Everything you can imagine is real

Our reflection is an ally, it doesn’t show us what we want it to show us; it shows us what is.

The emotion that we often hide is the one thing that dominates us the most.

The safest bet that you can put on yourself is when you laugh so loud that you realize it’s absence in your life.
The biggest challenge is to dream a dream but without color. That reasons to reading a book but without vision: the meaning isn’t in the words, it’s the soul existence of that book and how it makes you feel.

We are what we see everyday, it is the vision that we form in our heads that form an opinion the day after.

Life is hard, it will get even worse, but that’s the shadow you will see everyday when you realize that this hard life is only making you stronger.

The best game you can play in reality is to stand on your own ground, and not on anyone else’s.
Not everything is made perfectly, if you look closer, you’ll see that it has millions of tiny pieces working as one.
Outside, the world may be chaos but what you feel inside is how you’ll live outside.
Death ends a life, not a relationship.
That which is against the wind, is the strongest; and that which is for the wind, is the wisest.

Little Things

When you keep your face towards that you need to see, feel and experience; you’ll never forget those little things that once, mattered to you the most.



It’s who they are in their eyes, that counts

They were playing with heated stones right under the sun’s nose, without a hint of discomfort or irritation caused by the thwarting heat, around afternoon. There was no one around the area to discourage them from playing with each other and their elders also seemed extremely calm about it. They were silent, excited and convinced about their game and they didn’t bother anyone around as well. When I went up to them to ask their names and request pictures, it felt as if they didn’t understand me speaking to them but they loved my attention. It was comforting to witness them trying hard to pose and smile to the camera when they didn’t even know who I was and the purpose of my attention towards them, but they did what I told them to do, nevertheless.

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai featured image

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (1)

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (2)

They looked at me as though I was the one they were waiting for to click their pictures and make them laugh. I tried to request them that they keep playing their games, which was what they called ‘stick and stones’, but they didn’t understand me well and stopped playing for some picture time. I wanted some shots of them running on stones while smiling and laughing, awkwardly, around one another, enjoying some time before they were to attend to some chores as they resided in slums but I got these candid shots instead. These are the best ones as well!

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (3)

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (6)

These remind me of the way one chooses to live life: while there are problems faced due to poverty, hunger, unemployment, etc. in their homes, there is that place where you stick a smile and share a laugh around those who you feel comfortable with. Because then, you’re not only sharing your joy, you’re sharing your struggle without having to say it out loud.

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (7)

Children playing near the Sea- this week mumbai (5)

3 Steps To Make It On Your Own With Your Small Business Idea

Everyone wants to make it on their own, start their own business from scratch and build something that changes the pace of the world. An extant business idea is multifold and one can achieve so much by just starting off from a small family office with the right facts and numbers. But what about when you’re working, everyday and you don’t get any positive returns from your business as much as you want to; should you get more market experience by working for someone else for a couple of years or should you invest more time and perhaps money in your own small business idea? In reality, this is confusing because you’re young when you started and now it seems that you’re definitely in two minds for getting some market experience for a year or two or you want to work on your business idea, whether it’s online or offline, day and night without any other professional distraction and responsibilities. Gradually, this confusion turns into frustration and either way you’re yearning for more positivity economically from your business and that’s not happening for you. So, under the given circumstances, what should you do? Should you keep your business idea on hold for a bit because you know that it’s not going anywhere and work for someone else to get more experience and build more professional contacts who can, possibly, help you in the future or should you keep to your business and become embedded with what your goal is for your business and be extremely patient?

If you’re ever to be at such a standpoint where you’re hoping to do the right thing at the right time more quickly so you know you’re headed somewhere, MAKE SURE YOU’VE RESORTED TO THESE 4 STEPS. And if you’ve tried everything that is mentioned below and you think you shouldn’t try much, much harder again, make a decision to get more market experience for a couple of years or maybe less.  

Step One:

Make sure you’ve exhausted all your online options. Which means that if your business perspective is inclined towards fashion apparels that you source and sell online, adhere most to your online audience than your offline audience; get involved in online activities like blogging, social media, intending to take up the habit of pushing your limits for broadening your business scope by reaching out to fashion bloggers through your own blog or through other open sourced blogging platform, primarily Tumblr. Before you decide to gridlock your business, stop and do your research about all the possible strategies that are tried-and-true online and focus on a few that you can use for your business because the more you’re reading about what works for a startup, the less time and focus you’re contributing in completing the goals for your business. It is also extremely crucial to know why you’re business isn’t strengthening online because we always read articles that explain to us that the internet is monumental and we ought to be doing something for our benefit; ask yourself why your product isn’t booming online when the entire world is easily accessible and available online!

Step Two:

Are you busy or are you productive? When you’re striving hard to achieve a goal that benefits both you and your business, you often fail track of whether you’re focusing more on the basic fundamentals that can lead the way for a positive response or you’re experimenting more often with the way you look to others. It’s definitely worthwhile when you’re implementing a trick that has been tried-and-tested with positive results by those in the similar market but how about innovating something that’s unique and nobody else has it? Pretty cool, eh? If it’s your business idea, you should also implement strategies that are more personal and innovative to your likes and goals than use somebody else’s. The latter trick is easier and faster with well-grounded results, but the former ethic makes you look more original and creative; and such a quality will not only well-mark your business with  you, it will attract a potential audience on those methods.

Step Three:

Never, never and never make your business the topmost priority! This is something that is extremely hard to comprehend and is seen everywhere because one would expect to give their professional goals more priority than the rest. And in reality, I have witnessed people getting more involved with their work and completely disregarding their own personal health issues, family, friends and other worldly affairs; which I would not suggest you to do. Research denotes that success is also linked with non-professional factors such as physical fitness, state of mind, family issues and social interaction. Set substantial and challenging goals for your business, but don’t spend more than 7 hours each day to complete them, don’t be in a hurry to get things done so you can adhere to that “positive feedback loophole” more often. There are many personal practices that you can adopt to get things done for you, professionally; one would be to get up at the same time everyday and get 6-7 hours of sleep. Early morning risers can easily form a habit of exercising regularly and then going out to work at a suitable time and also have a decent and productive social life. Such personal habits can make you more positive, sound and captivated in your life which will make you successful and motivated.

These 3 steps for me are a must before you decide to go the other way. If you’re willing to give your business a try, work extremely hard to follow these steps and you’ll definitely get results quickly.

Native Advertising: Knowing How it Works

Native Ads aren’t the new hot marketing strategy in advertising, it has existed but been misunderstood which makes it more unknown and forgetful.  What it is is one of the most fastest and effective tactic that businesses can adopt to distribute their “sponsored content” more appropriately and gaining a good interaction level & ultimately conversions. It is a clear contextual marketing format that marketers are taking advantage of after understanding what it is and how it works in the advertising industry. Native advertising is true to its name: it is a paid advertisement that matches the category, content, function and form on which (platform such as Web or a Digital Page) it appears. It is what marketers can use to reach people with interests similar to the respective brand’s needs and initiating engagement with them.

The best way to understand the definition of native advertising, I’ll give you an example: you’re reading a magazine about sports and you happen to come across an advertisement in the magazine, that introduces you to a new kind of sportswear that is both creative and useful to you, now if you’re a sports person you wouldn’t think twice before either logging on their brand’s webpage or one of their social media profiles to begin engaging with their content and maybe even purchasing that same product that was displayed in the ad. Such ad placements are native ads as they’re “native” to the kind of platform they’re published on.

Now, we’ve understood the actual meaning of Native Advertising. Let me explain to you- How You Can Use It to Your Benefit.

Step one:

Target should be your target: Marketers should begin creating native ads by constructing a complete demographic of the audience they’re targeting, then developing the product that they’re advertising with its appositeness to the category it is best fit in, and finally, building the content that is engaging and edgy.  Readers want more details or a good indirect call-to-action in the advertisement that will lead them to the brand’s website and generate conversions and engagement.

Step two:

Distribution is key: Contact a content-distribution provider who can broaden your scope of possible and interested buyers that fit your demographics and while the distribution bit is being taken care of, you can build your research on the kind of product you’re selling and it’s adaptability to its market. You can also target some more effective distribution channels because you need your brand to get noticed by potential buyers quickly and in a steady way; it’s important to understand the reach of that distribution channel and how they influences their audience.

Step three:

Write compelling posts: Since, native ads can also be promoted on closed and open platforms, marketers can create posts relevant to that particular posting platform. For example: If your native ad is getting promoted on Twitter, your limitations would be many but you can use that to your advantage after having done the research about what is most tweeted and liked by your targeted audience in the relevant brand’s industry.  Like this you can use such social media platforms to your advantage and make interesting posts to create surprising results.

Now, let’s read about How Native Advertising Is Better than Standard Advertising?

I’ll give you 5 reasons for why it is better and 2 for why it’s not. But, remember, any kind of marketing strategy has its pros and cons but you should take advantage of certain strategies that are suitable to your business’s needs and goals; for some might and might not work for you.

Why is Native Advertising better than Standard Advertising?

  1. You can target those who ultimately become buyers and influencers for your brand.
  2. In a market cluttered environment, your brand generates appropriate awareness and people hold a common significance with you.
  3. Sponsored content has a reputation of being ignored because there aren’t any demographics set to standard advertisements. But on the other hand, native advertising has a strong base of customer demographic.
  4. Your content is handed off to the right people as recommendations of other brand’s with similar personality like yours; which means that you’re building into a community of already existing buyers and sellers to promote an interactive and open environment
  5. It’s right to the point. It’s hot and it’s working!

Why is Standard Advertising better than Native Advertising?

  1. It’s limited to the needs of your demographic only. Since human mind is prone to new likings, they’ll be ticked off because they’re not your demographic audience; you won’t be able to turn potential buyers into happy and interested customers.
  2. It’s important to respect your customers and develop brand awareness in the market, which by native advertising, there are limitations to that too. You posts depend on what your customer like about you and a change of course in your brand’s personality would make you lose certain existing buyers who are already in the game.

So, Native Advertising, the usually misunderstood advertising strategy is now completely open and lucid to you. And if you have any more reasons of how Native Advertising is either beneficial or limited to your brand’s needs, you can LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, SHARE & LIKE THIS POST!

The “Influence” In Marketing

Persuading your customers to expose your brand on their social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is the most effective marketing practice for the ‘millennial’ age. This way your customers can introduce you to other rubric buyers, online primarily, much better than what you can do. A simple yet provocative Word Of Mouth by those targeted customers can drive more traffic and social engagement to your website as the ratio of online WOM (Word Of Mouth) Marketing practices are much less effective online than offline; the voice of the customer has always been the most powerful concept in building brand awareness online but targeting those who are the perfect fit for your brand is essential. Not only are you exposing your brand, but you are also driving guaranteed buyers to your website and there’s a better genuine following online and offline. You don’t need thousands of followers with the rate of interaction being zero; it will be more reputable to have a consistent fan following on any one or all social media platforms so you know where your efforts are headed.the influence in marketing-01

The cusp of gaining such an audience is crucial by aiming for MARKET INFLUENCERS; these are the ones who will initially help build your brand across multiple social media platforms and blogs through recommendations and later will emerge as the true market influencers that are befitting as per your brand’s needs and goals. Such influencers will be a unique voice for your brand as consumers/customers will trust third-party talkers more than the brand itself. The more they talk about your brand to their followers on social media, the more brand awareness and action will potentially escalate. ‘Peer recommendation’ has tipped the scale of making purchasing decisions more effectively on social media than ever before and many people get better influenced if they’re exposed to what other people (influencers) are talking about your brand, negative and positive. Such influencers ought to be well educated about what they’re buying and their level of interaction with their followers.  These two are the main indicators for choosing your market influencers and the best place to find them is on social media platforms through multiple key points.

If you’re looking for marketing influencers, you can also cook up some inexpensive contests based on your brand’s needs and start posting them on either one or all social media platforms, just to keep the ball rolling in the social media roller coaster ride. If you want to attract genuine marketing influencers such as bloggers, activists, entertainers or even classy celebrities that are qualified as both beneficial and interactive, you should keep your social media presence active and interesting.


The Brainstorming Argument

Why brainstorming is opting out for creative thinking. And what can we do to adopt effective brainstorming sessions.

Opening for a good brainstorming session has become monotonous yet effective in the process for creating of solutions for problems in any business. Since “brainstorming” has become a dirty word in the business world, people are choosing to opt out of this method that has existed since its discovery back in the 1940s, by an advertising executive, Alex Osborn. This method was parallel to the encouragement of individual perspective in group meetings and the facilitation of a professional and creative environment for growth and proper office establishments. What it means that by conducting a brainstorming session, one can easily express one’s idea without the fear of judgment by those around him/her, being able to speak correctly and expressively in any crowd or possessing the ability push through problems and ease out hundreds of solutions without any office mishaps. It seems like a straightforward and transparent method that any business can embrace for the benefit of their outreach efforts; but lately, this method is considered unnecessary and short-sighted because individual mind has expanded to boundaries unimaginable and we prefer to think alone than think with a big crowd.

Keeping a good, comfortable and friendly office environment calls for a healthy brainstorming session, definitely! It should not be enough to indulge in occasional office trips or people gossip near the window or water cooler for any business because that doesn’t involve the people that you’re working with into the cycle of brand growth and innovation, instead it just builds more personal relationships around you. It’s time you make conversations that are more about your business and what you’re taking forward.

I will suggest only 1 proven way to give impulse to a good brainstorming session that will yield out-and-out results, which you may not use for one purpose, but for many others:

Prep yourself fitter before the brainstorming meeting.

Now, you may say that if I prep myself before the brainstorming meeting, I shouldn’t be in that meeting at all because I’m handling the creative thinking bit all by myself. However effective that alone study may be, it is almost better to have a healthy discussion about a solution to a problem, or an idea with a crowd because that’s not just about you or what your brain has come up with, that’s about everyone in that small conference room and which means more than one brains!You tend to think faster, exchange ideas better and react more appropriately when you’re working or “brainstorming” with a crowd. And if you’re familiar with what you’re going to brainstorm about in the next scheduled meeting beforehand, you can be of great help in-and-out of such conundrums. This way everyone around you is going to accept expressed ideas with a different perspective and even criticize about it with facts and facts only. So, you can ditch the “no criticism and fear of judgment” shred altogether and be more confident in any brainstorming session, ever!

For the splash of water

On a warm shining day, the cool waters were paying comfort while the children played and splashed water with and around their elders keenly watching over them. Then after sometime, I noticed these pure souls washing themselves so attentively that I let myself get distracted and capture this moment.


The public identity

We’ve most often sighted news stories about racism, sexist behavior, extreme religious oppositions, etc. in ways unimaginable; the pace at which our society is headed, focusing on the immaterial society that exists in our minds rather than the geographical one, it’s getting extremely confusing to be publicly open about certain life choices, preferred or otherwise. The life choices that make you a good person or a bad one is two faced for me because what’s good and bad in this world should not be judged by those who are strangers to you. You should decide what’s good and bad for you, eventually. Whether you’re a believer of God or quite the contrary; whether you’ve chosen a different sexual form to exist or otherwise; there isn’t any window or door that will either tell you that it’s unacceptable or kick you out because they think you’re not what they want you to be. These little barriers of mental and physical discrimination persists everywhere and it’s deluding to see us sinking deeper and deeper in this pile of shit rather than understanding and most importantly, accepting, if not uniting, to a condition to LIVE AND LET LIVE.

“As new people were encountered, fought and ultimately subdued, the theories about race began to develop.”

Living with such hatred of religion, caste, color, culture or education is a choice because we can’t control your likes and dislikes; no matter how much you know about a certain matter of subject that you do not support, you’ll function your way regardless of anybody else explaining you otherwise; but fighting hatred of the same with mental and physical oppression by the means of harming those that are surviving equal to you, not against you, is hypocrisy. Such oppression is naturally faithless because clearly you’re delusional enough to source for protesting or “punishing” those but yourself on the reasons that you believe in. In a discussion of being open, what’s the big deal about skin color, religion or other cultural and racial subjections? And why should someone else suffer because you think they should? We get 24 hours in a day, that’s close to 8,700 hours in a year and if you need a better eye opener, 525,949 minutes precisely. Cooking up an ideology that forces you to go against the same biological being that you are, in this time frame, is a threshold of destruction. If anything, discrimination on such subjections is not hatred, is sheer hypocrisy of human mind.

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. – William Shakespeare

Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents… pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. – Abraham Lincoln

Yes, we’re sinking deeper and deeper and yes, nobody outside of our mind can save us from this but that’s not it; life is not this, it cannot be this. I am a believer in God, and I don’t know when this life will be taken away from me but what’s left of me to live now is important because it’s mine, this minute, this mind and these actions; nothing with a beating heart can take this way from me because I accept who I am, religious or otherwise and I am open to a much better, stronger and independent era to come.