I live a simple life, in a world of chaos, love, rage, respect, fear, innocence and responsibilities. I believe that we are not in this world to find ourselves in any way; we create ourselves from nothing to something.

That something is built within us, life is always complicated and there is no way in which we can escape from it. Considering every minute as a test; challenging our beauty, arrogance, judgments, strength, fear, honesty and believing that we can always grow from them. I like reading writing about anything and everything, i have this impatient will to know about the world; I believe in sharing my thoughts and feelings to people through my words and photographs. I pursue photography as my career and writing as my passion. Both play a very important part in my life, without them I feel incomplete.

churchgate  station

Become your own shield

  Existence is a shield and humans choose to live life that way our reality wants us to. We obey and respect our reality because if we turn back then all that is left is blind faith and no courage. You should not move forward in life without having to stop letting your past guide you. Now, life may seem…

mumbai street photography ayesha dhurue for the public eye

What’s ahead?

You never understand the future, its tricks, surprises, terrors, fortunes and comebacks; we never need to know what lies ahead but we sure as hell want to know. “What’s ahead?” is the story about how a human manages reality, manipulates experiences, only out of curiosity of wanting to know what lies in our journey. We may caption our lives as…

mumbai photo ayesha dhurue street photography for the public eye

That bond

When I woke up in the morning, I was quite aware of my dream, it was of one of my old houses in which I had spent a fraction of my childhood memories with very little time. As limited as this house was, it was one of my favorites as it stood floating on 19 floors, omitting the sharp sides…