What’s The Meaning?

What’s the meaning?
Where’s the light?
Why do we do what we do?

When it’s later that we realize
we’re still our worst stories
with many gaps to fill.

And to put on a good show
we’ll never know
the maze we constantly have to forgive. 

What We Never Learned

The idea of impossibility frightens you?
When flesh on flesh intimacy conforms to the idea of love. 
The intimacies it ceases to shatter. 
It is in the rebellious
the physical act
of two bodies together
that leaves us incapable of love.
It is the burning flesh
which we desire in wants
not needs
that destroys finite dimensions of commitment and faith.

It is not in whether we truly trust someone
to let caress and bury deep within. 
It is only in the act of giving
that we get.
It is nothing but the unison
of the naked truth.
No masks
no secrets hidden underneath the subtleties of passion
as we never learned it.

…That Is Why I Write

I’ve forgotten how to look at the sky
to separate the clouds
and greet birds as they pass by.

I’ve lost my essence
in a stack of hay
its edges shaper than a needle’s
forgotten and thrown away.

I’ve given up on dreaming
and on the restful sleep that it allows
for if they still persist
I don’t think I’d want to come back around.

I’m a kite without a string
or a string without its kite
the whole of me still incomplete
maybe that is why I write.

Drawing Breath

The sun does down,
the moon dips.
The clouds scatter
while the birds
chase trees to sit.

The rivers tell a tale
of how fast they run.
The roots never whine
of being under and done.
The flower blossoms,
the soil gets stronger.
The winds race
and the hills embrace.

What’s left is how
they choose to grow.
What matters is how
unready they take the fall.
Unexpectedly, there’s more to come.

So rise with gratitude
only to fall without a sigh.
So be yourself
and imitate
the nature’s way of life.

Wicked Masks We Wear

How’s the pain?
The gain.
The vain.
Of trying,
maybe not.
Of failing,
but how?

What a wicked mask to wear.
Another right you make wrong.
You’re done
maybe then.
You’re here
sometimes then?

Thanks to you
you’ve come this far.
Struggling for breath
fighting the scars.
Don’t let them stay.
Never mistake its charm.
For it is what it is
that’s how you’ve learned to calm.