Visual Musing: Sometimes art is very big. It’s everywhere.

Art isn’t a puzzle that is only understood once it’s solved. It’s art that I don’t need to find anymore, it comes along and it finds me. Art is an exploration to me; when I watch the sea, the sky or even look at cars passing on the road: that’s art for me. The movement of things around me, the way each element around me is placed may seem customary for others but for me it’s a canvas that I need to capture.

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In my opinion, men and boys who use “no homo” following a share of emotion are still in the dark. Everyone can express feelings like everybody else, it’s a human possession, not an individual personality trait that only a few people can carry.

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The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

Eloquence is expressiveness, as expressiveness is privileged. It cannot take one’s expressiveness to change another’s thoughts but it can take one’s eloquence to persuade another’s way of thinking. Human mind is a strange box of insanity; we think what we ourselves discover, and mind those whose ways of thinking is no same as ours. The interval between changing from one’s today and tomorrow is a long journey of discomfort, struggle and then harmony.

Can man change for himself ?, Or will he change for the world in which he is destined to live in?

We’ll never know.

No matter how conscious psychology is, it cannot fathom one’s direction of change and its drift. But what psychology dictates is a different tale of circumstances that lead to change in one’s life. The push, the effort, and the animosity of the situation that we’re in, defines that reasonable interval of our past and our present. We want to learn everything there is to know; we do not regret of that we don’t know, but, we remorse when we’re wrong about something we know. That is what makes us change. The lacking of correct direction that leads us towards the mistaken road, even if it’s not discovered by us. The expressiveness is being able to communicate with mind and soul, by one’s own strength, and passing the energy to those whom you want to make feel a difference; to those whom you want to feel a change. That’s eloquence that changes a man into a life that best suits him.


Street Photography By Ayesha Dhurue

Rocks To Sea

It is the absence of what we need that makes us think, that makes us wonder and experience as we do now. We pressurize the world to be there for our benefit, and when that happens, we transform our viewing into vision. We understand that lacking is an addiction that we use to slowly drift away from the unchanged. Only when we learn to live somewhere between the lives of others and our own, can we accept reality.

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Build a Plan for your “Big Business Idea”

It’s time you build an awesome plan for your “big business idea” that you had weeks ago and don’t know how to begin with. This day and age, everyone is inspired to build an empire on their own for their business and excel at what they’re bringing to the world. When the first brilliant idea comes to you, you’re unsure how to set in motion the process of launching your own business. At this point, what you need is a solid plan of getting your facts straight about what your idea means to you (primarily) and then to those who you’re catering (your audience).

While creating an online advertising plan, it is important to figure out the business marketing goals first, and then the steps required to meet those goals. There are multi-fold methods that you can use to make the First Business Plan, but I find this one most effective and purposeful.

Step one:

Write 2 or 3 short statements describing the nature of your business idea.

When you can write paragraphs about what your business idea is, it can be slightly challenging to boil down your business’s story to 2 or 3 statements. But by using correct words and discarding statements that are more philanthropic than practical, you’ll understand the rhythm of where you’re letting too much on and where you’re missing out.

To write a good business statement that is to-the-point and accurate, define the Mission & Vision statement of your business. A mission statement is what your business is going to be. And a vision statement defines that one primary way in which you’re catering to your business customers. You can either add both the statements to your final copy or use one of them, appropriately.

Step two: 

Map the physical boundary of your business idea.

This step helps you get your goals focused on the area that you’re targeting. If your business idea is an online service providing company then you should map the places in which you are available and the places where you’re not. Your target location is infinite; you can target a city, state, country, or even continents! By having a clear target location, you’re directing the rest of your business goals in the appropriate direction so that you know what kind of customers you’re going to deal with in the future.

You can even target locations where you can find potential customers to promote your business in ways that can help benefit locations where you’re easily available. Branching out of your desired location to a potential location that bring can bring you more exposure is a good business decision: provided that you’re backed with resources.

Step three:

Identify a problem before your business is available in the market.

This step is the “eye-opener” for you. Every business caters to a particular audience, that have common interests and demographics that best fit your business objectives. But before you find that particular audience, you need to hunt down one problem that your customers can face when they’re not publicly exposed to your business. Find one or more problems in the market you’re entering, from the customer’s perspective, and you just got a few more solid reasons to introduce your business to the people.

Step four:

Summarize a solution to the problems.

Every problem has its solution. This is yet another “eye-opener” for you and your business. With a given solution to a problem, you broaden the reach of your business nature and objectives to a level that answers extremely challenging questions about the “it” factor of your business.

Step five:

Profile your competitors.

To master anything, you need to know everything about it. This time, you’re mastering not a subject, but your own business. While creating a business plan, the best possible way to move forward in the right direction, is outlining the profiles of businesses that have a nature similar to yours. This way you can highlight your distinctive methods of promoting and catering to your target audience, and completely understand what you can do better.

It is good business sense to be informed about other businesses in terms of their online advertising and customer relationships.  

Step six:

Outline your target audience.

How can you visualize a business without customers? Is your business directed towards online or offline exposure completely depends on the customer demographics. Outline both physical (age and gender) and psychological (their needs) profiles when setting up a “people’s map” your business needs.

Any achievable demographic is important for any one or more business goals.

Step seven:

Conduct a survey.

What’s more helpful than directly asking your customers what they want in terms of preference and comfort? Before you get your formula ready, you need to know whether your product is in demand or it has the potential to be in demand. Is it a wonder waiting to get discovered or is it a product that only a few might find helpful? These questions can only be answered with proper Demand Discovery Data.  It’s a simple task to write questions (survey questions) that you can ask customers to fill up online or in-person, so, in the end you’re with an accurate survey that tells you what your business can become.

If you’re not so sure about drafting questions, you can also create a very simple landing page (blog, social media account poll) to let people subscribe if they’re interested and ignore if they’re not. This way, you’re including both visual and text graphics that make the business look more attractive and tech-friendly.

Everyone loves tech-friendly personalities that grow along with the industry.

Step eight:

Compile the pros and cons for your business.

As soon as you are backed by accurate demand discovery data, you get a clear vision of the pros and cons. You face the hard truth when it comes to you and you also know the possibility of your business working in the coming months after its publicly available. Here, you’ll input your expectations and your survival capabilities.

Step nine:

Outline your team members.

With growing opportunities, you can either hire people in job positions for your company or hire freelancers that help you tackle business goals. It is important to profile your team members well because they’re your business-halves that represent the business. With better understanding of who your team members are and how they work, you can build an innovative community.

Step ten:

Set a framework for your business functions.

This is where numbers get in. If you’re outsourcing your investments, you need to have a clear strategy of how your business is going to make money and in what direction is it headed. You will be calculating your spends from rents to advertising online and offline. Only with a proper cash flow method can you present your business to those who are willing to invest in your idea, and also create a promising case to attract those who you want investing in your idea.

Consider this as the last step in your Business Plan. After you have a clear business idea that is backed by both data and practicality, you can account on your monetary decisions.

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The Time When Personal Life Became “Public Indecency”

Nobody likes intense loathing, and neither do we love to place blame on India as an abomination in terms of solitude and privacy. But lately, issues have been rambling on that are brutal and unnecessary. We see this stuff in movies and television serials that we don’t support but for us it’s all hypothetical and we tend not to think about it much because that’s never our reality. But now it’s reality for people who are stained to suffer the blame of being an evildoer or an adulterer by those who swore to protect this country, when in truth it’s not even by their rights to place blame. It’s easier to believe that India is failing to prosper in any field when we speak of people and their lifestyles. But it’s even harder to believe or even witness otherwise. Because then, while good things are happening in this country- initiated by those same people whom we criticize on social media, we will hope for something to go wrong, as it always does.

The recent case that happened in Madh Island and Aksa region was as unmannerly as it was embarrassing, especially for those residing in the hotels where the apparent raid took place.

People (mostly couples) residing in hotels in Madh Island and Aksa region were bombarded by police officers, who came knocking on their hotel room doors for a “clean” check up to prevent indecency being spread from within closed rooms out into the atmosphere (really?). And to think that they asked for ID proofs and even physically marred some who even dared to speak in front of them, questioning their fault in spending time with their partners in a nice and not so expensive hotel room, away from the city on a weekend?

Doesn’t this sort of an arrangement sound familiar to “country care-takers” living in a metro city like Mumbai?

After the raid started, the hotel rooms were searched for everyone residing in them and this went on for more than 5 hours, during which some couple’s parents were called and fines were to be paid (how could they not ask for money?). People don’t mind flashing their ID proofs to police officers once in a while to make the police officers feel that they’re utilizing their duties correctly. But being humiliated in front of people, on a weekend, with no harm done, for something that’s one’s own business and not the government’s, is absolutely nonsensical. When did having a physical relationship with your partner become a hate crime and since when did hotels room become the target for this? So, now after all this, you’re not supposed to even reside in a hotel room with your partner at a nice place, unless you’re married.

All that happened, only because of pressing charges like prostitution were to be looked into? Is this what has happened to this country? If you officers want to swipe off prostitution in a city like Mumbai, don’t target hotels (no no), start from the roots. By executing such an offensive act of sheer stupidity, you’re forcing us into thinking that you’re incapable of handling a complicated task.

The most mind-numbing statement of the news article explained the reason of the raid as an act of someone’s private life being an act that causes indecency and adulteration in public. Why is sex such a bad thing? And even if it’s bad, according to some thick headed officials who claim they know “stuff” and are experienced, let it be bad for those committing it, don’t make it a public hate crime issue that’s deemed bad by the law. It’s healthy to let people decide what’s bad for them unless it’s hurting some other person’s property, money, physical or mental presence.

If this country needs anything to make it better, it needs a complete personality and “moral policy” check on each and every government-man working under the law. And if that’s not enough, try making issues such as sexuality and personal life and choices a school subject, supporting rights in terms of freedom. Let’s not forget that India is an INDEPENDENT COUNTRY.

This topic must have definitely taken flight before the published time of this article but there are never too many opinions to voice amongst those who are willing to listen and understand, and those are should listen to understand.

This post is originally published on This Week Mumbai

My Instagram Profile Summary

A body with a soul.

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Reasons why you aren’t confident and the ONE REASON why you are.

We always look for reasons to stress on the negative or unfavorable aspects in our lives: we’re pessimists by day and night, but we still believe that there is good to fight for (with yourself) in this world. And that is one of our greatest assets. We have our reasons to killjoy positivity, even for a second, but we have mastered the art of ‘getting-it-together’ brilliantly. And to have like a multiple reasons that lead to your lack of self confidence written on a piece of paper, or published in an article: is both reassuring that you have them and supporting because you know you’re not the only one on the field.

Now, remember, all these are not relevant for one individual; these are spanned across different situations and under various lifestyles. You can either find one or five reasons that you relate to out of all that are mentioned below. I hope you don’t feel all of them to be relevant to you. I hope.

Reasons for your lack of self confidence:

  1. Thinking in a different manner than other people [you know].

  2. Choosing to walk on a distinct path than the rest of your peers, family members, etc.

  3. Being aware of the known fact that people gossip or talk about you behind your back.

  4. Age difference [spending time with someone who is either too elder or younger than you].

  5. Meditating a simple life.

  6. Repeating the same daily schedule again and again, every day.

  7. Sexual preference.

  8. Lack of knowledge about certain issues, general facts, etc.

  9. Knowing it all.

  10. Lack of social interaction.

  11. Failing to achieve a standing (or stature) at something after preparing hard for it.

  12. Comparing your financial and social soundness with peers, family members, etc.

  13. Choosing an unexampled career path.

  14. Failing to achieve some professional abilities due to any personal or circumstantial reason.

  15. Believing that ignorant behavior is greatly culled during incidental events [personal or otherwise].

  16. Being unable to cope with change at any given time.

  17. Not willing to adapt or grow in the sense of interests of/for other people.

  18. Not willing to accept other peoples judgements and remarks. And taking them at heart.

  19. Bearing a damaging childhood/past.

  20. Failing at a test that others have so effortlessly passed.

  21. Having parents that you do not have a good connection with.

  22. Being misunderstood by people most of the time.

  23. Failing to change a certain aspect about yourself [or your life] after several painstaking efforts.

  24. Comparing physical appearance with somebody else.

  25. Religious differences.

  26. Getting divided attention by somebody you prefer/love/enjoy most with.

  27. Not being able to stay fit and happy by yourself.

  28. Surrendering to activities and beliefs you once cherished due to any reason.

  29. Not being able to comprehend and handle your emotional and physical needs.

  30. Not being sexually experimental with your partner.

  31. Not being patient enough for the life that you always dreamed of.

  32. Not being able to provide for someone you love or are responsible for.

  33. Not being able to cope with stress as you intended.

  34. Comparing yourself [your life, ambitions, money, everything] with your elder or younger siblings or close ones.

  35. Believing in occupational inferiority/superiority.

  36. Having an unsteady educational history.

I’m tolerably sure that these must be lone 36 reasons out of a 100 because these are not facts, but just mental reasons that are conceived or imagined by us. But, nevertheless, these are the primary standpoints of low confidence or self-esteem that we pick up on.

 Now, what?

 I’ll sum up all the awesome reasons of kick low self confidence [and esteem] in the butt with one reason. This reason beats all those I’ve mentioned above and many others that you might have for yourself.

  1. You’re different and be proud of it. Not everyone chooses the same things; failure is a process, not a ruination. And finally, confidence is not having to give a care about any of that because you realize what your strengths and weaknesses are along the way and beat this: you are born alone and you die alone. Be unique and grateful and you’ll always will be you.


Bombay on Foot

Mumbai brings back to you all those limitless emotions you thought you never had; it is a city you can call your own and love it as it is.
Bombay on Foot 01
Bombay on Foot 02
If there is no struggle in Mumbai, there remains no meaning to it’s dwellers.
Bombay on Foot 03
Mumbai or any city as a matter of fact, has its own rules and conditions. Nothing is ever permanent here, especially when it comes to life and living. I recently had read this somewhere that people will change, they were grow up and soon enough will grow older but Mumbai will always stay as it is.
Bombay on Foot 04
The only way to make sure that you’re in Mumbai: is by looking at the people, buildings, roads and taking all that in, all at once. Then, you’re in Mumbai.
Bombay on Foot 05
When you begin to observe, not just by sight, but by imagination, you see the real picture.
Bombay on Foot 06
Bombay on Foot 07
Bombay on Foot 08
People from all over the world decide to live in a city as perplexing and sophisticated as Mumbai. Here, you find all kinds of levels of contrivances and very strange yet earthly modifications all over the city; the people are sociable, interactive and friendly. The atmosphere is always welcoming, nothing is ever to be said about it because that’s one thing that cannot be either changed or taken away or even hidden.
Bombay on Foot 09
Bombay on Foot 10
Bombay on Foot 11
Bombay on Foot 12
Bombay on Foot 13
Bombay on Foot 14
Bombay on Foot 15
Bombay on Foot 16
Bombay on Foot 17
Bombay on Foot 18
Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life.
Bombay on Foot 19
Bombay on Foot 20
I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day. And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes you have an opportunity to change that.

This post was originally published on This Week Mumbai