Words Are Wind

Those of you who have either seen or read the book on Game of Thrones are familiar with the phrase “Words Are Wind“, which is another way of saying that a person’s actions speak stronger than his/her words. As a person of words, I kept this one to myself because words lay down the foundation of how I live, love, act, react and experience stuff that everyone around me experiences; ordinary and routine marrows. But, lately, I’ve grown to become conscious of the essence or virtuality of how words reflect actions while it also exists as the driving force behind a person’s general conduct. It’s safe to mention that there will always be a clear distinction between how men and women (most of us) will truly understand my perspective, but, nevertheless,  I am hopelessly captivated by how behavior and words give back to each other on the journey of worldliness.

Presently, we’re in connection with words before we are with human interactions. Social media, technology, books, newspapers, etc. are more easily accessible to us, then comes a real human being with the processor to process words and make it their reality, a.k.a the mind. We’re witnessing many social, political, professional, and religious dispersions of information from layers and layers of pages, opinions and assumptions, but what we’re mistaking for our own “thoughts” are in fact not at all those that once made us so proud. We’re calling ourselves the twenty-first century, but what we’re forgetting is that the characters and schools of information we’re setting ourselves up for are in fact mere reflections and fashions of a time way before our time. We’re promising words to ourselves out of common awareness like “respect”, “maturity”, “responsibility”, and “intelligence”, but we’re completely abandoning our whole apparent belief system when a situation that’s so mundane and ordinary to us, comes along the way. Words are developed, thoughts are formed and our behavior is still, undoubtedly, reflecting otherwise. As a processing human being, I have grown fond of words and whatever I am, I am because of how well I’ve understood words, sentences, passages, articles, and books. They’re the bottom when I’m at the top, they are my entire belief system for reality, to deal with reality, to run away from reality and to succumb to it. Years and years ago, humans sat together and discussed power, survival, and progress. Presently, humans sit together and discuss human-made ideas of power, survival, and progress; we’re not actually discussing these facets, we’re only reflecting back thoughts in the form of words to interactions that have already been laid out, but not exposed as stuff gets exposed today, at all.

Words are what words do and they will be what they will always do; influence human nature until we see some better or worse versions of ourselves and spend our entire excuse of a life impressing and engraving just that. It saddens me when I believe in one word, but I don’t act on it. It saddens me when words are not taken seriously as means that not only lay out the foundation of behavior but also, that behavior itself exists to replace certain perceptiveness of words.

So, when “Words Are Wind“, the wind itself is my creation.