Why we don’t listen to the world?

Recently we’ve looked-overlooked certain misgivings that have hampered humanity with all its purpose; some of us choose to introspect on a limited number of facts, news or opinions, while most of us don’t know how to genuinely react to a situation; it’s either getting together with a crowd of bystanders, like you, or to post your much expected judgment on the internet network. It’s either the ‘to-be-popular’ hash tag (#) you use to get into the frame of other protestors or you post video/image that you create to make some remarking difference.


I, often ask myself whether we can literally connect the social media to the world to actually learn something from it completely. It’s a simple yet lingering question to ask oneself periodically. Over the past few years there has been a monumental change in technology, human perception and political affairs; I choose to not use the word advancement because I’m assuming it means a good thing, but here we see countries fighting (more like taking civilians) lives over something as feeble as power or money. Now, you would think that power and money are two dominating factors and countries can’t do without them but isn’t that just an idea that was fashioned by some lone powerlessly powerful man, in the past, with disregard for life or death to actually make up a concept of fabricating POWER AS THE TOOL FOR A DOMINATING FUTURE WHERE NO ONE ELSE CAN DEFEAT YOU! This statement is a bit bizarre, I know, but think about it; does power have to be something you need over others? Do you really need to practice power over others, just so that you feel good about yourself and neglect practicing power on yourself? I think not!

Power is something that you need to acquire to believe and motivate yourself, without hurting or affecting others; it’s not something that you should feel over others.

Coming back to my point, I feel if social media can affect our lives, make us better people then why play out the ‘bad-media-good-media’ card? There are always two sides to every creation and media too has them. The question is a bit tricky but if you try, harder, to answer it, you’ll think of a hundred answers and other questions too!
So, as my first post is coming to an end, I ask everyone, if social media has the “actual power”-the true power to change people’s lives; is perception the one to praise or social media?

A want to need

“A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.” – Yanni, Greek musician.


for the public eye life

The philosophy of life, is not written in books, or taught in institutes by professionals; there is no need for complicated philosophy because there is only one simple morality by which we need to live. That morality is the difference between human need and human want; that morality is our religion because there is only one God to whom we are answerable and compliant to. The difference between a need and a want is self-explanatory, but, unfortunately it is misunderstood under circumstances. In actuality, a need is something that we have to have, without which we cannot survive. And a want is something that we would like to have, without which we can still survive. A need is a need like appropriate clothing, a roof over our head, enough food and water to maintain our health and basic health-care amenities. A want is not only a want but something that we want to need but it can be eliminated if not affordable. A need is never overlooked in any aspects because its survival but a want can be overlooked in economic, social and financial aspects because that’s not survival, that’s called living.


Initially, we are earmarked to make not too many life choices that will inevitably affect our social behavior and reputation. We get to prioritize things by ourselves that we have to put with all the way through, we learn to outgrow negative feelings, overcome fear and make smart choices to help ourselves and then those around us. Basically, we’re given an imaginable and immaterial list of peculiarities that make us unique and human. We are not going to make such life choices when we want to answer them; it will occur to us in the most unconventional and surprising times and then, our decision will be more of an attitude notion than a contest. Our answer would be well-answerable if we have achieved to possess the simplicity of human need and human want; we will be better at making any life-choice if we know what we need in life and what we wish to want from life. This will only happen when we are well-educated about known accomplishments and misgivings of human life which is possible by positive interaction with people, taking up real-life challenges, exploring, etc.; we will be better acquainted with that we want and need if we read about natural existence, religion, humanity, creation, evolution, philosophy and heterogeneity. These genres would make us more knowledgeable to differentiate between human want and need, which also means stability in economic life. There is a fine line between a good life and a bad one; that line is formed by us and our choices of what we need and want, individually. We may exist to survive but life is meant to be fair-minded for needs and wants. We are not here to merely survive, we are meant to live by our answers, as limitless as they can be, and by our challenges.


So, if you want to go on a vacation or cut back on your expenses to fulfill better needs in life than wants, do it! Life is short as some say but only our decisions can make them immortal. Only you are responsible for the decisions you make, that is the sole purpose of our creation; we are sent here to live a life, with divinity and courage, so that we create a world, not only for the people we live with but for the mind we have chosen to be.

Keep your fear

The surest way to confidence is uncertain but is it achieved by the presence of fearlessness? Was our creation meant to eliminate all fear and live to attain success and supported victory? Sometimes when we’re bound to challenges, all we can think of is how to face our fears and defeat the purpose of the challenge and defeat our fear rather than relishing the contentment of what happens after. It may be unwise of us to short-sight the importance of challenges and continuously denounce about getting cold feet; and ultimately backing out!  We have only one life to live and sometimes challenges can get difficult, their simple existence becomes an almost sixty-four thousand dollar question. If we start to perceive challenges as a mere unnecessary demotion in our lives; a struggle that is better hidden, which the society may condemn because it brings out our true self, then, we would be unheard everywhere, even in our minds and in those of others; and a challenge would become a powerful energy that would only heighten our fears and slowly deteriorate our will to keep struggling and the hope for proliferation. Fear of any material or immaterial force is inevitable. Only through real-life challenges can we expose our fears to ourselves; there exists no other theory that can disinter our fears of any force, by anyone or anything. It becomes a part of living, fear. It becomes the way we wish to perceive the world; our fears become our guidance in ways unexplainable. Fear doesn’t exist physically, it a mental state of mind by reason and effect. Human mind reveals fear as it reveals vision, so clear and profound that our personality is formed around it. Without fear, our mind would be presumptuous and corrupt; it would not know boundaries and limitations with reasons and logic. Any reasonable act of conduct would be hushed if without any fear of human’s mind over existence or reality.

Human beings are bound to a cycle, which is the reparation of human personality. Each mark on this cycle is growth and stability, and it can only stay that way if we choose to be sensible and understanding. Basically, if we choose to have brains! I have often heard people say that fear is unnecessary and just a distraction; it needs to be destroyed as quickly as possible because it cause problems for the individual and to those around him/her. Fear is thought to be destructive for us, it destroys mind, peace, love and happiness; especially happiness.

I won’t prolong my article, Keep your fear, any more than 600 words so I dedicate this paragraph to my perception of fear for one prime reason which is to share my ideology and portray pieces of my mind to make better of people and the world. The concept of fear is extremely simple. It isn’t a distraction nor is it destructive for any single human soul or mind anywhere! Fear leads to growth because it shows us our genuine limitations much better than those surrounding us; it does make us more vulnerable to tolerance in ways that our limitations become more defined and we learn to understand the importance of it. It encourages adventurousness better than any other immaterial force of mind. So, fear is not a setback; it does not lead to unhappiness in any way. Fear is inevitable and existent forever BUT FEAR IS GOOD ONLY WHEN IT IS CONTROLLED UNDERSTOOD THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. And the correct way to do so is uncertain, it exists individually.

Endure a life and a death

In the end, we all die. We die inevitably as equals without discrimination and power. We die for the life we lived, no matter the years we have lived for. Life is the filling of death and vice versa; it doesn’t exist so that the other is temporarily defeated in a way that we feel at ease when we don’t have to burden both of the realities, life and death, together, on our shoulders. Life is the ultimate definition of death and death is of life. Without a reality as fearsome and strong as death, life would have not been lived as it is now, by us! Without a reality as beautiful and simple as life, death would have not been the farewell of the end. So, as you see, we aren’t here to choose life or death each day; we aren’t here to decide our faith in both of them; and we aren’t here to plan our life or our death to live a monotonous human-life and to surrender foolishly to death. God has given us life and only God will give us death. The choice that is left with us is as simple as our creation- when life is given to us, we should accept it with gratitude and live wisely and whole-heartedly; and when death is before us, we should accept it with weightiness and happiness as that is why we have been created for. Life is made short by effort, so we should not be quick in our actions and responsibilities; and death is made painful by effort, so we should not fear oblivion. To endure the ability to accept what is before us is to endure a peaceful life and a peaceful death.

To endure a life and a death is simple yet extremely difficult. It requires knowledge and patience; knowledge that of a noble and wise soul, who understands people and their sentiments towards existence and duty; and the patience to believe in the gravity of that knowledge. Knowledge isn’t written in scripture; knowledge is as pure as driven snow, learnt only by those who possess the desire to not live in denial any-longer. We have lived to die and in the end, we die for the life we have lived. Without true knowledge, life and death would be frittered by us. And there will come a time when we will feel sheer guilt and regret for not understanding the purist purpose of our lives when knowledge was offered to us, as true knowledge is omnipresent. To endure wisdom is to endure a complete life and a complete death.

Beauty is misunderstood today. Beauty is not just physiognomy and demeanor; it is beyond the beauty of our minds, it’s the creation of our soul and how we, as individuals, have chosen to build it. Beauty is everywhere and those who perceive it, speculate on it and use it are one of humanity’s purist creations. Beauty is inevitable, it is a gift of mind, soul and body; we are products of this gift, so lucky to have been created to live out of this, in a world so chaotic and manifold, that we choose to be who we are everyday. This choice is ours and will be forever; as beauty was a gift to us, this choice is a gift for the world as we cater ourselves to it. So, as beauty is as delicate as a feather, we should design it with thought and sensibility. We shouldn’t let ourselves be taken advantage of this gift in a way that would misfortune the purity of our lives. We shouldn’t become an example of prejudice and hatred in our own eyes. We should live each day with patience, if not happiness; and gratitude, if no wealth. Always remember that beauty is not what others see in us, it is that vision we see in ourselves. To endure beauty in living is to endure a good life and a good death.