The true meaning is lost
when there’s no peace,
yet there’s balance.

What is learned is forgotten
the voices are unheard
there is nothing,
but shadows of ash
when there’s no wild,
yet there’s balance.

Not afraid of wandering,
but of getting lost in methods
that are always the same.

The truth is that,
balance is subjective.
It is in you as it is in me, but here’s the catch:

Balance blooms equally under the scorching sun,
only to shine from the inside out under the shining star.

Balance is a coin with my faces
that is not flipped, but felt.

I beg you to stop for a moment
to feel that chill against your skin.
Let yourself be wild, let yourself be peaceful.
Awaken your senses
and be both at the same time.
Because balance is the dusty road
and not the destination.
Your balance in life means
you’re the invincible coin
which was hidden under all earth,
and now you have felt it.

Street Photograph Taken In Mumbai