Beyond Home

To the place where one lives. To the place where one finds happiness. And to the great unknown.

This is the place that I call home far away from home, a place where I found happiness under the shimmering waterfall and at the break of day. It is a place well-clouded between a beautiful lake, a foggy envelope, and lush green landscape. It was a weekend distant from what my inspired life had left for me. Don’t get me wrong. I love my life just the way it is, but something about this one-day trip overwrought my ability to see, feel, and respond. It cultivated a desire to travel, read, and be just to connect myself with more of me and nobody else. This isn’t to be better, even though I’m constantly trying to be better than yesterday. This place made me feel in the present, in the moment, and in the minute of accepting what was around me like it would be for a very long time. It’s weird that we always yearn to catch a moment before it’s lost to us and in the act of doing that we forget to be ourselves and mean something in that moment. My entire trip there, I wasn’t chasing after that perfect moment only to lose it to memory again. Instead, I lived in the moment and inhaled the surroundings as quietly and slowly as I could before I knew it wasn’t going anywhere. I wasn’t going anywhere, at least until I had to leave for the city the coming afternoon.


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There came a moment in between all that that I sat to write down a few verses. This is just one of them.

On slopes, we climb
one house to color at a time
the closer we go
the simpler it seems
fading noises
and windy breeze.

Grays touching the greens
even the water below seems mystic
it’s never the same as it was
the sounds also seem to crease.

I’m walking above my views
the lush green and deep hues
what is now
wasn’t a second ago
escapism still feels much
like the dream I had before.


The true meaning is lost
when there’s no peace,
yet there’s balance.

What is learned is forgotten
the voices are unheard
there is nothing,
but shadows of ash
when there’s no wild,
yet there’s balance.

Not afraid of wandering,
but of getting lost in methods
that are always the same.

The truth is that,
balance is subjective.
It is in you as it is in me, but here’s the catch:

Balance blooms equally under the scorching sun,
only to shine from the inside out under the shining star.

Balance is a coin with my faces
that is not flipped, but felt.

I beg you to stop for a moment
to feel that chill against your skin.
Let yourself be wild, let yourself be peaceful.
Awaken your senses
and be both at the same time.
Because balance is the dusty road
and not the destination.
Your balance in life means
you’re the invincible coin
which was hidden under all earth,
and now you have felt it.

Street Photograph Taken In Mumbai

5 Quotes With Beautiful Photographs On Nature, Life & Tranquility

Find 5 beautifully composed quotes (with my own photographs) about nature, destinations, life and tranquility that have been shared recently on my Instagram profile.

In every walk with nature one receives far more than she seeks. – Unknown

Chances are we’re never truly exploring things like we’re supposed to. Chances are we’re only subjecting our vision towards those elements in perspective that have some sort of connection to who we are against that what we see to transform who we are, inescapably.
The path that leads to what we see from what actually is is defined by how well we see and what. Because not everything is an experience waiting to be perceived as much as it should not be experienced at all. – Ayesha Dhurue

Darkness creeps in slowly: first you will welcome it, then you want to crawl and gnaw away from it, and finally when there’s no more light left to define darkness, you wear it like an armor. – Ayesha Dhurue


Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it. – Unknown 

Go ahead because you never know what could be on the other side. – Ayesha Dhurue

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Easy Travelling With Uber

As someone with a medium breed dog, unless I have a small breed dog, most cabbies never permitted me to travel in their cabs, around the city for either short or long distances. The typical black and yellow cabs’ experience has been a disaster for me because I’ve had to run around pleading cabbies to accommodate my dog and keep assuring them that he won’t spoil or rip apart the insides of the cab. So far down the line, I felt the need to switch to a more sophisticated service that I expected would have a more defined system in place for passengers travelling with their pets, you know since it’s a metropolitan city and all.

Then, I tried Ola that had air conditioning and was convenient to book through their mobile app. In the beginning, I found that most drivers were reluctant to accommodate a dog along with 1-2 passengers because, according to them, it was against their company’s policy. As far as Ola’s mobile app was concerned, there not even a single utterance of travelling with a dog in a clear and concise way.

Once I was travelling back home from Marine Drive with my medium breed dog, and since I booked an Ola, we had to wait outside the cab for 15-20 minutes as the driver wanted to confirm whether Ola permitted dogs or not. Let me tell you, sometimes your dog barks and especially after a long walk, the dog may not stay as calm and patient because he wants to get home and simply rest. After a lot of arguing and speaking to more than one customer service representative over the phone, the Ola cab driver, not so willingly, let us sit in. The entire journey to where I stay was ruined by the driver complaining and mansplaining that I shouldn’t travel with a dog unless I have my own car, I should have informed the driver and requested for a separate cab because I have a dog (which I did inform, adding with confidence that my dog will not urinate, poop or spoil the insides of the car), and also why I shouldn’t have a dog when I can’t travel in my own car. Even after I paid the generated fare at the end of the journey, the cab driver kept complaining about the smell that sticks to the car after the car is vacant and also that I shouldn’t do this again because it causes him lots of INCONVENIENCE.

After a few such experiences, one more when I booked 3 rides with Ola and all 3 got rejected because the cab drivers weren’t sure to let a dog in during the monsoon season. I had to wait outside Oval Maidan, Churchgate, while it was pouring, for about an hour to get a decent cab driver to agree to let me in with a dog. Since then, I was bound to establish a generalized judgment that this won’t work with any cab company and that companies like Ola do not have any policy regarding animals in place. A long while after that, I completely barred using such services with my medium breed dog. If it’s to travel to my office, for a walk or someplace else, I always, always took my car whenever it was available. Something like this really limits my options in a buzzing city like Mumbai, but it seemed like I had no choice.

Then, I gave Uber a try. Many times I have travelled by Uber and the experience has been phenomenal: the entire booking experience on the app is easy, quick and convenient, the cab drivers arrive on time and are super-friendly, and the costs are affordable. I have booked Uber more than a few times and it’s been a great experience for me. Never had I thought that Uber was so open-minded, calm and friendly towards dogs. The drivers don’t seem to have any problem with my medium breed dog, although I do have to inform them before that I have a dog who isn’t going to cause an issue during the journey at all, but I do that because it’s my responsibility to take responsibility for my dog if things go wrong. Uber has restored my faith in great serviceability in all aspects.

As a dog owner, comfort is the most important feeling for my dog while commuting, and Uber provides just that. Travelling with Uber is easy travelling to wherever I go.

Easy Travelling With Uber
Ayesha Dhurue Photography
Easy Travelling With Uber
Ayesha Dhurue Photography

Never Forget, The World Is Yours

Many of us living in the city are already familiar with the anonymous artist, Tyler, a pseudonym brought to life from Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, in the movie Fight Club. This is another creative graffiti installation at Pali Hill, Mumbai reading “Never Forget, The World Is Yours. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Tyler has emerged as a popular artist featuring many exalting installations of art relating to what one thinks about all that’s happening today. I won’t talk much about the artist, but you can read more about him and what he does here.

This can be a great reminder to all of those who need it. I had once written something about limitations that I’d like to write here, again:

“Only those places are prohibited that exist inside your head. All the rest is admissible.

Never Forget The World Is Yours