Never Forget, The World Is Yours

Never Forget, The World Is Yours

Many of us living in the city are already familiar with the anonymous artist, Tyler, a pseudonym brought to life from Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, in the movie Fight Club. This is another creative graffiti installation at Pali Hill, Mumbai reading “Never Forget, The World Is Yours. *Terms and Conditions apply.

Tyler has emerged as a popular artist featuring many exalting installations of art relating to what one thinks about all that’s happening today. I won’t talk much about the artist, but you can read more about him and what he does here.

This can be a great reminder to all of those who need it. I had once written something about limitations that I’d like to write here, again:

“Only those places are prohibited that exist inside your head. All the rest is admissible.

Never Forget The World Is Yours