You Don’t Don’t Have A Heart

You can be the most attractive person on earth and not have realized your heart.
You can be the most giving person on earth and not have realized the power of self-acceptance.
You don’t have to be wise to be humble. You don’t have to be sensible to empathize with pain, sadness, and anger.
Every quality, expression, reaction, emotion, feeling, and action is individual for its own existence. Our minds are just hardwired to relate one trait for another. Like when you’re climbing one step at a time to get to the next.
Can’t they exist on their own? Each steps for its own?

That’s how mistakes are made, aren’t they?

When you say a person doesn’t have a heart, you’re wrong. What you don’t realize is that they do, but they’ve never truly looked inside. Why?
Because they hate it. They hate or haven’t forgiven who they really are…

or their circumstance…

or their past…

or their relationships…

or anything else.

They think they are those things. That it defines them.

You’re wrong when you say people don’t have a heart because of what they do. The truth is they do have a heart, but they hate it so much, they just can’t accept it, let alone mend it for what it is.