Become your own shield



Existence is a shield and humans choose to live life that way our reality wants us to. We obey and respect our reality because if we turn back then all that is left is blind faith and no courage. You should not move forward in life without having to stop letting your past guide you. Now, life may seem controllable, you may be able to handle situations with less thinking and effort but later when you choose to begin something challenging in your path, this sentence would make sense of your nervousness, ‘ Never run after life, you may think you are capable of skipping a few steps along the way, but in the end even a single step that you take can help and make you get firm and determined, so trying to achieve success is never worth by skipping a few steps, it is worth when you work hard on the step you’re on without thinking about the step you’re about to take.’

An understanding that is constantly evolving

On the streets of Mumbai, you find kinds of people, some strange, some arrogant, most self-involved and few free-thinkers. But one thing that the people of Mumbai have in common, struggle and determination which is fueled by the will to become the next big thing! I read somewhere that in life the most important thing to do is to sacrifice what we are for what we could become, which means that you have to unhinge part of your morals and thinking only to become better and work until you see yourself a better woman. When I look in the mirror I often refrain from standing by on ‘ifs’ because it destroys my inner peace, so to be better I elude away from self-criticism, the world outside my room is full of it.
The reason of my writing is to make my readers believe that if you want to get somewhere, you have to begin from the least of all labor; you may be a taxi-driver for 5 years and still make it big in the next 5 or you may be out on the street begging for money and clothes and still make it successful later in life. Miracles happen, you do succeed, no matter where you start from people! There are stories, true stories of people like us making it big, becoming fortunate and eluding away from ways otherwise considered unhealthy. All you need to struggle and determination, lots of it!!