Better Than Normal Transformations Says Elon Musk

Revealing large-scale metamorphosis in the solar industry, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announces a new solar roof product that would last twice as long and cost less than conventional methods. Considering this as a turning point in electricity, Tesla’s solar roofs cost less to engineer and install than a traditional roof.

“Electricity is just a bonus.”
– Elon Musk

As Elon Musk challenges his audience by asking a pretty straightforward question: Wouldn’t you want a roof that looks cutting-edge, is far more durable, is relatively cheaper to own, and also generates electricity? If this innovative technology holds true, it could mean evolutionary changes in energy consumption, as it seems, circumstantial given today’s environmental conditions. Being fairly opinionated and, invitingly, confident that this sort of technology would be a breakthrough in the world, this self-sustaining technology is understandably exciting and affordable to all.

Somehow, the way the world works, spanking new technological inventions are often the brand of the rich, including VR, drones, automation, etc. So, having something as down-to-earth and humble as Tesla’s solar roofs is a big deal in saving the human race for good, this time. Becoming independent of multi-billion dollar companies, and not drilling into your hard-earned cash for extravagance, might seem convincing enough for some, this big announcement, at present, remains impressive. Given today’s existing and over-priced solar panels, replacing an entire roof with it seems unrealistic for many. This piece of technology remains more promising for the future of solar power and domesticated energy consumption, keeping in mind the combined value of electricity costs, traditional roof costs, and essentially buying larger houses.

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