Stop Complaining & Do This on Second Thought

As long as our tomorrow is unpredictable, we may as well destroy our thoughts today by complaining.

Fenced in by how different lives matter today, I’ve identified a serious dilemma and it’s called COMPLAINING. While complaining can mean many things like protesting, disapproving, and even objecting, what I’m referring to is specifically whining and weeping. Two extremely strong words for a qualification to human indiscretion.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

– Maya Angelou

One of the things that we hide the most is how we’re so efficiently throwing ourselves over the fence, time and again, to get easily affected by the little things that we do in our lives. Those little things constitute the daily flow of our lives, no matter what we practice and how we preach. Perhaps because we’re constantly surrounded by things that can be measured in terms of happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure, since birth, is why it’s hardwired in us to complain about certain “regulars”. Or it could also be that we know what’s better and how for us to no longer appreciate anything less than that. I find it unwise and simply a waste-of-time to have an opinion of every single aspect of my life, from what I ate for lunch yesterday to the number of books I read this month as opposed to the 4 I read a month before. The fact is that we know better and we always will. But it’s what lies in-between that’s so screwed up. It’s that simple jolt of things that could have been better, but they apparently aren’t.


Is that reason enough to complain?


There is a fine line between what is and what isn’t, between what was and what is, or between what’s seen and what’s understood.  That fine line is called acceptance. It’s the belief in the simple goodness of something. The first step to acceptance is silence. And I mean strictly mean this in a self-improvement essence of compromise. Just by remaining silent and analyzing your thoughts the minute you’re exposed to something that you’d rather want to be replaced to better is the key to accepting and then change, instead of just complaining about it again and again. And this really helps. I sometimes find myself complaining about silly and petty things so many times in a single day that if I had someone over my head for evaluation, I’d rank as an ungrateful bore.

Then one day I asked myself this question: Would my complaining about this (silly thing) bring me any satisfaction? If I could express my answer in an Emoji, it would be the Zippered Mouth Face. And I’d probably be giving myself the Rolling Eyes face just about then.  It’s a negative vibe. There’s nothing worse than doing yourself one of those negative vibes so much that it spreads like a viral disease. Everyone around you has to deal with your complaining habit. They have to live with it and if they have a chance, they’ll definitely run away from you. Honestly, it’s textbook to not complain, but we know that the struggle of life is real and it’s overwhelming, which is why we complain about petty things so much and so often.

It’s time to stop that. No more complaining. We can do this on second thought.

The next time you hear yourself complaining about something that is clearly an insignificant aspect of your life, like food. You hear yourself rambling on, time and again, that you dislike the food you usually eat. It’s too sweet. It’s too sour. It’s too bland. It’s whatever. You consistently find yourself picking out some or the other fault in the food, out loud and more often than often itself- it’s time you made peace with that. And if you can’t, then change it.

“As long as our tomorrow is unpredictable, we may as well destroy our thoughts today by complaining.”

-Ayesha Dhurue

Contribute to the process of what’s making you complain so much. I’m sure you can. If not change that particular aspect of your life, then change your attitude towards it. Tell me if I’m wrong, but you forget the difference between the world and you when you constantly make the world fit according to your standards that can sometimes be senseless when you should actually be making yourself better and stronger in this world. Every individual has his or her own world, own perspective, own ideals, own beliefs, etc. But the catch here is the willingness to change something if you don’t like it, and if you can’t change it then change your world for it.

Habits can become a constant reminder of the unknown. It’s the point you reach when it becomes what you are and what you expect yourself to become in the future. I have a habit of writing for myself, so I write. And after months and months of doing that, I am a writer.

This same theory fairs brilliantly with complaining. If I complain regularly about anything, there will come a point where I might become a complainer for a world full of everything. Let go of that habit. It’s destroying your sense of belonging. If you constantly weep and not change, you’ll belong nowhere. You can only lose what you never had. I read this somewhere and it makes so much sense. You’re gaining so much every single day so be grateful for it. Gratefulness and complaining are magnets and not the friendly kind. The alleged stupidity of complaining is the only symptom of not accepting yourself in this world. It goes beyond that what’s out there. Complaining is a trait for the inner state-of-mind. It’s when a person is disconnected with his own mind. And that’s what makes him a frustrated and bothered individual.

To stop complaining and find a better path in life, stay silent for a minute and find your peace of mind when you’re accepting a situation for what it is. If you can’t change, all of this world will be a faultfinding domain for you. And if something can’t change, no matter how hard you try, your pursuits will limit themselves into believing that your life is a clear reflection of those things you constantly complain about.