For the ‘Lights’ of others.

There is a traffic signal at the end of every road juncture; GREEN>YELLOW>RED are the lights that are the primary purpose of it. The lights are vertically lined in a circular patterned display on a black lamp-post that is bracketed almost always on the right-hand side of left roadside, seen by everyone who is either on or in a motor-vehicle. The rules are pretty simple; you have to halt your vehicle whenever you see the red light glowing, drive past the signal when the green light flashes and as soon as the light turns green to yellow, let’s be it, you have to halt again. That YELLOW light is just for a heads-up that the red light is going to glow again in some seconds; it exists to make caution of the speed at which you’re approaching at the end of the road where you have to stop, eventually. You have to be extremely oblivious to not understand how this “thing” works; this “thing” is safe, convenient and also expressive.

This introduction bit to my article looks almost sophomoric because why would I talk about traffic signals in an article to explaining how a traffic signal works.

Clearly, you see that the Pedestrian Crossing a.k.a. Zebra Crossing exists not for the people but for the cars to rest upon!

But it seems to me that in my city, Mumbai, this simple rule isn’t understood as well by anyone neither is it followed by most. Let me paint a picture for you- It’s a sunny Sunday, the sun is hitting your body parts matronly; you’re at a wide road juncture where there are more than 2 road crossings and a lot of cars, bikes and buses that are consistently passing through. You want to cross all the way around this juncture to go to a grocery store. Let’s be clear here, on the roads of Mumbai, pedestrian crossings do exist- but they are not utilized as they should be. People prefer to just randomly cross from anywhere on the road because it requires less effort and nobody cares whether they die or live! And that’s not even an issue, people cross-that’s fine but they cross without looking either left or right! Coming back to my point that it is obvious that you are going to follow the traffic signal indications one by one to pass through that juncture; and if you do that then there wouldn’t be any need for me to write an article about this at all! But that doesn’t happen, does it?

The problem is that people have transpired in becoming so reckless and foolish to not follow traffic signals. Men AND women who are ignorant enough to not follow simple instructions cause traffic, inconvenience, and dangerous accidents that is not handled well in Mumbai. This is not to be taken lightly since Mumbai is a Metropolitan city and is beaming at both the population rate and financially which gives people the money to buy more vehicles- that indirectly leads to even lesser law-abiding citizens!

We don’t need a Traffic Police Officer standing almost at every road junctures trying to control and maintain the traffic that is caused primarily by those not following road signals. We don’t need to blame the government for improper road infrastructures or traffic signal facilities, initially, to feel good about what we’re doing for the lives of others and for us too! Please, kindly understand that you need to follow road instructions because it is that insignificant (for you) thing that is a part of your daily experiences that will someday change the way our country functions without any government interference and also will become the framework that forms your attitude towards tolerating idiots, such as yourself for making a decision to jump a signal.

Please, Be Patient to Follow the Roads Well. Thank you.

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For most of our drivers/riders in Mumbai, the vehicle never comes to a halt; it slowly keeps drifting towards the signal until they’re almost completely in between the road juncture.
The Red Light Signal
Chowpatty Traffic Signal