Beyond Home

Beyond Home

To the place where one lives. To the place where one finds happiness. And to the great unknown.

This is the place that I call home far away from home, a place where I found happiness under the shimmering waterfall and at the break of day. It is a place well-clouded between a beautiful lake, a foggy envelope, and lush green landscape. It was a weekend distant from what my inspired life had left for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love my life just the way it is, but something about this one-day trip overwrought my ability to see, feel, and respond. It cultivated a desire to travel, read, and be just to connect myself with more of me and nobody else. This isn’t to be better, even though I’m constantly trying to be better than yesterday. This place made me feel in the present, in the moment, and in the minute of accepting what was around me like it would be for a very long time. It’s weird that we always yearn to catch a moment before it’s lost to us and in the act of doing that we forget to be ourselves and mean something in that moment. My entire trip there, I wasn’t chasing after that perfect moment only to lose it to memory again. Instead, I lived in the moment and inhaled the surroundings as quietly and slowly as I could before I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t going anywhere, at least until I had to leave for the city the coming afternoon.


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There came a moment in between all that that I sat to write down a few verses. This is just one of them.

On slopes, we climb
one house to color at a time
the closer we go
the simpler it seems
fading noises
and windy breeze.

Grays touching the greens
even the water below seems mystic
it’s never the same as it was
the sounds also seem to crease.

I’m walking above my views
the lush green and deep hues
what is now
wasn’t a second ago
escapism still feels much
like the dream I had before.