Greta Gerwig’s Little Women

The one time the movie is better than the book. Little Women seen through the eyes of Greta Gerwig; her breathtaking and coming-of-age transformation of the story is refreshing. I don’t see how else the movie could have retained the spirit of the book while elevating it to a mature and individualistic personality.

It’s understandable why this story remains timeless. In fact, it transcends the structures it was once built on. The movie, a striking and soulful adaptation, harnesses the willingness of its characters. So well-portrayed by the cast and intricately-weaved by Greta Gerwig as the writer and director of the movie. The atmosphere it creates is inspiring, captivating, and moving.

The movie is simple, effortless, and balanced. The transitions from past to present and the reading of the letters are unerringly perfect. A bold move, no doubt, to elevate the narration and allow the story itself to shine forth. This serves a higher purpose, I believe, as you’re supposed to resonate with each of its characters held together by such varied grains of selfness. Highlighting the deep stillness that arises from passionate conviction. And how it takes on many forms – be it through love, belonging, craft, and being.