Small On Space, Big On Patterns

Take it from me, decorating the walls for yourself can be an awe-inspiring thing to do, regardless of the space you live in. You’ll find lots of ways to paint your walls with comfortable patterns in mind. And living in a space with beautifully decorated or painted walls is a must if you want to make a big statement in your small space. When it comes to home décor, logic will make way for space while imagination will take you from being wrong to being more personal and creative. The way you paint your walls is the way you choose to share your soul, ideas, and passion with the world. You can think differently, create, and do something with love. Disciplining your small space walls doesn’t have to be a tedious task, at least not while you’re brainstorming new ideas. To help you illuminate the walls that surround your thoughts, actions, and moments, inhale these eye-catching patterns with an open-minded spirit and find the one the fits you the best. Once you know what you want, the materials, enthusiasm, energy, and creativity will flow effortlessly.


Retro diamond focal wall | via Vintage Revivals


Bend your patterns


Observable universe


Simple, yet striking patterns


What’s your favorite bird?


Make a bold statement


Bring the city inside


Geometric patterns


Distressed patterns | via Apartment Therapy


If you don’t want to paint the whole wall, paint a part of it.

10 Shapely Room Windows To Calm Your Senses

A room filled with natural light cultivates an open and stress-free environment. It also makes the room cleaner than it actually is, so you’re saving yourself the trouble of striving to keep your room clean, all the time. Rooms are messy enough, and without a beautifully constructed window to make the room look more spacious and free is something less good. Find your ideal window with these 10 considerations and, if you can, combine different shapes and sizes, with just enough sophistication, to making your room feel more airy, calm, and mentally stimulating.











These decorating choices will help you create a natural and beautiful sense of order in space. On the other hand, if you want your room to look perfectly reflective and undisturbing, these choices can help you.

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