Reasons why you aren’t confident and the ONE REASON why you are.

We always look for reasons to stress on the negative or unfavorable aspects in our lives: we’re pessimists by day and night, but we still believe that there is good to fight for (with yourself) in this world. And that is one of our greatest assets. We have our reasons to killjoy positivity, even for a second, but we have mastered the art of ‘getting-it-together’ brilliantly. And to have like a multiple reasons that lead to your lack of self confidence written on a piece of paper, or published in an article: is both reassuring that you have them and supporting because you know you’re not the only one on the field.

We have our reasons to killjoy positivity, even for a second, but we have mastered the art of ‘getting-it-together’ brilliantly. And to have like a multiple reasons that lead to your lack of self confidence written on a piece of paper, or published in an article: is both reassuring that you have them and supporting because you know you’re not the only one on the field.

Now, remember, all these are not relevant for one individual; these are spanned across different situations and under various lifestyles. You can either find one or five reasons that you relate to out of all that are mentioned below. I hope you don’t feel all of them to be relevant to you. I hope.

Reasons for your lack of self confidence:

  1. Thinking in a different manner than other people [you know].

  2. Choosing to walk on a distinct path than the rest of your peers, family members, etc.

  3. Being aware of the known fact that people gossip or talk about you behind your back.

  4. Age difference [spending time with someone who is either too elder or younger than you].

  5. Meditating a simple life.

  6. Repeating the same daily schedule again and again, every day.

  7. Sexual preference.

  8. Lack of knowledge about certain issues, general facts, etc.

  9. Knowing it all.

  10. Lack of social interaction.

  11. Failing to achieve a standing (or stature) at something after preparing hard for it.

  12. Comparing your financial and social soundness with peers, family members, etc.

  13. Choosing an unexampled career path.

  14. Failing to achieve some professional abilities due to any personal or circumstantial reason.

  15. Believing that ignorant behavior is greatly culled during incidental events [personal or otherwise].

  16. Being unable to cope with change at any given time.

  17. Not willing to adapt or grow in the sense of interests of/for other people.

  18. Not willing to accept other peoples judgements and remarks. And taking them at heart.

  19. Bearing a damaging childhood/past.

  20. Failing at a test that others have so effortlessly passed.

  21. Having parents that you do not have a good connection with.

  22. Being misunderstood by people most of the time.

  23. Failing to change a certain aspect about yourself [or your life] after several painstaking efforts.

  24. Comparing physical appearance with somebody else.

  25. Religious differences.

  26. Getting divided attention by somebody you prefer/love/enjoy most with.

  27. Not being able to stay fit and happy by yourself.

  28. Surrendering to activities and beliefs you once cherished due to any reason.

  29. Not being able to comprehend and handle your emotional and physical needs.

  30. Not being sexually experimental with your partner.

  31. Not being patient enough for the life that you always dreamed of.

  32. Not being able to provide for someone you love or are responsible for.

  33. Not being able to cope with stress as you intended.

  34. Comparing yourself [your life, ambitions, money, everything] with your elder or younger siblings or close ones.

  35. Believing in occupational inferiority/superiority.

  36. Having an unsteady educational history.

I’m tolerably sure that these must be lone 36 reasons out of a 100 because these are not facts, but just mental reasons that are conceived or imagined by us. But, nevertheless, these are the primary standpoints of low confidence or self-esteem that we pick up on.

 Now, what?

 I’ll sum up all the awesome reasons of kick low self confidence [and esteem] in the butt with one reason. This reason beats all those I’ve mentioned above and many others that you might have for yourself.

  1. You’re different and be proud of it. Not everyone chooses the same things; failure is a process, not a ruination. And finally, confidence is not having to give a care about any of that because you realize what your strengths and weaknesses are along the way and beat this: you are born alone and you die alone. Be unique and grateful and you’ll always will be you.


Bombay on Foot

Mumbai brings back to you all those limitless emotions you thought you never had; it is a city you can call your own and love it as it is.

Bombay on Foot 01
Bombay on Foot 02
If there is no struggle in Mumbai, there remains no meaning to it’s dwellers.
Bombay on Foot 03
Mumbai or any city as a matter of fact, has its own rules and conditions. Nothing is ever permanent here, especially when it comes to life and living. I recently had read this somewhere that people will change, they were grow up and soon enough will grow older but Mumbai will always stay as it is.
Bombay on Foot 04
The only way to make sure that you’re in Mumbai: is by looking at the people, buildings, roads and taking all that in, all at once. Then, you’re in Mumbai.
Bombay on Foot 05
When you begin to observe, not just by sight, but by imagination, you see the real picture.
Bombay on Foot 06
Bombay on Foot 07
Bombay on Foot 08
People from all over the world decide to live in a city as perplexing and sophisticated as Mumbai. Here, you find all kinds of levels of contrivances and very strange yet earthly modifications all over the city; the people are sociable, interactive and friendly. The atmosphere is always welcoming, nothing is ever to be said about it because that’s one thing that cannot be either changed or taken away or even hidden.
Bombay on Foot 09
Bombay on Foot 10
Bombay on Foot 11
Bombay on Foot 12
Bombay on Foot 13
Bombay on Foot 14
Bombay on Foot 15
Bombay on Foot 16
Bombay on Foot 17
Bombay on Foot 18
Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life.
Bombay on Foot 19
Bombay on Foot 20
I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that.

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Review On HSBCs Campaign -Lift- from Grey London

This day and age, the idea of establishing and growing a business has inspired people through marketing tools such as articles, infographics, podcasts and videos. Since the heroics of the internet, people have adopted new and creative ways to encourage almost everyone to stand up and make a point in their lives to change, grow and learn.

Enlivening the spirit of entrepreneurship has and will be ignited in many still but the act of encouraging professionalism and relationships between those who you work with, can only be fired up  by advertisements. And we, human to human, lead such expeditions and gain so much without even realizing the importance of it.

This is how HSBC’s campaign, Lift, has become one of the most striking advertisements this year.

There was portrayal of anticipation in the introduction bit of the video, when the founder of Cadours Industries, walked in his new corporate building to attend to the lift to reach upon his office, on the sixth floor.  That take was the perfect giveaway of how new business startups emerge from the bottom-most floor to the paramount canvas of the building; from close quarters and cabins and a few employers to a much more defined organization; and how each level is as significant as the next and as symbiotic as the last. Then comes the most interesting and creative part of the video, the LIFT, which was aptly conveyed through the actors’ postures, attitude, fashion, make-up and their expressions. It felt as if that man’s entire business life, from being a fresh businessman to the cusp of his successfulness towards the end, was drafted in that lift with those people with whom his relationship was attached to. And along with that commotion, there was the destination deliverance from the sixth floor of the building to the forty sixth floor, when last seen, was absolutely marketed with deft and accuracy.

There is no dialogue or narration scripted in this movie and so the direction of it is aimed at almost every precise emotion that was present in that box. This style of narration is almost left incomplete in the sense of its sheer marketing, but, from the minim note of storytelling: it’s a hit!

HSBC – Lift from Grey London on Vimeo.

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How to Value Your Business

Setting a business valuation is one of the most challenging facets for entrepreneurs today.
There are companies that can set the value of your business for you, they are hardwired in applying either one or multiple methods of valuation to set a suitable and realistic value of your business: and also you can get the research done yourself and value your own business without hiring any external Business Valuator.

For an entrepreneur, the goal is to own a business that provides a comfortable living and that one day will be passed down the family line. Or, the goal is to build a business, sell it, make a reasonable return and do it all over again.

There are ways to value a company and there is also no fixed time.  Business owners who seek to build their businesses and later exit their route should begin the valuation process early. By conducting their valuation early in the business life, owners get a primal wake-up-call.

If you read more about Business Valuation, it will be better advised that you hire a Business Valuator to set a much more accurate value for your business because they really understand how to crunch numbers and its current withstanding in the industrial market. They are more proficient in undertaking the process of determining the economic value or the economic standpoint of your business as compared to your asset holding and income capabilities. They also do a thorough research on your existing competitors and how they’ve acquired their money. Always remember, when it comes to competitors, the steeper the hill is for your current business position, the lesser is your valuation. From such a point of view, your Business Valuator must understand to carry out a comprehensive analysis of your fair market value, income valuation and asset valuation. For an entrepreneur to carry out a task such as Valuating his/her Business, it is important to speak the words, convincing enough to get your investor to stay motivated in the interests of your Business decisions.

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The Decline of Facebook’s Organic Reach

Since 2014, business pages have been summoned to expect a drastic fall in the organic reach to engage with their fans and followers on Facebook.

This has made many marketers and analysts mad at Facebook for further narrowing the algorithm down to such a low percentage that it has gotten strenuous for social media marketers to draft a solid plan for Facebook Marketing, without paying money. Furthermore, the lifespan of a Facebook post is comparatively weaker as opposed to its relevancy and organic reach. So, there are chances that my Facebook post will not appear in your news feed even if one of your Facebook friends likes, shares or comments on it. So, when it comes to expanding the boundaries of a good, appropriate and worthy audience, the stakes are extremely high.


This has made many marketers and analysts mad at Facebook for further narrowing the algorithm down to such a low percentage that it has gotten strenuous for social media marketers to draft a solid plan for Facebook Marketing, without paying money. Furthermore, the lifespan of a Facebook post is comparatively weaker as opposed to its relevancy and organic reach. So, there are chances that my Facebook post will not appear in your news feed even if one of your Facebook friends likes, shares or comments on it. So, when it comes to expanding the boundaries of a good, appropriate and worthy audience, the stakes are extremely high.

Think of new strategies. Challenge these Facebook limitations, more fiercely.
Think of new strategies. Challenge these Facebook limitations, more fiercely.

The organic reach of business pages was barely hitting 6 percent, but now it’s declining even further and faster. At such a standpoint, it’s unyielding to blame Facebook for following a path like most other social media channels when it comes to advertising, but at the same time, it has become difficult, but not impossible, to create and expand one’s potential audience for businesses who are either startups or looking for a new target market for a new product launch.

If business pages are looking for a faster route to gain likes, shares, and comments from people who might be interested in buying their products or services, is Facebook Ads. That’s our only option; and it’s really disheartening because Facebook is the first website that most of us browse to when we’re on the web. And with Facebook, many businesses have gotten the opportunity to express open access, interaction and positivity to the market of potential buyers, influencers and partners. And Facebook users to a whole new world of connectivity and knowledge. It’s the free book for the reader, or so it was.

Even with Facebook Ads, you get to set your target audience, to which the ads are visible to. But, it’s completely uncertain if you achieve activity only by those who ultimately buy the product or service from you. Facebook doesn’t guarantee you these set standards and if the algorithm doesn’t deliver in your favor then you end up with more than a thousand likes on a product post and no worthy gains. But if it does deliver, your fans will provide credibility; they will offer insights for your customer base; they make your ads more effective when they interact with them and share it with their friends, increasing the chances of them being shown on the news feed of other fans.

Once, we’ve read the problem, we ask for a solution; so here it is. There is no solution. Period.


Because to avoid overcrowding of content in news feeds for Facebook users and for Facebook to make more money, it’s graspable that the organic traffic is clearing out and away, but, does this mean businesses should move out of Facebook and target other social media platforms such as Twitter or Google+? The answer is both viable and tricky. If a cupcake shop wants to get online to share daily updates about the different cupcake frosting and toppings they serve and they wish to cater to their happy customers with more such elegant and engaging content, how would they use Facebook, if they do not want to pay for it at all? After all, we can still build new Facebook Pages without paying any sum amount and we can have as many pages as we want, at no cost whatsoever. If you were to ask this question, you should expect to hear diverse answers because no one answer is the absolute correct one for every business page. Why? Because it all depends on what you sell (or do), that makes into your Facebook business page. It’s that simple.
You can switch over to Google+ and focus your time and energy on that platform for sharing content and building organic audience and still have a consistent Facebook page. You can completely abandon Facebook and use other platforms such as Instagram because you know you’re reaching organically and you’re sure that it’s happening. Or you can stay patient and keep working hard, hard, hard on your Facebook page and hope to get noticed by those who are genuinely interested. The strategies that you can set for your Facebook page is simple, but consuming to carry out.

This evolution of Facebook has disappointed and discouraged, but businesses can still set stipulated targets to meet and distribute their posts most effectively, trying out every single standard available to us, such as photos, videos, links, status updates, to grab a hold of a good organic reach, if not sooner than later.

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Dwell On The Details

Concentrate. Understand. And then Imagine.

When you imagine, you’re using the vision of that what you can see & the vision of that what is only seen by you and nobody else. 

Dwell On The Details by Ayesha Dhurue Photography

Dwell On The Details by Ayesha Dhurue Photography

Dwell On The Details by Ayesha Dhurue Photography

Dwell On The Details by Ayesha Dhurue Photography




Why We Should Stop Caring About What People Think Of Us

.     I’m not saying that we should not care at all, but how we’re affected by what people think of us, it is a prodigy that we don’t let the world think that we’re vulnerable but, in hindsight, that utterance is absolutely false.

The healthy relationship between our conscious body of reason and our emotional resistance is  recuperating how we let others affect us. The single mindset of letting others think that we don’t care for the things they have to say about us and at the same time, acting out when someone puts into words about you, is tearing down the belief of good will and acceptances of will in your life.

“It’s easier said than done.”, some people tell me.

But nothing is easy if we make it hard for us to do. Life is not as simple as getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee and heading off to a monotonous job, getting back home and sleeping until you have to be up for work the next day. There is the entire world out there: so many people to meet and so much money to make. Well, at least that’s what people want (and they think that they NEED) in life: to become rich. While things are hard, they’re easy as well.

Just as how becoming rich is difficult for everyone, accomplishing at not letting others’ opinions about you get to you is also difficult. But difficulty does not mean that it can never be achieved or it’s going to take you years and years to master. If you contemplate on how often you let yourself slip towards anger and distress when you realize that those around you don’t understand the real you, then, you’ll never begin to trust your actions. Don’t sit and think about what that friend thinks of you and what you should do to convince him/her to think otherwise because in truth, that friend may not even listen to your story. Let alone you trying to explain it to him/her.

Everyone has their own opinion about everyone else, no matter it right or wrong in your mind. Instead of going out of your way and emotion to let others know you the way you want them to, you do what you do best, everyday, just like another day in your life and let that speak for you. Just because people have certain thoughts about the way you live and the words you speak, that doesn’t mean that you need to always agree with whatever is being said about you. It just means that people have certain personalities and the most noble and humane thing to do is to accept them for who they are, regardless of them believing otherwise.

When it comes to retaliation, I believe that silence is most excellently practiced when no physical feelings are hurt. Ask yourself, would you lose your pride, peace, respect, dignity or faith (or anything) if you don’t give back to the person who thinks any less of you or of anyone you love dearly? The answer to this question is unambiguous, but often times it is not bearable to answer.

Would you care to explain your life, your past, your beliefs, and all that makes you you to someone who won’t ever understand how you’ve survived and are still surviving? Are you really deserving to be answerable to anyone, and I mean anyone, if they think of you any less or more?  No, you are not. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry to break this to you, but you don’t deserve to change anyone else’s opinion about you because it’s not yours to change, by right.

If you love hip-hop music because you like a particular artist and “certain” people think and often discuss that you do it out of the perpetual pressure of fitting in the crowd, then you can’t do anything about it. You might speak about this to them once; maybe twice, but after one point, you should understand that there is no point in arguing with those who haven’t been in your head and understood the reasons.

This was such a queer example, I know, but if you want to get a much more serious example, I’ll give you my story.

I left college last year, 2014, because I felt like I didn’t belong there as I thought I would have. I was disappointed. I felt out of place. The idea of studying a subject that felt forced onto me because I had to pass was irritating the shit out of me. And despite everyone telling me not to leave and stick around for a while because then I might start enjoying it, if not enjoying then liking it- I couldn’t change my mind. I wanted to leave because I wanted to learn about other stuff that mattered to me, like Blogging, Philosophy, Art, Photography, Digital Media, and so much more. I had not fixated my mind about what I wanted to learn because I was so darn curious about everything, but, I didn’t let that confusion stop me from making the decision of dropping out of college. And I did. The reason why I wrote this is because I didn’t let others’ opinions about me quitting or making a huge mistake or that I would be regretting this until I find something to sink my feet in, get to me. I did what I had to do. I’ll rephrase that: I did what I wanted to do.

The only thing you should care about is what you’re going to be today and not what you were yesterday. We are given a new day, for the rest of our lives and personally, I do not intend to spend it by thinking about what others think about me and how I am going to change that. Because, I don’t want to change that and I never will. I use that praise and criticism to grow more proficient and compassionate because I know I will make mistakes and stand back up, but I don’t want to make a mistake of letting someone else’s opinion alter my beliefs in a way that it is changing the healthy relationship between my conscious body of reason and my emotional resistance.

The reason why I am writing this article is not because I want to share my experience with you. I write what I write for a conversation. I long for such meaningful and deep conversations in my life and the only way I know I matter is by leaving behind pieces that I have learnt in my life, as a conversation.


My Take on MassRoots (The Voice of the Cannabis Community)

When I read about this social network, it seemed exciting and distinctive, not because the rest of social media is “teaching” us otherwise, but for the simple reason that with this social network, MassRoots, we have just surpassed the limitation of self-expression and independence. People can not only be the end users of cannabis, a genus of a flowering plant often referred to ascharas in India, but they can share and connect with like-minded people in countries where marijuana is legal and build another but distinctively different world of their own. Here, it isn’t about what is right or wrong for you, it’s a mobile application that gives what people want but never speak of, it’s not a choice, it’s nothing but a good, logical and brilliant business decision.

MassRoots may be serving those who have similar interests, there maybe hindrances that are both self-inflictive and personal for the daily users of marijuana in this world, but this application is not promoting any of that, from where I’m seated, it looks like a genius idea for giving what others don’t give; an opportunity to trade, build and invite those already into the world of buying and selling marijuana, strictly in already-admissible boundaries. It’s again nothing socially or morally questionable, it was created while smoking, for the smokers and by the smokers; that’s the line that the creators at MassRoots have drawn and it looks unobjectionable.

This application not only lets consumers take pictures while they’re indulging the habit, this app lets dispensaries help sell in countries that have legalized marijuana, to people who may be interested in buying. It clearly states what other social media platforms restrict and to some extent, it calls for a fair internet freedom and people like it! With the plan of adding a registration button for the complete legalization of marijuana on the app for the upcoming 2016 elections, MassRoots has it’s own plans to extend this self-fulfilling culture of fair and equal trade and business.

The Faces of Personality

There is an unusual coupling between every individual’s perspective today. One individual’s stream is triggered by his/her’s positive and negative thoughts, that gives birth to words and actions; while for the second individual is another stream of tale. We are divided by such triggers, of thoughts and emotions that form our personality and influences us to change but fortunately, we are united by the pure completion of human bonding and relationships.

It is unexceptional to say that I am different; but that shouldn’t mean I sail on a boat that leads nowhere and the river is empty and still waters. If our personalities are unparalleled in this world, it doesn’t mean that our lives should be kept peerless. Because, in every human nature, the most transparent relationship is the one that you share with yourself, first, and then with those around you.


5 concrete reasons to know more about SEO in 2015

There has been a drastic but effective fundamental change in the world of SEO this year and it’s going to change again! But one thing’s for certain, that whatever you do for your website from initiating your online “creative” presence, copywriting, development & IT to marketing strategies including social media: everything is leading you towards a good, and an outstanding SEO practice.

Now, here are the reasons why you need to know enough about SEO to understand the relevancy and genuineness of websites that cater to your search needs. So, let’s get started.

  1. It’s not in the words. It’s in everything.

My point may seem a little more dramatic but it is so true! Most of what we care about when writing articles and punching in related keywords is that we get to the spot where the user trusts our link on the search page and gets hitched instantaneously. But we’re never really there, aren’t we? Why is that? Let’s think about what else we can do to actually get to the spot most effectively, and less painstakingly. Focus on everything. When creating a website, we just don’t scale up big words and place them on our website so that searchers read that and get interested forever: yes, content is king and will always be but while content rules the kingdom, we have got to care most about its people and that includes user experience, development, creative visual appearance and social media marketing. Let your content do the talking and all that’s left, set the mood.

  1. SEO people aren’t just “SEO” people.

When you’re best fit for a profession such as a HTML Developer, you wouldn’t linger past the creative department or at the least spare the time to make amends in a department that is completely unspecified in your job description. In SEO, your job is much more than just SEO because like I mentioned above, SEO is everything. Since, organic traffic is fuel to SEO, there is so many functions to fill out to get your website at a good rank in the search queries and a good ROI returns. As Search Engine Land states: A SEO person is a:

  1. Content Developer
  2. User Experience Advocate
  3. Digital Strategist
  4. Creative Marketer
  5. Enthusiastic Freak!

By playing all these roles that are significant to your role as the SEO, you can reach your set targets more effectively.

  1. For the love of Page Titles.

There are various multiple factors that search engines weigh when compiling rankings and they increase every year, but the most important is Page Titles. The relevance and popularity factor of your website that is taken into consideration by search engines is how appropriate your content is to that specific page’s title and its keywords, descriptions and other factors on the web page. This plays an important part because it emits all the necessary keywords about your page to search engines. The best secret to compiling a great Page Title is no secret at all, it’s common sense. Determining what you do, that would require your users to search and land on your website is how to write your page title. You need to make sure you’re communicating the right information to your search engines. You can do that by keeping your page titles more apt and short; no repetition of words as it causes confusion and incompatible rankings. This means, you’ll be listed for the wrong searches without even realizing it.

When you’re reading about SEO practices and strategies, you’ll find consistency as the most influential factor. This so happens because you’re juggling between one function to another and the one of the best self-practices you can learn from SEOs is the ability to be consistent with their imagination of idea that is being executed (e.g. development of a website from scratch about fairytale books). Keeping a consistent theme of a website in your mind, you get to experiment immense on how your searchers look at your website and what do they get out from it. Is it for buying goodies? Providing information to searchers? Or merely helping searchers to navigate to places most effectively through your website? Such questions need consistency as the fore front weapon.

  1. Social Media Communicator.

Before, social media wasn’t a strong indicator out of a SEO practice book but, now a good ranking isn’t just about how relevant you are as opposed to other competitors on the search listings (it is a competition!), it’s about how you’re communicating to your people on various social media platforms and what people are talking about you: good or bad or both.


As I am typing this article to an ending, I hope the next thing you’ll do after reading this article is type in any one of these queries: SEO practices, about SEO or SEO marketing, in the search tab. And try to measure the usefulness of each website you click through with these 5 pointers I’ve written for you.

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