Quit an unhealthy lifestyle, and have anything you want.

Don’t force a healthy lifestyle, embrace one. The silent killer isn’t the “muffin top” anymore, it’s your emotions that affect your body, and the lack of a better, much pragmatical sense of mindset.

It’s not untrue when I say that what we take to be true and believe in becomes our reality. And what becomes our reality is how we take shape in this world, mind and body.

How is that we feel tired so often, sleep, and think twice before going for a run at any time of the day?

Because we don’t care enough to bond with our own selves as much as we do with others.

“I am sick and tired of feeling tired and unhealthy all day.”,  is what one might say but what can we do about it?

Bellyful of things. First off, embracing a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. It involves a great deal of muscle-work and mind-work.

When I think of a burger, I crave it and get all juiced up. When I think of running a few miles, I cringe at the thought of it. And when I think of what I’ll eat after my workout session, is what I look forward to while working out. It’s not about the exercise, it’s about what rewards I’ll get to enjoy later on. Why? Because our mindsets are hardwired (by us) to feel, sense, and imagine the pleasure, and pain that we experience while doing all those things. It’s not about procrastination or laziness. It’s our mindset. The more we imagine pleasure and pain, the more we’ll experience it later on; it’s a cycle that puts our mindset into motion.

The psychology of two types of mindsets: Fixed and growth play a crucial part in those beliefs that we carry about ourselves.When we overlook health’s basic needs, we’re focusing on a fixed mindset of a set experiences that we’re supposed to feel in a day. And when we embrace a better lifestyle, we’re encouraging our growth mindset by introducing ourselves to new sets of emotions and experiences in one day. That’s a big difference with being productive.

 How evolution made the average person believe she is better in every imaginable way than the average person.

What can we do to become more and more healthy, every day?

Instead, let’s embrace a healthy lifestyle?
There is no difference in remaining the same and exercising because you have to and not exercising at all. For me, it defeats the purpose of exercising. To me, exercising is not a repetitive routine. It’s a way of life. You  change when you’re trying hard on that one bit of you. You think differently, act differently, and still eat whatever you want to. But of course, all in moderation. Our tendencies can change if we know better and understand how exactly should we deal with experiences, thus framing our own reality.

“I underestimated the power of conversation, honesty, negativity, and self-enhancement for my healthy lifestyle.”

Before, I misunderstood the meaning of embracing a healthy lifestyle and used it as a tool to enhance only one part of my physical tendencies. Now, everything that I do every day is a part of my lifestyle, from my food habits to my conversational levels and curiosities.

It’s a boon to have someone to talk to about everything, good or bad, ugly or beautiful, and interesting or dull. Openness to ideas reflects the kind of personality you are; it is paramount to embrace daily activities as the process that will, in the future, affect your other habits such as speaking correctly, listening to others, working in a professional environment, dealing with challenges, and also exercising! You won’t realize how fortunate your experiences will become once you embrace the goodness and mirror yourself with negativity and self-judgements.

“People run away from negativity, I embrace it -in my own twisted methods.” 

Below are a few things that I believe in that have become my reality and a process towards a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Know patience to skill effectiveness.
  2. Be not too honest about your own judgments about yourself. That’s how you overcome challenges, instead of realizing its barriers.
  3. Listen with the intent to understand; do not listen with the intent to reply.
  4. Imagine the dopamine levels working your mood and activity.
  5. Practice the illusion of control on food, reactions, and unnecessary arguments.
  6. An unhealthy lifestyle is a misery for a professional and personal life, in the long run.
  7. Once you exercise for the tendency to eat and stay positive, you automatically start enjoying it.
  8. It’s not about how much you exercise every day, it’s how well you exercise each day.
  9. Accept that you are not the idea of perfection, as perfection is what you make it be to.
  10. Talk to others out of the habit of making conversation.
    Originally published at thisweekmumbai.com by Ayesha.