‘No’ To The Process

You’re at a certain place in your life where saying NO to a few things makes you feel better.

In the history of thinking, shapes have been destroyed and drawn to life, again and again, to place meaning in human emotions and human experiences. How can we go into the depths of ourselves in which our life answers those questions we kept asking others for so long when we unlearn to say no?

What happens when you learn to say ‘no’ is the process in the act of self-acceptance, but heightened only to reach certain memorable paradigms of the mind. You know what you want when you want, and why you want. And even if you can’t comprehend that aspect, it’s still great art. It’s still something. It’s still progress. So, you back down from your interior life by enlarging not in depth, but in abstraction. When I talk about saying ‘no’, what I call self-acceptance, don’t let that fool you for the ultimate dissatisfaction in settling. It’s quite the opposite. Every work of the mind, every word, and every action is a coin with a ‘yes’ on one side and ‘no’ on the other. But to achieve certain qualitative effects, most of the times, saying the word makes a big difference because it matters in emotions, feelings, and experiences.

We need to learn the slow ‘yes’ and the quick ‘no’.
– Tom Friel, former CEO

Such a capability is not explainable in ordinary ways. It is not an idea that you’re putting forward, it’s a stand so that every act and reaction becomes a form of an expressive concept or a means of communication that’s personal to you. Blunt self-accusations of taking things personally is not required. It’s destroying you and your mind. Corrupting you out of your sense of understanding. It’s plain useless. As soon as you get this, you outgrow any form of expression. Just like how beanstalk outgrows and reaches the highest point, it fosters and it ultimately dies. That is what you feel when you learn to say ‘no’ to certain things in life. It’s a sign you’re more than just ten words or even a lifetime too long from becoming a product. It means you’re the sign to take forward because, in every explanation or artistic expression, just the language grows in subtle, but magnanimous ways.

What you don’t do determines what you can do.
– Tim Ferriss, author