The Creative Genius

The Creative Genius- Taken by Ayesha

The Rebel’s Manifesto says that one should do the opposite of what one is taught in school. So it also says that one should simply make a mess.

This is me gracefully spawning what I think, believe and act on daily to enhance the creative genius of the world. This isn’t the creative genius that will get you money. This isn’t the creative genius that you want to become in your twenty-something or thirty-something. And this isn’t the creative genius that you read about in an extensive book.
In the astronomical sense of existence, each mind is neither too young nor too old to be labeled explicitly that. Enhancing the creative genius of the world means revealing that what is already stocked in our minds. Enhancing the creative genius is saying what needs to be said, felt what needs to be felt, and finally, having to deal with it as the ultimate tyrannies one swallows daily as an attempt to make it on our own, and not to sicken our sorrows in still silence.

In light of enhancing the creative genius of the world, I’ve dictated a poem.

. . .

They say I’m young
but I’m not the only one.

They say I’m different
but they know that’s not how it’s done.

Creativity is a cloud
and we’ve got each one
don’t stare too hard
but jump to another.

The truth is we’re grounded
but living a transparent lie
it doesn’t matter if
they say you’re creative
or they say you’re fly
don’t buy in that.
Because creative geniuses don’t forget
what matters in this world
and what’s left to rest.

This isn’t life
this isn’t forgiveness
you’re tapping away
while your mind is bleeding
store your ideas
store your fate
because once they’re gone
you will come again
but not the same.

Creativity is all you got
don’t disgrace
don’t discredit
whatever you think
whatever you’ve felt
don’t worry
just make a mess
creativity has no label
it doesn’t fall in line
because your mind, you rules, your innate identity
what have they got to do with your time?


The Unexampled Urge of Creativity

We all are susceptible to failure. We all fail. We all are capable of making ends meet. We all do, eventually. Where does the creativity lie? The life line begins from wanting something, to trying hard to get it, and if things go wrong (which they always do- and that’s okay), we try to recover from it and get back up on the horse for another race yet to be either won or lost or get caught up somewhere in the middle. Where does the creativity lie? According to poet Rumi,

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there…”

– the field that’s beyond any measure and any possible analytic reach and any color of disguise is creativity. I took inspiration from this quote, among many others including one by Jerome,

“It’s impossible to explain creativity. It’s like asking a bird, ‘How do you fly?’ You just do.”

It often surprises me when told negativity is the silent death of creativity because just like any one side of the coin, what makes the coin tossable is both the sides. Creativity is just like, more or less wilder than any coin. Without any one side, the other does not exist; hence, the purpose of the coin is completely lost in the meaning. How no two sides can unmake a coin- no two forces as positive or negative can unmake creativity. Pure passion, talent, productivity, intelligence and growth cannot define creativity as does your physical strength against that which lies inside your mind. There is a fine line between knowledge and that which you harness aggressively, each day, tiring yourself of the inappropriate ideas and irrelevant thoughts. Ultimately, you reach a point of submission where you can’t give in, but only bring out into the universe all that you harnessed time and again. That’s creativity. Creativity has no sense in regards of how well you control it and how well it can be determined based on real experiences. It makes complete sense when it’s left alone, pushed, tortured, and even tossed aside only to considered later on when the dark side prevails. Creativity is the force behind what we think about something and how that something makes a difference in our lives. Creativity is meant to be personal, and not generalized like a writer having the talent of words rather than that of an artist. The writer can also be a dreamer of sorts whose ideas may one day become a painting of some pie in the sky. And an artist can also become a person of letters whose ideas may one day master the spirit of artistic storytelling and picturesque chimera.

The dark side of creativity is the dark side of everything. It’s a coin. It’s the concept of inner and outer beauty. It’s the production of what’s seen by us and what’s behind that’s seen by us. It’s the complicated and uncomplicated. You harness knowledge for creativity to give birth to a force that’s clearer than words, and more tolerant than intelligence. That creativity knowledge is the knowledge of everything that is both dark and otherwise. Ideas are the side of creativity in a way that it needs to be exercised in what we do every day; that which will desire of productivity and passion. The coin of creativity is one side of the coin named life, living, and death. The other side is what’s out there, what we see, feel, speak, and accept. Tossing that coin means taking risks, and not tossing it means living the dirt life filled with blame, regrets, and ‘what-ifs’.

So, the unexampled urge of creativity is tossing the coin and playing by its rules. When one side of the coin is declared, the mind takes it’s spin of sorts and creates what we harness called knowledge and passion. And when the other side is declared, the mind learns to learn for when the purpose of knowledge and passion is still incapable of harnessing.


The Brainstorming Argument

Why brainstorming is opting out for creative thinking. And what can we do to adopt effective brainstorming sessions.

Opening for a good brainstorming session has become monotonous yet effective in the process for creating of solutions for problems in any business. Since “brainstorming” has become a dirty word in the business world, people are choosing to opt out of this method that has existed since its discovery back in the 1940s, by an advertising executive, Alex Osborn. This method was parallel to the encouragement of individual perspective in group meetings and the facilitation of a professional and creative environment for growth and proper office establishments. What it means that by conducting a brainstorming session, one can easily express one’s idea without the fear of judgment by those around him/her, being able to speak correctly and expressively in any crowd or possessing the ability push through problems and ease out hundreds of solutions without any office mishaps. It seems like a straightforward and transparent method that any business can embrace for the benefit of their outreach efforts; but lately, this method is considered unnecessary and short-sighted because individual mind has expanded to boundaries unimaginable and we prefer to think alone than think with a big crowd.

Keeping a good, comfortable and friendly office environment calls for a healthy brainstorming session, definitely! It should not be enough to indulge in occasional office trips or people gossip near the window or water cooler for any business because that doesn’t involve the people that you’re working with into the cycle of brand growth and innovation, instead it just builds more personal relationships around you. It’s time you make conversations that are more about your business and what you’re taking forward.

I will suggest only 1 proven way to give impulse to a good brainstorming session that will yield out-and-out results, which you may not use for one purpose, but for many others:

Prep yourself fitter before the brainstorming meeting.

Now, you may say that if I prep myself before the brainstorming meeting, I shouldn’t be in that meeting at all because I’m handling the creative thinking bit all by myself. However effective that alone study may be, it is almost better to have a healthy discussion about a solution to a problem, or an idea with a crowd because that’s not just about you or what your brain has come up with, that’s about everyone in that small conference room and which means more than one brains!You tend to think faster, exchange ideas better and react more appropriately when you’re working or “brainstorming” with a crowd. And if you’re familiar with what you’re going to brainstorm about in the next scheduled meeting beforehand, you can be of great help in-and-out of such conundrums. This way everyone around you is going to accept expressed ideas with a different perspective and even criticize about it with facts and facts only. So, you can ditch the “no criticism and fear of judgment” shred altogether and be more confident in any brainstorming session, ever!