Life Is A Tale

Are you struggling to survive? Do you count your days or do you make your days count? Life isn’t an answer, but a tale with many answers for each one of us, different as night and day, but still so closely imbued on each other.

. . .

You win
you loose
you grow
you choose.

It isn’t the rules
it isn’t the conditions
it is something
it is made out of small decisions.

They say
they judge
they stare but
they don’t care as much.

Stop resisting the change
stop locking your frame
stop to start from scratch
stop to realize that life isn’t just about the fame.

Define life by living it
define courage by surviving it
define beauty by acceptance
define ambition by practice and persistence.

Life is a tale
and now you understand its chapters
turning pages finger to finger
maybe even skipping a few for answers
you’ll find passion
as you will grief
tell me what you’ve read
because the book is still void
for it is written by your forbearance.