The public identity

We’ve most often sighted news stories about racism, sexist behavior, extreme religious oppositions, etc. in ways unimaginable; the pace at which our society is headed, focusing on the immaterial society that exists in our minds rather than the geographical one, it’s getting extremely confusing to be publicly open about certain life choices, preferred or otherwise. The life choices that make you a good person or a bad one is two faced for me because what’s good and bad in this world should not be judged by those who are strangers to you. You should decide what’s good and bad for you, eventually. Whether you’re a believer of God or quite the contrary; whether you’ve chosen a different sexual form to exist or otherwise; there isn’t any window or door that will either tell you that it’s unacceptable or kick you out because they think you’re not what they want you to be. These little barriers of mental and physical discrimination persists everywhere and it’s deluding to see us sinking deeper and deeper in this pile of shit rather than understanding and most importantly, accepting, if not uniting, to a condition to LIVE AND LET LIVE.

“As new people were encountered, fought and ultimately subdued, the theories about race began to develop.”

Living with such hatred of religion, caste, color, culture or education is a choice because we can’t control your likes and dislikes; no matter how much you know about a certain matter of subject that you do not support, you’ll function your way regardless of anybody else explaining you otherwise; but fighting hatred of the same with mental and physical oppression by the means of harming those that are surviving equal to you, not against you, is hypocrisy. Such oppression is naturally faithless because clearly you’re delusional enough to source for protesting or “punishing” those but yourself on the reasons that you believe in. In a discussion of being open, what’s the big deal about skin color, religion or other cultural and racial subjections? And why should someone else suffer because you think they should? We get 24 hours in a day, that’s close to 8,700 hours in a year and if you need a better eye opener, 525,949 minutes precisely. Cooking up an ideology that forces you to go against the same biological being that you are, in this time frame, is a threshold of destruction. If anything, discrimination on such subjections is not hatred, is sheer hypocrisy of human mind.

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another. – William Shakespeare

Hypocrite: the man who murdered both his parents… pleaded for mercy on the grounds that he was an orphan. – Abraham Lincoln

Yes, we’re sinking deeper and deeper and yes, nobody outside of our mind can save us from this but that’s not it; life is not this, it cannot be this. I am a believer in God, and I don’t know when this life will be taken away from me but what’s left of me to live now is important because it’s mine, this minute, this mind and these actions; nothing with a beating heart can take this way from me because I accept who I am, religious or otherwise and I am open to a much better, stronger and independent era to come.