the intolerable sounds when sex or shit gets beeped in a movie. Some of us even laugh at the stupidity. Want to know what it makes me do? Scream out that particular beeped word, right at that time, a thousand times over and over; regardless of sitting in a theater or at home. My action is not an offensive reaction, but a very supportive response. While I support all those words, I do not support the beeps. Not even for a second. The beeping attitude that many families have adopted is too narrow-minded, even for a kid. In the persisting culture, many minds are still inflexible. And while it is surprising that they are, those many minds are culturally destitute of adaptability. People do not want to change.

I am not going to complain about this singular kind of breed, but I’m enunciating what is right with the openness attitude towards words such as sex or boobs or related sentences, and what is “apparently” wrong with it.
It’s a headache to explain everything when it’s crystal clear to everyone.

First of all, the human mind functions in mysterious ways and one of them is reverse psychology. The one thing that you’re suggested not to do is the only thing that you’ll desire most of. When there is a beep to sex, it’s more desirable to the human mind. And the more people have “sex”, the more it is going to be publicly “beeped”. Ironically, what the ban is set out to do, it’s impacting the exact opposite of it. It’s antithetical.

Second of all, it’s literally offensive when people with boobs and penises, having sex and shitting are banning words that are too characteristic to even care about. What I mean by that is nobody pays heed to beep words like eyes, mouth, toes, eating, playing….etc. so why bother with words that are more personal? Is it because it’s personal? I don’t think so. This is the extent to where our country travels in terms of reciting and then not accepting.

Would it make a difference if words weren’t beeped? Yes, in so many ways. In terms of educating, being more compassionate and omniscient about the world in which we’re shitting in with boobs and men with dicks, in terms of adjusting to different conditions and situations, and finally, not letting somebody else interfere in whomever’s way of thinking.
If not through movies, let’s support words that are otherwise beeped in movies. Human characteristics like boobs, a dick, a penis, ass, butt, cleavage…etc. should be considered characteristic only. There is a fine line and we ought to be more harmonized by it. And other words that are beeped like sex, fuck, shit…etc. are what we should be used to subscribing ourselves to.