The Banned Books of Belief

After stumbling on The New York Times’ The Banned Books Your Child Should Read article, I found myself carving out particular details and reviews of many such repeatedly banned books worldwide. Whether it’s a book written about a complete totalitarian society, sex, the face of racism, religion, or cultural promulgation, any book that depicts a more challenging and open-minded perspective surrounding both children and adults, regardless of what the nature of the book’s message, was considered a threat to humanity. The assessment of how famously some books were banned from bookshelves across the globe is predictable, yet embarrassing.

Given the long history of controversies, suppression of thought, censorship, and the stereotypical ways of raising children, distinctively prescribing roles to both genders, I thought it was time to play a small role between such paradigms. It’s inevitable that once a book is published, if it stirs some unusual sentiments, it will be susceptible to control and confrontation, but does that also mean that the book is simply challenged or banned from public access?

Historically speaking, the roots of banning books digs deep into the past where the attempts made to control literature existed ever since published literature became a way of living. That’s to say that after years of doubtless accessibility, most of the books famously banned today are classics such as Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, 1984 by George Orwell, or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Conflicting similar sentimentality to such literature, these are also books that are considered “Classical Studies” books for children and young adults.

When books are challenged it means that there had been numerous attempts to restrict a particular book, while banned books are completely kept away from freedom, based on factors that attempt to exclude books from the curriculum, libraries, etc. To understand transparently why books shouldn’t be banned, it’s crucial to understand the concept of psychology for reading books.

To be able to map emotions, feelings, actions, and experiences, also body language of yourself and others, having a mindset beyond your conscious capacity of perception is paramount. It also guides us into emotion perception and overcoming roadblocks to mindfulness. Reading books for pleasure is not always how it appears. When you read books that are challenged or banned, you have the power to harness awareness about the world. It’s a great resource to gain information, discuss, and talk about why such books are troubling, in a more general sense.

Primarily, books were pressed in society as being extremely inappropriate for children. Materials that contain offensive use of words, are sexually explicit, or irrelevant for a particular age group are challenged time and again for the existing generation.

Reaching out to read books that have either been challenged or banned, is something every reader must do to make an effort to form a certain worldview in both cultural and social identity. If you want to deal with historical ideas with a modern twist, it’s impressively common to read banned books first. That way, you won’t be afraid of challenging relic ideas for thought-provoking ones.

ULYSSES by James Joyce

A modernist novel, Ulysses is considered to be the most dangerous book- to the extent that it has been banned by the United States and England, also it has been consistently confiscated and burned repeatedly. This book has seen episodes that led to its prosecution for obscenity. And throughout the 1920s, the United States Post Office Department had burned more than 1,000 copies of the novel on the basis of the book’s content and message.

“What is so staggering about Ulysses is the fact that behind a thousand veils nothing lies hidden; that it turns neither toward the mind nor toward the world, but, as cold as the moon looking on from cosmic space, allows the drama of growth, being, and decay to pursue its course.”

Carl Jung

The Banned Books Of Belief-ULYSSES by James Joyce


Considered too explicit and veracious for education institutions, The Diary Of A Young Girl is a hard-hitting account of a 13 year old Jewish girl of her 2 years hiding in a Secret Annex because of the Nazi Invasion. This book was repeatedly banned not because of the Nazi Invasion narrative, but because of the kind of words she believed to express in the book. If you’ve read this book (as I have), you’ll find her intentions extremely transparent and of a curious mind. This is no ordinary novel. It has been challenged and banned from formal institutions because it expresses the curiosity and intelligence of a young girl who is learning the ways of her growing body and her relationship with those around her.

Also, The Diary of a Young Girl has never been permanently banned, but it has been censored many times for its literature (that is a young girl’s thoughts) which was marked with “unnatural” homosexual tendencies.

The Banned Books Of Belief-THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL by Anne Frank


A striking novel about a blatant teenager Holden Coulfield, The Catcher in the Rye has been subjected to many censors between 2000 to 2009. Because of its sexual, wicked, and provoking literature, this novel was identified with 785 profanities for a high school syllabus and was marked down as “part of an overall communist plot.” The meaning portrayed in this novel is to save children from losing their innocence, something the audience rarely sees. Rather they choose to focus on the teenager’s grumpy, angry, and sinister perspective on life.

The Banned Books Of Belief-THE CATCHER IN THE RYE by J.D. SALINGER

FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury

This book’s prediction of book burnings has taken the whole world for a startling ride. A dystopian novel published in 1953, it talks of a very futuristic American society where firemen were designed to start fires where books were outlawed. It’s a classic representation of how humankind craves to suppress what isn’t understood by them. In a radio interview, the author, Ray Bradbury had stated that he wrote Fahrenheit 451 because of the emergence of threat of book burning in the United States. He also concluded that his novel takes a whole new approach at how mass media encourages the interest of disregarding reading literature as a way of life.

The Banned Books Of Belief-FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury

BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley

Speaking of a complete hedonistic society where everyone seems to be permanently happy, warfare and poverty are nowhere to be seen or felt, and humanity is technologically advanced. All this because under the thumb of the society’s hatred to family, culture, art, literature, philosophy, and science. Those things that make humanity are eliminated for a totalitarian society. Aldous Huxley’s bold literature has been rigidly compared with George Orwell’s 1984, which too is a popularly challenged book. Many notable incidents have been censored because of its negative use of activity and perception of a futurist society. The book was banned in India in 1967, as the author was accused of being a “pornographer”.


The Banned Books Of Belief-BRAVE NEW WORLD by Aldous Huxley

There are many more straightforward books that are a part of the family such as

  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain
  • Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller
  • The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie
  • Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
  • Animal Farm by George Orwell

I think the scope of such books is a brave one. For once, shouldn’t we allow ourselves to expose something beyond that which is permitted and comforting to the masses. 

After all, if a book doesn’t affect the realms of consciousness and intelligence, then why read at all?

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Complete The Circle (Poem #8)

Expression I have long considered mortal and short-lived.
I have craved withdrawal from myself as much as
I have struggled to contract my wants.

Now, I demand the pictures that frame me small.
I draw from the imagination that forces me to see the truth.
Pure everything till my ends allow.

I choose to complete the circle.
Not because I’m alone, angry, or powerless.
Because the things that once existed no longer fit to make me brave.

It is the beginning of the end of my romance.
I drown with a raging desire for fantasy
with a reality that doesn’t understand my love.

A love so kind and filled with unanimity that
my identity touches a crack on a spotless land.
A stream in the middle of nowhere;
flowing in directions that have no boundaries to fill.

To animate this relationship with myself,
I must expand my horizons and look beyond finite.
Instead of standing under the glass myself to learn my intricacies,
I must fall under the millions that shine over me.

Lay under the fire, feel the burn, and become a subject of stillness
to comfort the role that society illustrates.
How many times this sentiment arises and
how many times do I blink and lose sight of it all?

This will make me strong. Make me live. Make me affect.
Yes, these emotions are brief,
but night comes and the pain makes it last forever.

Be Her Shadow (Poem #7)

It’s not easy to raise a girl. She’s fierce. She’s perceptive. She’ll learn the ways of life by how you treat her and how you do not. So let it all go and be her shadow. That’s the only thing you can do.

. . .

Be her shadow.
Raise her mind.
You won’t know until you do
because she’s little known
to her ways of life.

Don’t mistake your anger for love
that’s not the dress up she knows.
Down the road,
she’ll say yes from your no
she’ll be from your all that you weren’t
that’s just how she grows.

Don’t give her playthings dressed up and fair
that’ll make her believe
she’s not as good as for such flair.
Encourage her a talent
whatever it may be.

Don’t tell her what isn’t hers
rather teach her to dream.

You don’t make her a believer,
you make her wise-
wise enough to say what is,
strong to not string along lies

Perhaps, she’ll never be like you
and why would she?
She’s a part of nature-
like a leaf that falls from a tree.

A Dark Alleyway (Poem #6)

What do you see when you walk down a dark alleyway? Do you see only the wreckage or do you see the path?

. . .

A dark alleyway,
you are so fated,
but not by yourself.

Look around you,
I beg you to see,
all those chains
telling you not to and to be;
telling you to breathe,
telling you to stab,
every emotion you possess.
All the worldliness you believe.

Don’t look away now,
you know you’re dragged.
All that you felt,
has not been riddled.
You’re on display,
in that dark alleyway,
but you don’t know it yet.

For your soul is alive,
still lifeless.

This Is A Medium Marketing Article

Having a place online where you can understand the dynamics of media websites and traditional blogs, while creating quality content, on the same platform, for your business is a good opportunity. As content creators, you work hard to show your readers the good stuff, not only for the popularity for your business but for publishing a variety of topics – ideas/news/discussions currently trending on social media and search engines.

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When you first join Medium, signing up is completely free and so is publishing limitless content. You can either opt to register with your Twitter or Facebook, or you can opt to register with a standard email account (either your personal or company account). Your profile page includes profile thumbnail, your name, an introduction, links to your Twitter and Facebook profiles, and the number of “followers” and “followings” you have.

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To know how well you can illuminate and compose your story on Medium, read:

Your Content Feed Is Broken


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Doing Writing The Right Way



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Small On Space, Big On Patterns

Take it from me, decorating the walls for yourself can be an awe-inspiring thing to do, regardless of the space you live in. You’ll find lots of ways to paint your walls with comfortable patterns in mind. And living in a space with beautifully decorated or painted walls is a must if you want to make a big statement in your small space. When it comes to home décor, logic will make way for space while imagination will take you from being wrong to being more personal and creative. The way you paint your walls is the way you choose to share your soul, ideas, and passion with the world. You can think differently, create, and do something with love. Disciplining your small space walls doesn’t have to be a tedious task, at least not while you’re brainstorming new ideas. To help you illuminate the walls that surround your thoughts, actions, and moments, inhale these eye-catching patterns with an open-minded spirit and find the one the fits you the best. Once you know what you want, the materials, enthusiasm, energy, and creativity will flow effortlessly.


Retro diamond focal wall | via Vintage Revivals


Bend your patterns


Observable universe


Simple, yet striking patterns


What’s your favorite bird?


Make a bold statement


Bring the city inside


Geometric patterns


Distressed patterns | via Apartment Therapy


If you don’t want to paint the whole wall, paint a part of it.

10 Shapely Room Windows To Calm Your Senses

A room filled with natural light cultivates an open and stress-free environment. It also makes the room cleaner than it actually is, so you’re saving yourself the trouble of striving to keep your room clean, all the time. Rooms are messy enough, and without a beautifully constructed window to make the room look more spacious and free is something less good. Find your ideal window with these 10 considerations and, if you can, combine different shapes and sizes, with just enough sophistication, to making your room feel more airy, calm, and mentally stimulating.











These decorating choices will help you create a natural and beautiful sense of order in space. On the other hand, if you want your room to look perfectly reflective and undisturbing, these choices can help you.

If you like my new way of crafting, something I’d love to share with you, why don’t you share this post on Pinterest, Facebook, or even Tumblr? Here’s how to do it:



Loving Yourself Can Hurt Too

From a very young age, you have to realize you’re enough. Instead of letting go of your fears and your toxic thoughts, all at once, strive to be reflective to reason with those toxic thoughts and you’ll soon realize you’re being harsh and incongruous with yourself. Of all the people on the planet, you talk to yourself the most, so make sure you’re saying positive things to yourself.

Question yourself why you struggle to ache for other people’s acceptance. You’re chasing importance as much as you’re craving attention. Don’t do that. Accept, question, and let go of your thoughts and actions that you always find yourself stressing about later. They’re not worth being in you as much as you’re worth something beyond your own comprehension. You’re born out of the same circumstance as anyone who has ever let you down or hurt you and don’t let anyone tell or show you otherwise. It’s about time we realize our own depths and dive into them rather than question it, at every turn. And if it’s pain you crave for, if you want to destroy yourself and anything you touch, as humans do, begin with yourself. If you want to feel pain in love, try loving yourself first and see how that feels like. Because loving starts from within, and if you can love yourself, you can conquer and build anything.

You must realize you’re enough. You must love yourself to experience pain first because the first kind of pain you’d ever want to feel shouldn’t have to be out of a broken relationship. It shouldn’t arise from a loved one. Try loving yourself enough to want to make amends to be better and more grateful.

Who said loving has to only hurt when it’s loving another human being? To love, any kind of love that is, you can hurt yourself too. Trusting others might be difficult, but trusting yourself is no less. If you never loved the way you were, the way you looked, and the way you changed- it will hurt when you start to love yourself now. You’re looking for the perfect relationship with no trace of lies, anger, and suppression, but how would it feel if you love yourself so much that you can’t lie to yourself anymore. You can’t pretend to be somebody else for yourself because you are the way you are. Being you can hurt. It can make you cry. And it can make you feel things you hadn’t felt before. You can scare away your past or prepare for what’s to come while loving yourself and having that hurt you too.

Be the love you never received.

It’s the rush of mindfulness of being who you are and accepting. It’s the practice of letting go of guilt, letting go of fear, and just breathing for the moment. Loving you can take effort. It doesn’t happen in one thought. It takes many nights. But you do love yourself. You love yourself because you work for it and you work on yourself everyday. You don’t mind failing. You don’t push yourself away from you. You stand, you fight, and realize some of your strengths and weaknesses. That’s what makes you unique. That’s what makes you human.

Why do you have to love someone to feel hurt or beaten down by them? You can do that to yourself too. The question is, do you want to? Because only after you feel hurt and destroyed, do you feel the greatness of anything that is love, happiness, gratefulness, and faith.

Better Than Normal Transformations Says Elon Musk

Revealing large-scale metamorphosis in the solar industry, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk announces a new solar roof product that would last twice as long and cost less than conventional methods. Considering this as a turning point in electricity, Tesla’s solar roofs cost less to engineer and install than a traditional roof.

“Electricity is just a bonus.”
– Elon Musk

As Elon Musk challenges his audience by asking a pretty straightforward question: Wouldn’t you want a roof that looks cutting-edge, is far more durable, is relatively cheaper to own, and also generates electricity? If this innovative technology holds true, it could mean evolutionary changes in energy consumption, as it seems, circumstantial given today’s environmental conditions. Being fairly opinionated and, invitingly, confident that this sort of technology would be a breakthrough in the world, this self-sustaining technology is understandably exciting and affordable to all.

Somehow, the way the world works, spanking new technological inventions are often the brand of the rich, including VR, drones, automation, etc. So, having something as down-to-earth and humble as Tesla’s solar roofs is a big deal in saving the human race for good, this time. Becoming independent of multi-billion dollar companies, and not drilling into your hard-earned cash for extravagance, might seem convincing enough for some, this big announcement, at present, remains impressive. Given today’s existing and over-priced solar panels, replacing an entire roof with it seems unrealistic for many. This piece of technology remains more promising for the future of solar power and domesticated energy consumption, keeping in mind the combined value of electricity costs, traditional roof costs, and essentially buying larger houses.

Watch the full video here:

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From A.I. To What Lies Ahead

Artificial Intelligence will soon replicate human labor by half. Doctors, engineers, pilots and such. But would it last? It’s highly unlikely. Humans are known for their innate ability to draw from experience, knowledge, practice, and even privilege. And since Artificial Intelligence might be the next big thing in technology, and since humans are impervious to become more aware of their competitive surroundings as they are to themselves, this might just tip the scale to a whole new level.

I’m not saying that humans aren’t replaceable and A.I. is doomed to exist for just a generation until we realize the transparent scope of human civilization and how profound it is that it is run by humans and for them, but it seems to me that A.I. is just another existent trend that may soon boil down to just one purpose: proving to humanity that intelligence is much greater that what it was ideally set out to define. I’m saying that if there is a sector somewhere that would do more intelligibly with A.I. than with humans, there is still the demand for human beings to create that sort of technology, to build that foundation, and to maintain a certain kind of status in this world. We see it in the movies.

We hear about it from futurists, but what A.I. represents is just a fraction of what was meant to be invented. It’s not build to replicate human labor and make it more efficient, it is build to encourage intelligence from point X to point Y in a way that was never expected before.

For the short run, A.I. is challenging. For the long run, it may be exhaustive. One of the best qualities of human beings is that they derive a sense of belonging from what they do professionally and if this is taken away from them, it would mean the closing stages of augmentation. And frankly, what’s the point of it all then?

The evolution of humankind is to humanity what cement is to concrete. It’s great that brainy makers of this world have brought to us the scope of transformational reality that bridges the gap between what we have and what we think we eventually might possess, but that bridge is standing on human heads, human intelligence, and human-made postulation. Take this away from them and it will get complicated and knotty (no, it isn’t yet!).

That sense of belonging is great, isn’t it? It is in you as much as it is in me. We have to do something about something, no matter what it is to feel like we’re something. If humans are replaced by commanders who insisted that amount of power and intelligence, then this world will soon become one twisted tale of sadistic progression. I like to call it regression since the road has to lead somewhere, especially where science is concerned.

With the amount of expertise on this subject, A.I. is inevitable and it may soon surpass its own inevitableness when we regard it as an alienated convict that’s capable of defeating us in a way that our entire lives, online and offline, start depending on it. Already we’re turning tables between two worlds, and next in line is Virtual Reality that grants the very much pretended, but actualization of many whims and fancies in our minds, it is expected that we will soon adopt the mask of anonymous trounce of self-insecurity to live our lives made of something more “intelligent“, yet artificial, to the end of our days; this is only if A.I. is excogitated and materialized in place of HUMAN LABOR.

As much as A.I. is an advanced accessory waiting to shine, humankind is the only force that will stand the test of time and progression. Human history and the accurate representation of how A.I. is brought to life is the evidence of that force.

Another key point that differentiates A.I. from human beings beyond compare is the learning capability of the human mind. Even though A.I. research takes the prize in terms of machine vision and speed understanding, computer scientists conveyed in a research paper that A.I. will have more hurdles to jump over one after another infinite. Sectors that are meant to replicate human labor such as driving cars, medical services, etc. aren’t expected to adapt to sudden altering circumstances as they’re hard-wired without an authentic emotional intelligence quotient.

As it turns out that Artificial Intelligence represents the kind of life that might cause more harm than good, considering how people in the past have reacted to an unusual invention. The human mind is now adept to rely on machines one way or another for their betterment, but never will that time come that they begin to embark on a journey that makes human effort even remotely irrelevant.

Artificial Intelligence

It doesn’t give to take. Neither do you. But what’s different between the two of us? We’re made to perish, learn, grow then build, and sometimes even conquer. What you’re made for are all those things that the human mind is incapable of achieving faster and in a more “plastic” way. So, as it takes for a plastic surgeon to make something seem artificially appealing, your appeal is quite on the contrary, that is useful, but it is still artificially developed meant for intelligent jobs alongside humans, but not equal to them. Because when there’s deep learning, there’s humanity; and when there’s calculated feedback, there you are.

Don’t take this personally. With you in the picture I have been awakened to the extended possibility of human intelligence and what it is capable of, but the bigger picture still relies on the human mind and its capabilities in this civilization. Not yours because you’re human-made.

Can you imagine more efficiency in all different walks of life when humans are the crisp representation of everything that ever was and ever will be? I’m sorry that I’m not sorry that I’m just not that into you.

Don’t fret. I expect great things from you. I know you’ll do incredibly well. After knowing you, I have found more depth in technological advancements and autonomous systems. You’re capable of many useful adventures, alongside humans of course. I just don’t see the meaning in working without the “human spirit” in all candidate-sectors. I’d love to meet you one day, someday. I’d love to interact and observe you just as you are. It’s a pleasure knowing you exist while I’m alive.

And I will always want to know more about you. Write back anytime.

Talk soon,
Ayesha Dhurue