Since 2010

Since 2010, I have been under the aggressive influence of capturing things. I have realized that I haven’t acted out much under the influence, but it lingers in my mind. Photography must be art. It is art. It always will be.

But, what is photography when even after realizing that the more I learn about my camera features and the magic that it does, I was agonized with the concept of learning more about photography through online videos and articles, rather than experimenting with my camera, myself.

Since 2010, I have not been the most energized photographer there is, but I am passionate more about the simplicity of capturing moments while they’re still in my vision, and when I’m “conveniently” available to capture.

Since 2010, I have neglected my camera most of my times because I was always too reluctant to step out on the streets of Mumbai because of many reasons. I have over-shadowed my passion for photography with how different it would be to do something new. Not that I’m afraid to experience new experiences, but, I’m conscious of my existence more than one should be.

Since 2010, I’ve have learnt, forgotten, remembered, and again forgotten the details about photography that I’m sure everyone knows by now, and to a certain extent I do too. I’ve learnt the basics, revised the advanced and forgotten them due to the lack of practice and experiment. I realize now that photography is passion and excuse.

Since 2010, I have been exposed to many experiences without a camera in my hand. When a photograph is worth a thousand words, my words seem empty still.

Since 2010, I have gone days without deciding to go out for a shoot, to meet new subjects, to capture different things that are ‘everyday’ for me. And when I ask myself why, I, undeniably, curse myself for not trying harder and pushing myself to go out there- frequently- to shoot.

Since 2010, I have grown, not only by age, but by wisdom and strength, and now that I’m at this point of realizing my mistakes, I am on a mission to reflect emotions that have caught me unaware and steered me into a place that I was avoiding all along. I’m not there yet, but I know that with my conscious and honest perception, I’ll urge myself further until I realize that it wasn’t such a big deal.

Since 2010, I haven’t thought about 2010. Not until today.