A Totally Simple Perspective on Cybernated Technology

A Totally Simple Perspective on Cybernated Technology

Humans have, over time, matured to monumentalize experiences, celebrations, and general episodes in life by storing data of visual evidences or what I like to call: declarations of being able to re-experience those felt emotions, feelings and reactions back in time and again. Having the capability to store such data, that one day might not even matter to you, and that when you’re uncompromising to any means of affection and sensation, you’re already in denial of everything you’ve ever accomplished which fades out of your mind and what you’ve seen, liked, commented on and shared with others cease to exist at all.

What’s the point of cybernated technology when, for your future self, it doesn’t have to be of any value to what your socially active lifestyle or hippy Instagram photos or quirky yet intelligent Facebook shares stood for?

This is a totally simple perspective on cybernated technology. This is how and when one mind meets one technology that’s so diverse, intensified and anarchic that it completely, definitely and unconsciously blows up certain pre-defined paradigms to life, knowledge and existence. This is the discovery of technology and everything humans are in soft alliance with thinking that it symbolizes something or it leaves an impression of an idea, thought, a material or even illusions. The way I see it, the bigger questions or the “controversies” are a part of the trigger of a much simpler predominating shadow that we persist over ourselves. The truth is completely overshadowed as much as it is forced in place of someone’s opinion, perspective and experience. There is a serious possibility that my truth may not be yours.

But, what’s the truth got to do with cybernated technology?

Three points how cybernated technology begins with the truth and ends with something in replacement of the truth

  1. Isn’t how we surf/scroll/obsess over the internet subjected to how/why/when we want to perceive the gathering of words on a singular topic?
  2. Where is the truth when the information/material knowledge/controversy is build by and for human mind and understanding?
  3. Is the truth well defined and away from becoming someone else’s figment of perception, convenience, comfort and/or imagination?

Clearly, defining the point is not rudimentary to making it. Again, what is my truth may not be yours. If we broaden the scalability of truth to relate to how humans understand, react, think and function on a daily basis is as obvious as saying that if you’re looking up at the night sky, you’re not going to deny that it’s after dark.

But, where’s the evidence?

Where does the evidence lie amidst many truths that are measured through likes, shares, and comments?

The definition of prolonging your cybernated-self in front of your real-life self can only be declared if all of us start imagining both of our versions positioned parallel in alternate habitations, much like how the earth is, only in one of them the scope of discoverability is more profound and extensive than the other. The truth of the future can only be set apart and negotiated in terms of difference and similarity between those two worlds. Then there will be war, there will be digitally augmented noises that will break your existing paradigm of truth; they may even break yours as quickly as they will form a new truth in place of it. If today, cybernated technology is all about the truth, it perceives truth and wants to harness it, these tiny and irrelevant pieces of evidences bundled together to form experiences and adventure will soon obliterate into darkness and the moment when one mind meets one technology will forever be destroyed and with it the meaning of perception and what sets it apart exclusively. So, instead of searching for the truth, the meaning and the purpose of cybernated technology, delve deeper into the pools of what it does for you. Lose yourself inside the vast, great depths of personality that it offers and see how many you mask. If all were masked to become one truth, you wouldn’t be thinking how it would be like to see your own cybernated-self in a world where discovery and knowledge go so close in hand that materiality feels like a drug. Humans aren’t made to live one truth, especially in the cybernated technology; they’re meant to live many, endless and unimaginably colorful truths.