What Does Being Alone Mean?

It means having faith in yourself. And it also means to, unerringly, resist certain natural instincts to find your miniature stone among a million others. For if in the greatest agony, being alone can mean many things: it can be a solacing embrace for some while for those a suffocating asylum. There will be many things that will take you away from you, not only to perform day after day on a stage alongside constant comrades but also to find your sense of quiet and meaning in the world where everything seems perplexed.

I find it unusually satiating that how being alone can take you away from paradise, but at the same time, create one for your own. It means that aloneness is extending equally to tap into your ‘desperate, painful’ and somehow bringing to surface the ‘real, candid’ you.  Somehow, from what I see, aloneness is not one thing, but many. It’s not an eye-opener, but merely a kindling of being loyal to you, before anything or anyone else.  What does being alone mean? It is that complicated that we don’t understand? Or is it so simple that we can’t believe in it?

Pay your respects
it is forgotten now
drowning within the shadows
my ego forces me to bow.

Starting as a substance
to consume, judge, and upset
let’s play that game
where we follow the practiced steps.

Actions and reactions
we’re stuck in the habits
of messing the lines
and of labeling our tides.

Only when we’re in deep
we look at how perfect our wounds are
to find out
we’re not the ropes
the strings
or the force
we’re just a living
and the soul in cages of our cosmetic roles.

Silly, it really is
to forget yourself
thoughts are things are mannerisms
why don’t we break the shelves?
become our only ones to
break that companion nonsense
just for a little while
become to become
a stone unmoved
but defected to inspect.