Why do I write?

I think tons about everything that happens around me, every day, and whichever idea or thought hits a chord in me, I put it all up here!

This is not going to be a daily updated blog because that’s not how I would want it to be. “It has to be different yet common for everyone.”, I said to myself before I started with For The Public Eye. We all long for a decent and reputed presence on the web and that’s what I want for For The Public Eye too, a well written and inspiring blog that people love to read at any time. I have ridiculously high ambitions and travel cravings; I love the media (that’s obvious) but it accounts for only a modest amount. I lack the sense of patience, sometimes, and my kind of writing is not very easy to understand, but it’s also not that tedious. But I strongly believing in making my own paradise, no matter how vast, complicated and confusing it may be. I write to inspire myself more than anything, then my readers; what I see and what I believe in plays a very important role in how I am because I think to grow every day from better to much, much better; you’ll never stop growing unless you die. Maybe even after that.

“Make Your Own Paradise.”
– Ayesha D.

Let’s keep this short. My motivation lies in my writing and vision and I entrust that on everyone because that’s the only way one can stay positive and hope. If you feel the same way as I do or you feel like indulging in long, intense and good conversations with me. Let’s keep in touch.


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